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  1. Is there any reason why I can't remove the upper front nearside running light on my Bailey Unicorn Valencia Mk4? It is positioned so near to the awning rail that I have twice dragged it off when fitting the awning and now I have lost the outer cover completely as I hadn't realised it was loose before an outward journey. That meant that it was too late to buy a new one and the sharp edged internal fittings of the light damaged the awning as it was being dragged over it despite efforts to hold them apart. I can see no reason for the light being there other than for cosmetic purposes unless
  2. The simple answer would be to have a small awning. My dogs have never come into our caravans to leave hair and smell. The bed is wrapped up in an old sleeping bag if it is going to get cold and they have been quite happy. They quickly accept that the door entrance is as far as they can go.
  3. I would echo all that has been said so far. 12v is only for towing. used a small 12v fridge at a BBQ which was plugged into my car battery and it flattened it. The power draw is quite high and should only be used when th eengine is running to keep the battery charged. Gas is better by far. Just don't run out.
  4. That's a good point and one that I pondered over at the time. The mice were all caught inside at different places in the van and it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction after I found the damage that they had caused to set the traps. Certainly, since the ultrasonic deterrent was used I haven't caught one. I still maintain that in this day and age the manufacturers should be able to make something that is mouse-proof. I agree and that was the worrying bit I disagree. The steadies might be one way in but if you look underneath at the multitude of holes through which the
  5. I had to smile to myself as I received the same letter yesterday (the wear was there and the strips were fitted today in seconds) just a week or so after I had tried to get somewhere with Bailey over a much more important issue; namely mice getting into my new Unicorn 4 and apart from chewing some of the upholstery they created a potentially deadly hazard (I recommend all to see my new topic elsewhere here). Bailey's Customer Services weren't interested. So much for their desire to seek total customer satisfaction there! Perhaps they are only helpful if it isn't going to cost them more th
  6. There is a potentially serious risk to Health & Safety if vermin are able to access a leisure vehicle and it is one that I believe needs to be publicised. I have recently experienced an issue with mice getting into my caravan which has highlighted what I believe to be a serious deficiency in the detailed design of caravans (and probably camper vans and other leisure vehicles generally) that could lead to a real risk of fire and/or explosion – and it is one which at least one manufacturer (ie the one that made my caravan) appears not to be in the slightest bit interested in fixing.
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