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  1. That's what I have done from new - haven't been back to the dealer since picking it up. My mobile man is superb - he services it cheaper than dealership and gets authorisation for any warranty work from Bailey and does the work either on your drive or at your storage site. It's what you call a "no brainer"!
  2. Why the hell don't caravan manufacturers provide caravans with batteries - you can't use it without one. Would you buy a new car without a battery??!! When you buy a new motorhome, the seperate leisure battery is included. So why not in a caravan?
  3. Thanks for the answers folks - I don't bother to subscribe to tracker so like "oldboy" will now take battery out as he dosn't have any probs with it. And I am happy with the security. This means that I shouldn't have any probs powering motor mover as will always have a fully charged battery.
  4. i now have my caravan in a gold secure storage site (the first time in 27 years of caravaning - due to a house move). It is a bit of a pain to have to keep swapping the battery over every 6 weeks or so and was thinking it would be better to remove the battery for the winter and keep it on a floating charger at home until we start using the van again. I am happy to leave the alarm off as it is a secure site but am worried that doing this may cause the seperate alarm back up battery to flatten itself. When vans are on the dealers forecourts, they never have a battery fitted until they are sold so assume it should be ok to remove the battery for a few months. Does anyone know if the alarm battery will still be providing power for the alarm circuit even if I don't activate the alarm? Solar panels are now out of the question as I have now got the van covered with a specialised cover.
  5. Hi Richrimmo - I purchased my Bailey new from a dealership in Oct 2012 and haven't been back since. I use a mobile service engineer who is Bailey and Swift registered and get a far better deal from him. I am able to stay with him while he does the service and he is happy to explain everything he does. I have also had warranty work done by him which he gets authorised by Bailey - fairly small bits and pieces so far but if major work needs doing he has a workshop as well which he uses for bodywork, resealing etc, and then if it requires going back to Bailey, he organises it. The cost of his last service was £180 - worth every penny as I know it has all been done correctly.
  6. Fixed shower leak myself with plug of silicon at both ends of shower door track last spring after noticing water in bottom of laundry box - this stopped water pouring out and has since been dry . Last Octobers 1st service showed 30% damp around bathroom floor - advised by my mobile service man (Bailey warranted) to leave and see if it dried out, but officially recorded incase we needed to claim later. Service this October gave acceptable damp readings throughout bathroom (and rest of van). I'm now a happy chappie !
  7. Yep I'm happy, bathroom not ripped apart and no blistering of floor covering like some have had - thanks for that Gaz
  8. If wet rot had taken hold wouldn't the damp meter still give a high reading?! Wet rot needs wet conditions to exist. If any plywood gets wet and then drys out again, it doesn't automatically get wet rot. By the way ensigns are flags - I think you mean enzymes!! Thanks for your comments but I am happy with normal readings around bathroom floor now.
  9. If you look carefully at the floor around the edge of the van (try seat lockers) you will see that the vinyl covering does not go right to the edge (you can see the plywood) allowing moisture to track out - the same way as it got in inittially - if covered with vinyl right to the edge then it wouldn't have got in to start with. The damp meter proved this.
  10. I agree - the table under the bed is a waste of space and we don't bother to take it now, but I wish they would redesign the pull out table and make it a little more robust and an inch higher. We use a folding, adjustable height picnic table in the awning.
  11. I would be inclined to certainly have the door replaced but would hold fire with the floor replacement as that is major and could give you more probs than you started with. 30% is not that wet - you get a 30% reading if you put the damp meter on the back of your hand. Suggest you discuss it with your dealer and see if they are prepared to give the floor a few months to dry out and then do warranty work on floor later if it is still required. Thats assuming you haven't got blistering of the floor covering etc. (But perhaps they want the work!?)
  12. Had leaking shower problem in my Valencia last year - fixed it myself but service found 30% damp in bathroom floor (Oct 2013). Just had 2nd year service done by my mobile man and floor now ok - no damp anywhere. All you lot were going on about " must get it seen to" etc last year, but my man was right - he said it should dry out if you have fixed the leak - and it has - without having all the bathroom ripped apart.
  13. What advantages are you getting for £75 ?! - I don't have a problem with the existing panel - I can control the heating, control the power source and switch it on and off - what more do you need?
  14. Like something to a blanket!!?? It needs to, to withstand the wind pressure whilst towing. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for that - makes the job look fairly easy.
  16. Thanks for the very detailed instructions - will get going on this in next few weeks.
  17. Urm!! Beginning to think that this might be the way to go after all this advice that keeps coming in. I assume your panel is on roof and has an intellegent charging system so that it does not boil the battery and is not affected by the mains charger when on EHU. Fit and forget sounds like a good option and all for £200!?
  18. Thanks LB at £20 worth a try as only trying to maintain the charge not recharge.
  19. Hi Lesbunny - thanks for info - sounds like a good option - what wattage and type is your solar panel? As Happy Larry says above - could loose 10% of charge per month so keeping it topped up with alarm activated might be the best solution.
  20. The tracker and alarm system has been mentioned above - I assume that with the Master Switch OFF the alarm system is still powered from the van battery. Does it really take that much out of the battery that it would go flat over the winter or are there other things still drawing current with the Master Switch OFF? Or does the battery just generally loose it's charge over time?
  21. Thanks for all the replies - van will be stored outside all year, but as the storage site is a Gold Secure site I will probably leave alarm off and take the battery home with me if the van is going to be there for more than a few weeks. I cancelled the tracker after 1st year as did not feel it was worth the money with caravan club 5C's cover - would not want my van back if someone nicked it. It does bother me having to drill holes for cables etc in roof. Have also looked at solar panels on line and they are not cheap!! Think I will therefore keep battery charged up at home.
  22. For the first time in 25 years I am going to have to put my van into storage on a permanent basis due to the unsuitability of the house we are moving to. I have always kept my vans on EHU at home so have never had an issue with drained batteries but am now worried that there won't be enough charge left in the battery to operate the mover after several months in storage, especially over the winter months. Would it be beneficial/cost efective to fit a solar panel to the roof to keep the battery charged, if so, which type, or buy a second leisure battery and swap them each time keeping one on a trickle charge at home?
  23. It doesn't surprise me. Just look at the videos showing caravans being put together at Bailey's factory. Mainly "Hoodies". Wish they'd put some of that sealant in the end runners of my shower!!
  24. I had a problem with pump not working but couldn't find the fuse anywhere. Someone posted me and thought that in the Unicorn 2's, it was powered from the same fuse as the water pump (labelled pump on fuse board). Who knows? Typycal Bailey handbook - not enough useful info - just useless waffle!! Tried to get my pump out of flush tank - gave up when half way out as couldn't get it to budge any further without damaging something. Put it all back together, held the flush button down in frustratio0n and it then worked.
  25. I always travel with water system drained down but only partially fill the toilet flush for stops enroute. BUT Theford say that you should always tow with the flush tank empty?! I emailed Thetford and asked them why but never got an answer!! When we motorhomed, we always filled the flush tank right up before trips and never had a problem!! Does anyone know why Thetford say tow with an empty tank? Suspect it may be to cover themselves if it leaks due to shoddy installation!!
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