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  1. Plus 1 for The Spinney, we used to go most weekends when we lived in Surrey, we first started going there when it was a 5 van CL, the owners at the time were Fred and Mary Hide their son has taken over the running as both Fred and Mary have passed away, we loved it there as we wound the legs down and went into the town apprx 500 yards for a beer and meal, a lovely place and the railway is brilliant. Anybody staying there must visit Cheriton and the Micro Brewery Pub "The Flower Pots Inn" if yu love Real Ale, and I mean Real Ale, I am not the Tourist Office Manager in New Alresford
  2. Les Medes

    Cordless Drill

    18 volt De Walt, nice compact and reliable, decent discounts regularly available
  3. Les Medes

    NEC Caravan Show

    Went Wednesday, n new van Mrs Medes bought a Vacuum Cleaner for the van
  4. Les Medes

    Awning (What Make)

    + 1 for Isabella
  5. Les Medes

    To buy or not to buy?

    At the moment £1.00 = 1.116 Euro with FairFx
  6. Les Medes

    Welcome pack

    If it was pre owned, I think you are very lucky to receive all that information as a lot of new posters come on this forum and have had nothing, we inform them to the best of our ability with the vast amount of knowledge on this forum, and they are never to be seen again, not even a thank you
  7. Les Medes

    Running off Leisure Battery

    Do other 12v items work, such as water pump, is there a Master Switch, is it turned on, are there individual switches for Lights and Pump, I know you might think I'm being stupid but have you checked the 12v Fuses
  8. Les Medes

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Andy, they saw your Avarta
  9. Les Medes

    There are good dealers out there

    It's a pity I live so far away !!
  10. Les Medes

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Text arrived this morning , but still no card
  11. Les Medes

    Bailey Pegasus cleaning roof

    A wet caravan roof is very slippery, I do what Frank does with an extendable brush and hose, in fact I did our van yesterday ready for next week
  12. Les Medes


    Buy an Isabella Magnum Porch , it awning will last you for years and if you change the van you do not need to change or alter the awning, simple, and will save you loads of dosh in the long run
  13. Les Medes

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    What make is the 750 watt one Ken, and where did you buy it ? as most of the sites we stay on are 6 Amps, Thanks
  14. Les Medes

    Hitch lock problem

    Buy the best and get an Alko hitch lock, expensive,yes but will last, you may get a discount on your insurance, we do
  15. Les Medes

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Can you confirm the Wattage of the one you bought as on Andrew James's web site it does not state it, we will probably only use it abroad on sites that only have 6 amp hook-up,