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  1. Have a look on the AWS app or web site a "approvedworkshopscheme"
  2. My car is due fr insurance renewal on 1st Feb, had the renewal notice and the premium has increase by £97 over last year with LV=, no change also with Multi-Car and Boundless (CSMA) membership, been with them for over 20 years, called them and they offered a derisory £20, so told them where to stick it, politely
  3. the point I was making if you are interested, is that IMO Skoda are more suitable for a tow car than Mercedes. "Happy" New Year
  4. Nothing wrong with Skoda, I used to rally one with the help of the UK works team based in Buckingham and at the time most people thought they were a joke
  5. Very sad for those involved, who's next ?
  6. Merc E220 saloon, too low in the rear, the detachable sits lower than a fixed swan neck as confirmed by the manufacturer, every time I went over a speed bump, solo or towing the bar bottomed out, chunks of metal broke away from the bar
  7. I had a detachable on my last car a Merc 220D saloon, never again to either, two bad decisions, Fixed Swan Neck every time
  8. Any Chauffeur will tell you the best way to clean a windscreen is when the glass is dry and to use a screwed up newspaper, any newspaper doesn't have to be The Times !!
  9. We used to stay there for many years en route, not stayed there since mid 90's, so sad to hear your comments as we loved the site we even celebrated our 25th Anniversary there, lovely people who ran it in those days
  10. Also both Valerie and Crotoy have some great restaurants, if you love fish, this is the best place, you can see the catch being unloaded and put straight on sale at Crotoy, as soon as the boats return the restaurant owners are there to greet them to commandeer the best fish
  11. I love that word Trundled JTQ, not used much nowadays, I still use it a lot
  12. Les Medes

    13 Pin Cable

    As a matter of interest how do you keep the cable from dragging along the ground when hitched. I use a short length of webbing strap with a buckle that is fed down through the Alko Lever and twisted round the cable a few times and takes seconds to fit and works a treat. As a matter f interest how do others overcome this problem
  13. Good advice by MW, if it still persists buy a length of rigid waste pipe, cut it to the size of the Aquaroll depth make sure the pump fits the diameter of the pipe, this will also stop the pumps pipe from curling inside the Aquaroll, you then will be able to use All the water in the Aquaroll. Simples !!
  14. Les Medes


    That's why I have webbed feet
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