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  1. We live in spain & apart from what we see on the tv who love to play everything up. We would,nt know anything was going on. Just ignore the headlines & enjoy your holiday.
  2. We simply take it down to southern spain with us. Never seen any frost.
  3. I am too old to cut down now,cant change habits of a lifetime.
  4. It was decided after much tooing & froing to the bar that its no use moaning about the weather as the spanish farmers need the rain as some of them have,nt had any since last march & they need it desperately, The rain had stopped by the time we left the bar & I was getting home fine until somebody trod on my fingers If its not one thing its another.
  5. Passed through Bilbao a few days ago. Not the slightest sign of any refugees anywhere. Obviously another wind up. Ignore it.
  6. As you well know jay when it rains in spain it doesnt take any prisoners. The water is pouring down the streets at the moment. So 5 of us have decided to have a conference about it in our local bar where much will be decided. Our wives are following on later. It,s hell being retired!!!!
  7. We have brought english weather with us. We have just had 2 days of thunderstorms & its still raining temperature is 30c though. Forecast is another day of rain then back to sunshine. Fancy coming all this way to the rain. Our son phoned to tell us that it was 28c in brighton last weekend. I told him we have 28c at 8-00 am. Still we will soon be back to the fine weather again.
  8. we have done from bilbao/santander for over 20yrs towing a big t/a. cruise control on 60mph never had the slightest problem with mr plod or anyone else. Bearing in mind the roads in spain are nothing like the roads in the uk. Massive dual carriageways & motorways everywhere,with very little traffic on them. All paid for by the eec of course.
  9. Arrived safely after a flat crossing biscay was like a mirror. Poodled down to southern spain in 34C on beautiful deserted roads,cruise control on all the way. Barely noticed the caravan behind us. BE WARNED Brittany ferries are giving 0. 83 euros to the pound what a rip off no wonder the bars were deserted & the restaurant was only half full serves em right. We went out with friends last night & our half of the bill came to 48 euros thats for 2 courses 4 pints & 3 G &Ts very large ones as well. Yes we can afford to live here.
  10. On the ferry today portsmouth to bilbao arrive bilbao tomorrow 12-15 then its south all the way to Almeria & home. We have been in the uk 2 mths & I am amazed that pensioners can live here with the prices. We are going home skint. However back to the sunshine & liveable prices today. Safe travelling everyone. ON.
  11. I have spent a large part of my life sailing the world in my own boat. Now in my 80s I walk around marina,s & still long for a boat to go sailing in.(I don. t do dinghies ) My wife pulls me away before I can do anything silly like buying one. The urge to go sailing never leaves you no matter how old you are,me having the big C does,nt help but I still yearn for it. I did a short trip from chichester to brighton last sunday with my son on his boat,it was lovely but showed me how useless I am on a boat nowadays I still have wonderful memories though of past escapades. My advice would be if you can still physically do it do so.
  12. We are on our 4th bessacar cameo & have been lucky enough not to have had any problems despite us spending approx 10 mths of the year touring on the continent. Good luck with your van & I hope that you get as much pleasure with it as we do.
  13. Thank you for the info jay,but I was just quoting the maintenance guy. No doubt she had a good refit before her new post.
  14. The only trouble was the old pride of bilbao was just a rust bucket. Chatting to one of the maintenance guys he said that it was getting to the point that they were working flat out just to keep her going & he did,nt think that she could carry on much longer 2 months later she retired. We have happy memories of travelling on her though.
  15. We have to book early to get a large kennel for the dog. He is too big for a small kennel. If we can,t book a large kennel we are stymied. As the family will not go without him and my days of driving through france are long over. Hey ho if it,s not one problem it,s another.
  16. We live in southern spain & had to have a 1. 9 mtr dish fitted to be able to receive virtually all of the programmes. A smaller dish was useless. I agree with Les it,s so easy to have a chat & a few drinks with friends with beer at 1. 5 euros a pint & good wine at 3 or 4 euros a bottle or less if you are not fussy. My wife drinks Cava at 1. 75 euros a bottle & loves it. The same brand in Lidles in the UK is £5-75 a bottle. It,s much easier to make friends in spain.
  17. All booked leaving spain beginning june 2018 leaving uk end of august 2018. Perfect. no hassle low prices.
  18. We have visited 3 sites recently in Almeria,all of them are barely 25% full even the ones virtually on the beach. It is 35C daily though & heating up all the time. We are on the ferry from Santander to portsmouth at the end of the month for our 2 mths of changeable weather in the UK although last year was very good lets hope this year will be as good. I will have to get over the shock again of paying £4 + for a pint against 1. 5 euros here. Some difference. !!! Still it cuts down my drinking,It achieves what people have been trying to do for the last 65 yrs. without success.
  19. we spend roughly 10mths in spain,returning to the uk end of june to end of august/september. Many years ago we spent the summer in the caravan by the end of july we moved up to northern spain as it was just too hot in southern spain, temperatures of 50C+ were not uncommon. Try the north spanish coast for july/august beautiful weather it,s usually populated by Madrilenos at that time of year & they tend to know the best places for summer holidays. My advice would be Don,t even think of southern spain in the summer months ie july & august.
  20. I,m quite happy with the boxes,the only thing is I can never remember how many boxes I have had. old timers disease I suppose.
  21. Mr plod you really must ration your intake of the laughing juice,when did they move Almeria to the costa del sol. The last I heard it was roughly halfway between the costa del sol & the costa Blanca give or take a few kilometres. However after a few glasses of something convivial I have been known to make similiar mistakes.--- No really I have.
  22. Just for info we have in the last 2 days started summer temperatures it,s been 30+C until at least 9-00pm. we are back to eating on the terrace every evening. Hey Ho.
  23. I won,t be having any sleepless nights.
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