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  1. Just read in What Car Magazine that LR are to launch a new Defender early 2020 "New 4x4 will be offered in many different forms, from 3 door to 5 door, from Farm Workhorse to Luxury model"
  2. I would, if I had the opportunity not to return home ever, I love the the nomadic was of life without the discomforts in a very comfortable caravan in better weather than we have in West Wales
  3. I was looking at a Commercial Site for next week-end and the Hook up charge was £5.00 per night, Awning another £3.00 per night, cheaper to spend our time and dosh on a relaxing CL
  4. Measure the Awning Rail, ground to ground in CM, that is the size you need, use a length of string or similar.
  5. Brilliant, nearly as good as the views we have in Wales
  6. What is the MPTL of your Elddis, that would help
  7. We have had 5 Coachman vans over the years, of which two had damp, but not in the area that you have indicated, our current Coachman had its annual service a moth ago and had a clan bill of health
  8. and another from me Andy enjoy the best forum
  9. Will the 7.5 Kg fit in the Well of the Front Locker ?
  10. You are a braver man than me, good luck with your project
  11. When you joined Durbanite ,did you sign up for "Out & About" the CCC used to send it with the magazine every month but changed this year, you have to apply for it , it will then arrive every month with the mag, this publication will give you every Rally and Holiday Meets for every DA in the UK, a useful tool if you Rally. From memeory you can apply for it on their web site and it will be included in your next magazine, better still give Coventry a call and register and request a copy in the post
  12. The Coachman Atlantia was a Coachman Special for our local Coachman dealer, 3A's Leisure in Carmarthen, West Wales and was based on the Amara
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