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  1. just buy a normal tv not worth paying for a low volt one. ....tv combi with built in dvd,but remember you have to re tune for channels every time you pitch up . ...
  2. Local dealer close to me,only has about 15 vans at a time to sell has the following 3 vans that took my eye 1,adria adora plus 532 up 2008 model at 7995 2, Bailey senator indiana 2009 model at 10,795 3,Bailey olympus 534 2010 model at 10. 795 Always been a bailey caravan man looks and spec etc,but not sure about the adria Any points of view would help,due to see adria sunday
  3. Might seem strange but people dont want cash buyers ! if its a cheque they have to pay charges to bank it and if cash depending on the bank its 37p per hundred pound banked So most dealers like a bit of finance taken out. ..this is only what i have found and might not be the norm
  4. We paid over 20k when the new 1st bailey valencia came out,then hit hard times and it went back. .now can find a bailey indiana 2009 with all the bits and bobs ( wastemaster etc etc ) for 10k So i wouldnt pay over 10k for a 2nd hand van
  5. Just take your time,we all started some time, its a learning curve. ..but remember to have the beers on ice for when your finshed and sited
  6. Living in blackpool we only have a few dealers to buy vans,longtons ( chorley,standish,lancaster ),but they never seem very friendly or campbells ( kirkham & preston ) These are all within 20 miles from us. ..so how far would you travel to look and buy a van
  7. Hi Thats what i thought even though have years of experience of towing vans. plus a hgv class 1 and a psv towing trailers all over uk and europe. .this outfit car and van its not worth the risk. .
  8. not got the van yet, just double checking
  9. Its all correct as above its a manual drive and hatch back. ....so is it good to pull the van
  10. ill let somone double check for me . ..van is abbey spectrum 418 2008 pull car vauxhall insignia 2. 0 cdti 160 bhp 09 reg
  11. always been a bailey owner,but as getting new used van,looked at this abbey one, any views or reports good and bad please model is abbey sectrum 418 2008
  12. The quest goes on today to find another van,but with having a new tow car worked out percentage on what tow car website comes out at 97 % . .the dealer said its fine to tow this van But is it !!! Must add sold previous car and van,so starting over again
  13. Umm. .....lets just say for financial reasons , but while we had it was a great van. But now see they have bought out a 2nd model already
  14. i know fleetwood caravans went bust,so has adria replaced them,seem big van and good spec for the price,2008/9 for 9k
  15. seen one of these at marquis in preston,anybody any views on these
  16. I am torn between a bailey virginia or a lunar solaris 3 with an island bed,both are 2007/8 models
  17. We have a vauxhall insignia 2. 0 cdti 160 bhp
  18. Now that we are getting back into caravan life,i have the decision of what van to buy. Previously have had fixed bed against the wall,but now looking at island bed But which make of van
  19. coach booked for munich : )

  20. ill check corner steady pads, but think there on right way. its a sound that is annoying and cant place,imagin the sound of wind on tin so to speak,but only happens at speed. ....could be A frame as mentioned before
  21. thinking of getting a cadic gas bbq. ....the van has an external point and i have a valve but do i need anything else,does the gas bottle work both the van and bbq point,and will i need anything to fit to the cadic ( apart from some hose )
  22. my toyota rav4 only does 31mpg. ...pulling the van drops to 27. 4 . .........looks like new van or new car
  23. yes adjusted the passenger side, but just cant see end of van
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