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  1. i frequently call ours "Rotton" dam hole in the bank balance way to often LOL
  2. Soooo dependent on what sky retention offeri ....could go for SQ at home and take SQ box into the van....better lnb sat (mines a cheap needle type) finder gizmo....standard sky dish (PIA cause of size) BUT is Sky Q different shotgun cable....not that we record while in van ? Seen this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2019-Q-CARAVAN-SKY-SATELLITE-FULL-KIT-10M-TWIN-CABLE-FIXTURES/132735172996?hash=item1ee7a20184:g:GZwAAOSw8zNa9Z5p obviously the wall fixings and maybe cable are superfluous 2018 that Dave and still not happened... not to say it wont....but if it does go internet reliant ...thats some data package ull need to connect in van
  3. sorry GRIFF couldnt reply direct (forum changed) But BLOODY HELL just the info i was looking for THANKS...now to beat Sky donw to a sensible price...on 31 days notice to cancal so hoping theyll ring with a retention offer....Still will have to use standard sky dish instead of my Multimo but cant have it all my way (glad to c ur still about nigel129) I though ther were extra packages with freesat if u wanted movies etc ?
  4. Thanks Andy....got freeview built in to van TV so i just put up an aerial...BUT wife wants Sky so she can record prior to leaving home (not worried bout recording while away) but if push came to shove could record by USB on TV,granted,cant watch one record another chanell> AND alot of sites we use have Freeview on Turrets..just not all the chanells we "could " if we use Sky I could download anything, and i mean anything,(on to usb stick or terra bytes of drives) and prob more than sky can offer, but wife bit of technophobe so have to keep it simple. Ive 30yrs PC experience under my belt in many shapes and forms I could also stream..signal willing off many web sites i use at home but why should i use my 140gb allowance with vodaphone....just Sky being KNOBS Looked at Freesat but more money out after basic subscription
  5. thanks dave waitin for those exact people to get back to me...Sky givin me big BS**t and the kit i can get is only 34 quid...spoken to seller on ebay and hes sold hundreds... BUT i also have issues in the house if i go Q...mainly cost for multi roo beyond 1st mini box( free...extra ones for aditional TVs £99....Was happy with what ive got BUT discounts finished and subs gone up by £20 per month....why couldnt they just leave things alone :(
  6. sky have told me if i go to sky q then it wont work in our caravan...regardless of changing lnb to a q lnb...can anyone sonfirm that it will or wont work away from home and any need to take the mini box as he said they have to stay paired thanks
  7. All interesting and informative4 answers thank you all....still havent done anything yet as cant weigh up pros and cons of standard breakdown (even if top ens without europe cover) or go Arrival/Mayday....still got month to go b4 first trip with new car...BTW Mitzy dealer laughed when i asked what would happen to caravan as the car has cover from them for breakdown...but forget about getting van home or to site then home..:(
  8. Hi all anyone got a full list of exterior bulbs for a 2003 495....marker lights, brake lights running lights Etc Type of fitting, wattage etc appreciated. Didnt have time to pull blown lights earlier so though id just buy new all round......my brouchure doesnt give this info, 43 pages...2006 brochure does list bulbs but not the fixing/fitting type...all help appreciated.
  9. thanks moorgate, just been looking at that option, as our Outlander is only4 months old been wonder wrther to risk having green flag and skip dual recovery...How much could go wrong with a caravan to render it un usable, so green flag would take car/caravan to site but id be left to my own devices to get either car or caravan home at the end of holiday
  10. i appreciate some sort of club membership is manditory for breakdown cover at what ever level....thats why im asking if theres any other breakdown service/company with similar or same cover WITHOUT the need to join a club.
  11. Hi all, RAC Arrival due for renewal...(gone up £50 this year NO callouts) had the free C&CC offer last year...may be a saving but we dont use either of the clubs. Been looking for a caravan breakdown cover with the most important benefit being in event of break down...being towed to site (obviously on route to destination, never outside UK) left to our own devices for duration of holiday, then collected and returned home. Neither direction must have an "miles from breakdown" clause. Looked at Green Flag but cant work out if membership of CMC is mandatory or if anyone can clarify the difference between GF and Mayday cover (if available on its own.) I begrudge paying a caravan club another 40 to 50 pounds when we have no need to use their sites. In a nutshell, same or similar cover without the extra cost of a club membership...hope that all made sense. Thanks
  12. Time has come to change up a knotch, i hope. PX the Kuga on friday for shiny new Mitsubishi Outlander4 (Petrol AWD)(NOT PHEV). Anyone towing with on on a 16/17/18 plate ?
  13. Thanks all, given me alot to think about cleaning up the various joints and re lubricating before using a sledge hammer to crack an egg. .....all advice gratefully received.
  14. TBH at 15yrs old and a few attempts at grease, copper silp my leg worms are still pretty stiff, especialy fisrt turns up or down the impact driver is a variable speed by trigger. At mo, possibly due t my old battery drill, its a windy uppy down manual handle to start of finish off
  15. Hi all, anyone any advice or experience using an impact driver to raise and lower corner legs. . Been using a Bosch 24v for years but the NiCad battery has now had it and not cost effective to replace. Looking at a Budget Twin pack at a fair price but would the impact driver be of any use instead of the std 18v combi drill thats also in the pack. TIA
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