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  1. When we were nearing the dealer I said to Senora Medes I think we need new pads, I was very surprised with the outcome and they only charged me a Fiver, I would never in a million years thought of using Grease anywhere near the hitch, a pal of mine whilst in Catalonia on a different site to us rang me and asked for advice on the same problem, he did what I told him and he traveled the 1000 miles home with no creaking or groaning
  2. Being in Spain when this thread was started by Mr Plod, and not having read every post, I had the same problem last year on the way to Spain but still in the UK, I popped into the dealer at Hawkinge near Black Horse Farm Site and Mark the owners son helped me out. He popped the pins out on the Hitch, spread a little grease on the shafts and popped them back in, it only took five minutes and I continued my journey to BHF and onwards to Spain the following day,and have not had any problems since and have towed over 3000 miles since the pins were greased
  3. You could try the Importers to the UK who I believe are Geist Vehicle Leisure don't have an email address but their number is +44 191 418 3950 Or you could try Geist in Germany
  4. Anther issue with a Tracker is that it knocks seven bells out of the vans battery, it will flatten a fully charged battery in 10 to 14 days if you keep your van in storage or without mains hook-up, ours did, so I disconnected it and told our Insurance, they did increase the cost but very minimal
  5. That take me back to 1969, it was our first ever venture to France in a Marechal Chalet 4, Frame tent, lovely memories, the site was brilliant then and Dinan a lovely place to wander around
  6. 60 Quid, they're having a laugh
  7. If you are selling quality gear you would want a quality battery, so I would recommend a Banner Battery
  8. We use ours for a Spirit Level, and the plastic flooring sheets we put down fo travelling or on a very muddy CL
  9. Spoke to a French guy on site last year. he was towing a quite large Hobby top of the range jobby, said it towed like a dream, at least I think that's what he said
  10. No Sir, I have the Saloon
  11. David, now you are being a silly billy
  12. At our service the dealer checks the date and I have given them carte blanche to change it when due
  13. sorry, I did not realise you were in the land of the Long Cloud
  14. Try Clothes Softener from Aldi or Lidl, cheap, does the job and a lovely smell
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