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  1. John, That is the Catalan spelling of Aldi, we have a different keyboard as well to you Englanders, as the e is next to the i
  2. Waitrose Rodders, you must live in a posh area, we only have Alde, Lidl and Poundland stores to shop in
  3. Not me Borussia or was it !!
  4. Totally agree, I don't know why we are discussing this as the overall length is the same when the bikes are on the tow ball
  5. £20 is reasonable, they charged me £60 in June this year just for altering the time by 3 hours later due to a malfunction
  6. You don't need a barge pole to erect one
  7. Yes, Borussia, spot on, we arrive on the 1st Sept after having a week at the Municipal at Loupian, thank you, we have never failed to enjoy ourselves there even after 20 odd years, sometimes twice a year, but since I had a replacement aortic valve I can only manage once. , such is life !!
  8. Agree, but not the above favourites Gordon
  9. I got caught speeding in May, doing 74 km/h in a 70 km/h zone 45 Euro, approaching the Tunnel at Rouen, I will be very careful on Thursday, I will also be switching my speedo from MPH to km/h, don't know why I did not do it in May, lesson learnt
  10. I'll second St Emillion, Blaye and Chinon, good choice Woodentop
  11. We are away for seven weeks from Wednesday, so Mrs M has been to Tesco and bought the essentials, Yorkshire Gold Tea Bags (loads of) HP Sauce, Marmalade, Kellogs Crunchy Nuts and a few other bits and bobs we can't get in France and Catalonia
  12. Les Medes

    Waterproof phone

    What a shame, I have a Iphone 7
  13. Another one for Red Pennant, they know what caravanners need, you only know how good any insurer is when you have to claim, I know when a wheel came off in France and wrote the caravan off, would not consider anyone else
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