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  1. We are are further West than you, nice area, too pricey for us, but good luck in your new venture
  2. Best ask Coachman in Hull, or a Coachman Dealer,.
  3. I wont bore you with our incident, only to say, brand new van, wheel came off on second day in France at Blois and wrote the van off, van repatriated 10 days later to local dealer courtesy of Red Pennant, cc Insurance paid out and a new Coachman was delivered to our dealers in six weeks with the help of Trevor Baxter at Coachman
  4. Heatwave in the Dordogne !!!! we left there last Monday and had three weeks of horrible rain, are you sure you were in the Dordogne. Not been there myself but Benodet is highly recommended
  5. Don't wind me up Borussai with regard to the Clowns in Cardiff Bay, laughingly called The Welsh Government/ The worst move we have ever made was to return to Wales, they could not organise a a you know what in a brothel. The latest news today is that the Clowns knew about the Ford Plant Closure in Bridgend eight months ago but did sod all about it,
  6. Borussia, La Jonqera is the first Toll in Spain when you drop down from the French/Spanish border at the top of the long drag from Le Balou Paege
  7. I would say you are in Class 2 , I have only been charged a higher rate when I had bikes on the roof and that was exiting the Autoroute at Beziers. I now use SANEF and have had no issues over the past four years, the worst tailbacks we have come across is at Le Balou the last Peage before Catalonia. I am very pleased we have SANEF as we sail through the 30 km/h lane, no stopping whatsoever
  8. Most caravan dealers stock padded mats round and rectangular in their accessory shop
  9. Same as SamD above, i use MIFI, using 3 data cards bought online from MYMemory, the only downside is that Black Horse Farm is the only site that you cannot get a signal on MiFi or phone, I was there overnight on Tuesday and a bit frustrated as I really needed it in an emergency
  10. Another Referendum !!! are you Corbyn in disguise
  11. I was on the M20 yesterday and agree with everything that has been said by Not so Big John, really scary, mile after mile after mile, when we cleared it we breathed a sigh of relief only to hit the same road layout on the M4 heading West, it must have been for 30 miles or so, should have stuck to our usual route home via M3, A34 to Chieveley and then M4 to God's Own Country, and paying no tolls on the Severn Bridge, but typical, as soon as we were passing the Welcome to Wales sign the Heavens opened and remained open for the remaining 100 miles to home
  12. Just returned home from the Dordpgne, been going to the site for nearly 50 years, weather absolutely dreadful, worst we have ever had, roll on late August, having a week in Loupian and fout weeks in Catalonia
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