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  1. Listening to the Health Secretary today he listed these Nightingales and Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow were in the list so it is UK wide not just England. He probably read my post on here
  2. In their daily update on TV the UK Government are confusing the numbers as they always refer to NHS England, just as well rebrand the NHS to RHS (Regional Health Service) Also, they bang on about the Nightingale Hospitals, all of them in England are mentioned, they did mention Glasgow yesterday but none in Wales, we have the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Parc y Scarlets in Llanelli, the Leisure Centre in Carmarthen and many other venues. Do not get me wrong, I applaud what is developing at the XL centre and everywhere else, but it is confusing when they continually go on about NHS England, Yes, I know Wales has a Government of sorts but they are not fit for purpose as they do not have the expertise that the UK as whole have.
  3. Watch the numbers dianose/deaths substantially increasing over the next 10 to 14 days. Don't these imbeciles realise how dangerous this virus is, anybody acting stupidly should be fined heavily not given a ticking off, if they get away with it once they will do it again ,, BETTER STILL shoot the so ad so's
  4. Refer to your Brchure, that will describe the kit, at the show yu should have negotiated extras like Mover, Awning, Fresh and Waste Water containers and anything else you fancied, you never know what you can get, just ask, if you do not ask you will get nowt
  5. No, as you are still taking up the space had you been able to use your static, unless you have a very very kind owner of the site
  6. Yes, any Caravan accessory shop, but be careful as they do come in a few sizes, I found out after I bought them, went to another shop and bought Kampa stoppers that work a treat
  7. Agree, take over from that Scruff Cummins So Andy, you found my letter in a back copy
  8. Just plopped through the letterbox, ( the Mag that is )
  9. Still waiting for ours, hope it arrives soon as we are running out of Toilet Paper
  10. Aldi for me, and a pleasant odour, does the job well
  11. I I have a 2014 Coachman VIP, and have just checked the instruction leaflet "Sargent Stinger 310" and there are NO instructions to increase or decrease the volume. Sensitivity yes but not volume I have found it better to stand either at the front or the offside when setting the alarm as it is easier to hear
  12. I cracked a surround on a previous X3, and since that model and the current G01 the shape has changed a little. I was supposed to pick the F Pads up last week but the dealer has shut due to Covid-19
  13. Thanks for that Nigel, He is a lovely man, I have dealt with him for over twenty years, I must give him a call when things are back to normal
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