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  1. Haven Holidays give it a try, should be half price
  2. http://autos. groups. yahoo. com/group/omega_owners Great group to join for any Omega. Get your car to tell you whats wrong with it using a paperclip (all vauxhalls up to 2000, newer than that it blows a fuse). There's even a "Dr Omega" who's able to re-program your ecu on it. I had one as a towcar (2 litre petrol) but didnt rate it for my caravan (probably about 1395 laden). My 2 litre Vectra is/was better. A guy I work with has an ex police mv6 3 litre and swears by it. 2000, w reg, was about £1400 3 years ago (no-one seems to want ex police cars)
  3. I checked out the Moffat camping and caravan site, think it was £360 for the summer season (store and camp). The £360 allowed you 2 nights per month on site which is normally about £17 per night so that equates to approx £240 so it probably isnt bad value (If you want to go to Moffat but we go a couple of times a year and enjoy it). The only downside was if you were going elsewhere it would be a 90 mile round trip to pick it up and the same again for dropping it off. The Newhouse site was bought by a traveller/travellers a few years back, they are building chalets etc on it as well.
  4. Thanks for that, so the £220 sounds ok. The one a couple of miles for me is between harelaw roundabout and Forth on the left behind a house and 3 other bungalows The other one was just past the scrap yard at Ravenstruther but on the left hand side (called newhouse caravan site, I think this is the one you saw. Thats the one thats £220. I've emailed the one your at before as well and between the 2, they're both about the same distance. I'll probably just go for the one at Ravenstruther. Theres always people on the site, the farms there and if anyone comes in to steal a caravan, ours would be the last one they take (rather old now, bought to see if we enjoyed caravanning and ready for upgrading but it needs to go somewhere). Thanks again Rab
  5. How much do you all pay for storage? Our caravan is presently sitting in our driveway but it's a bit of a pain as I need to get my bike out of the garage via my neighbours driveway. My problem is the varying cost of storage. within 2 miles of my home, its £70 but it has no spaces (obviously). I can go about 7 miles, but they want £220 a year. Are these costs reasonable? (the £70 definately is) Or am I just being tight. The £70 is fenced in and you have to drive in past the owners house to access the site with another couple of houses within 300 yds. The £220 is on a caravan site. cheers Rab
  6. Everyone goes on about kerbweight but surely this is misleading. The kerbweight might be fine for your caravan but the manufacturer of your car specifies the maximum you can tow with their vehicle. This is based on what your towbar is bolted/attached to can take. This figure is the LEGAL limit for your car, full stop, no 85%, no recommendations, thats it.
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