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  1. Looks good but its 210 miles away so a bit too far really. This could be a winner, will see if anyone else has some suggestions but thank you!
  2. I'm struggling to find somewhere decent for a family holiday in our tourer within a 100 miles radius of Birmingham. Can anyone recoomend anywhere? 2 adults 1 child (10 years) 1 dog - Must have things to do on site or around the area to entertain the bin lid - Bar on site or within walking distance
  3. Oh god, get that Billing Aquadrome advert off, awful place!
  4. Probably been asked a thousand times but where can I get the the seating repaired or a replacement from without it looking too out of place due to sun damage etc? The threading on the seat has started to come loose. 2001 Swift Charisma 560
  5. Hi, bear with me on this. .. I'm trying to source a couple of parts but not sure what they are called. You know where the front door is on the front of a caravan for the gas etc, well obviously they lock but either side where they lock the catch has broken. The locks work fine its just the plastic pieces that attach to the caravan that have snapped. What would they be called?
  6. Its a long term stay part of the site and pretty much every van left there has its electric plugged into the pay as you go electric hook ups.
  7. Thanks for the replies, all should be okay me thinks!
  8. Yes its currently on electric as we left a few bits in the fridge. We left it yesterday and someone will be back there tomorrow evening.
  9. Hi We have left our caravan on site and although we put everything away we have left the water heater on but obviously no water is connected to it. The tank should be full, are we likely to find a problem when we go back? It is still hooked up to electric if that makes any odds?
  10. Looks lovely, right on the river. Has anyone else been there?
  11. Now this looks perfect and as you said, close to home. Thank you very much
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