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  1. Well considering our awning is 18 months old kampa didn't hesitate in correcting the faults, didn't even ask about warranty. Top marks kampa!
  2. Hi all, Some of you might be aware of my situation with my kampa rally 260 air awning. Basically having fixed my first leak another was found. We got in touch with kampa with the help of kampamax and I have got to be honest I can not praise them enough. With in a couple of e mails my awning had been picked up by ups and returned to kampa, then less then a week my awning is now back with us with all poles completely changed. My awning is now full functional with no faults. So I just wanted to praise kampa customers services and kampamax on here and basically just say thank you for
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I am sure I will sort the problem I think I have found the problem and it's one of the washers on the connecting tubes. The rest of the awning is sound so when we pack up tomorrow I will change the washer.
  4. Hi all I am trying to get in contact with kampa, I have a rally air 260 and had nothing but problems with it. I narrowed the leak down to the middle pole, I have since had to change the pole myself and now the leak continues! Getting really frustrated. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be great full. Also I have tried messaging kampamax but had no reply so don't know how frequent he uses this site. Many thanks in advance Deano
  5. Thank you very much for your reply and your info, I am off on an outing in the next couple of weeks so will attempt to change it and let you know how I get on. Regards deano
  6. Hi all, I have a kampa rally air and I have some how gained a leak, narrowed it down to the centre pole. Got in touch with kampa who were very helpful and have sent me a replacement tube. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with changing the poles. I have no instructions and was wondering if there are any guides or hints or tips. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all we are currently on a seasonal pitch using our kampa rally air 260. We are here till march now and realise we are going to need a nice full awning suitable for permanent winter siting. We are torn on 1, manufacturer and 2, where and when to purchase it to get the best deal. Do we wait till October and get one from the caravan show at the nec or do we just go to a dealer now. Will we save loads at the caravan show?? Any advice welcomed. Cheers Deano.
  8. This could solve my problem, the trees are quite high but think the gaps at the bottom I could signal through. Fingers crossed!! Thanks to all for your replies my dish should be delivered on Tuesday so I will give it a go and fingers crossed I will get my beloved sky sports channels at my beloved caravan lol Cheers all Deano
  9. Hi all with reference my previous post about setting up sky on my seasonal pitch, just wondering how much trouble trees can be when you are finding the satellite. I have downloaded an app called dish finder and where it is telling me to point the dish is straight at some trees! Is this going to be a problem when I try to set up my dish? Many thanks Deano
  10. Sounds good to me then, can you reccomend a suitable dish?
  11. Had my sky subscription for many years now so shouldn't be a problem. Thanks very much for your replies. Deano.
  12. Would I receive my full sky subscription eg. ..sport channels? Thanks for the reply.
  13. Hi all, we are on a seasonal pitch using a freeview box at the moment, all is good except for a few glitchy channels. We have sky+ hd sitting at home doing nothing and the question is, is it an easy process to bring our sky box and viewing card here to the van. I take it I will need a satellite dish but if we wanted to record stuff what other cables would I need? Any advice and guidance will be greatly welcomed. Many thanks Deano.
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