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  1. What current does your site hook up have, and what power have you set the heater to , then you can work out if you are overloading the supply
  2. Pleased you got your second cuppa
  3. Just renewed our CMC, same price to the penny as last year
  4. Have you switched the master switch ON
  5. I have EMUK, model specific, brilliant, but at a price, I paid £110 on Ebay, go on Ebay Germany and pay in Euro save a few quid
  6. Expert, I too have been at it for 48 years and I am no expert, I learn something every day
  7. If it's too windy don't tow, listen to local weather forecasts but most of all take it easy speed wise, also try and avoid motorways. Good Luck
  8. Awning for long stays in France and Spain, don't bother for weekends or even a week
  9. I agree with Joanie, since lockdown, we have had a load of one post newbies most of them do not have a clue what they are getting into, yes we all started sometimes, but the stupid questions that are being asked, beggars belief, they say they have but IMO not researched anything, buy the van then find out (a) their car won't tow it (b) Their licence is not legal., and it goes on and on, and as for that guy who bought a lemon I could not believe what I was reading. Caravans are not Toys as a lot of these people think ,I think I will give 2020 a miss as there are going to be a lot of inexperienced new caravanners out on the roads this year snaking their way around the UK in their newly acquired Toys . As I said in another thread Caravanning is not cheap, just do your homework before spending hard earned cash, I am not doing to highlight all the costs as they should do this themselves
  10. Puriclean for fresh water and Tank Cleaner for Toilet and Wastemaster
  11. Some sites will not allow commercial vehicles on their sites, you would need to check, also some sites will not allow any sign writing on commercial vans on their sites
  12. Dorema make good awnings we have had three over the years until we bought an Air Awning, check out the Dorema "Sale" section on their web site, we saved a lot of dosh buying this way
  13. Currently I have a BMW X3 I Line 2.0D, i bought it new late November and have done just under 5000 due to Covid-19, not towed with it yet but know it will tow our Coachman brilliantly as this is my third X3, Love them
  14. There are many things to think of, so disregard your snow/ice worry and go for it, we go to Dorset in the Spring every year apart from this year for obvious reasons, a lovely part of the World, not been away for Crimbo in over forty years of caravnning, but would love to go but Mrs M not enthusiastic as she loves doing Christmas properly !!
  15. My wife does not wear such posh slippers, I'll have to use mine
  16. Don't pay over the odds from caravan dealers, use a silicon spray for awning channel and toilet seal
  17. Plus another for Tayna, I use them for Car and Caravan batteries
  18. Elddis's attitude dealing with or not dealing with customers has put me off buying an Elddis product, at one they would even send me a brochure
  19. I'm with Mr Plodd on this, Duck tape, easy to apply and quick and easy to take off when the Insurance assessor comes to look it over
  20. I understand from Milenco that F Pads have a bevelled edge and will fit most cars, they said they would fit my X3 but don't
  21. I have used Grand Aeros for years until I changed from a 2017 BMW X3 to a 2019 BMW X3 they did not fit so I have bought a pair of mirrors designed for my G01 X3 from a company in Germany advertised on Amazon/Ebay branded EMUK at £110 not cheap but very well designed, not used them yet as we are in the Shielded Mob and have not left home and by the look of things in Wales we wont be for some time But if you decide on Milenco Mirrors,you will not be disappointed unless you have a BMW X3 G01, previous X3's and I have had two have had no problems and were perfect
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