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  1. Best call them and Talk it through, and be honest with your answers, we have had a Multi-Trip policy for years, only two of the years they refused cover. that was when I had an Aortic Valve Replacement, to be fair they did recommend a company that would and did cover me for the personal bit but not motoring cover, so I retained the cover with Red Pennant for the Car, after two years I returned to Red Pennant after answering all their health questions, so I do recommend them.
  2. Les Medes


    We use the self for keys and the door bin for thin plastic sheeting to cover the floor t put Aquaroll, Wastemaster and Electrics on when travelling
  3. I agree with you some years ago Andy, but it does have a superb picture, we had ours free with our van, it was a NEC show offer ad we were so pleased with it we went and bought one, also the support is brilliant, we did have a problem with the free one, I rang Avtex in Cardiff arranged to drop it off and went shopping and they called to say it was ready to collect
  4. We always go on the Wednesday and get there as it opens it is relatively quiet until about 12.30 pm then it gets busy, we leave mid afternoon to miss the rush
  5. Look no further than Avtex
  6. Know the area well, love it there, can't wait to get back in 2020
  7. To Cadaques Cycling Borussia, now I know you are mad , but I do agree with L'Amfora and Camping Nautica both great sites
  8. Why not contact your local dealer and either get them to order for you or get the part number and order it yourself
  9. Sounds right up my street, Nadolig Llawen Borussia
  10. We have what we have because that's what we want, suits us , BMW X3 and Astra, not even thinking of Electric for either vehicle when we come to replace them, X3 only a month old and Diesel and the Astra is of 2014 vintage with 22 K miles and Petrol and I love driving it (the Astra) when Senora Medes lets me
  11. Are we talking here of using the EHIC Card or EHIC Plus, which is totally different ?
  12. Never had a problem with "run off" I have not killed any grass or plants in over 20 years that I have been using it, in the early days I did not take the advice of the farmer to wear wellies as the drips from the mix burnt holes in my jeans, I always wear gloves and safety glasses, never get it on your skin. there is no need to increase the strength just make up the mix as I described, all my family/friends have thanked me for the advice and all have shiny patios and paths, I am gld you are pleased with the result
  13. Excellent job, looks like you could comb your hair in the finish !!!! I am glad that you are pleased, you have just reminded me, I must do our Patios, Paths and Drive when the weather clears up
  14. I thought that we had finished for the year until the NEC in February, but Senora Medes asked yesterday "how do you fancy going away for Christmas" what a a dilemma
  15. T be honest, I have never considered it for the caravan, and probably never will
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