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  1. Hi, Thank you for the information. Idc=Atc. "Simples" Regards.
  2. Not wishing to be offensive but curious. What is the idc? Regards
  3. Thanks for the clear reply. 👍
  4. Hi, does anyone know what the design of wallboard used in the 2017 Buccaneer range. Regards, Postie
  5. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. Regards
  6. Thank you for your help. 👍
  7. Hi my Buccaneer Commodore 2017 has inline filters on the water system and an Alde water heater. Would puriclean powder dissolved cause problems with either filter or water heater❓ What do you use to clean your water system? Regards, Postie
  8. Hi All, I would like an app for my android phone that is suitable for caravan route planning. Does anyone have any suggestions. Regards Postie
  9. Hi my 2017 has the same problems. Hymer have accepted a warranty claim for the sealant. However deny responsibility for the jointing tape. Does anyone know where I can find the correct one to replace it myself? Regards Postie
  10. Thanks for the information and advice. Regards Postie
  11. Hi, My Teleco Amplifier has a broken gain control snapped off completely. Does anyone know the model No and where a replacement can be found? Preferably better than the one provided with the Commodore van pictured below. Regards, Postie
  12. Hi, Thank you for the information and link. Regards Postie ☺️
  13. Hi Durbanite, 8I would appreciate more information about the dimmer switch for the front skylight. Switch supplier and other related detail. Regards, Postie
  14. Hi Tracker is TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd. Otter House, Cowley Business Park, High Street, Cowley, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 2AD 01895 234 567 tracker. co. uk. Wheel locks are Diamond. Regards Postie
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