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  1. Thanks for that Smarty, I just figured that with the low mileage that I'll be doing, probably less than 6000 per year I may as well go for the V10. The 2. 5 in the Allroad has plenty of go for me so maybe the 3. 0 would be the sensible choice. Do they attract the £500 road tax? Thanks for the forum link, I'll have a read. John
  2. AudiPartner

    Oh Dear !

    That's good to know, thanks. With an auto you're in a very tricky position if it happens. Ap
  3. Not on batteries which is the topic of discussion and the point in question The word you're looking for is linear or constant and as you say torque is constant all the way from 0 to maximum rpm Well in the case of electric trains yes, in the case of diesel electric then no. Diesel electric is used because of the better control and simplified design it allows. Electric is used for cheaper fuel and efficiency eg regenerative braking feeding back into the overhead lines. Really, we as consumers aren't interested in fuel costs, I would wager that a survey done on here would render 100% or people are very much interested in fuel costs. Are you related to Clive Sinclair? You need to sit down and do the maths, work out the energy stored in a fuel tank, work out the size of batteries needed to provide the same energy and then the killer one work out how to charge that battery is say 5 minutes maximum. You'd need the cable to have the cross sectional area the size of a house, pylons providing power to the charging station etc. it's a complete dream that you're really not up to speed with reality. Electric vehicles and vans will only happen when fuel cells develop enough to provide the power. So you might like to give your 'educated' guess that I'm talking rubbish, I would suggest that in fact you don't really understand the practical difficulties yourself. Ap
  4. If you care to re read my post you will find that I never said that, I was merely stating that they are not comparable to ic which another poster had stated. Beyond any shadow of a doubt electric propulsion is the way to go BUT the battery technology has to develop further for it to be comparable. Take a tank full of fuel, weigh it, now try and get the same electrical energy store in a battery within the same weight and were a long, long way off. Refilling a fuel tank is a very quick process, no battery can be charged at that rate and so on. I'm sorry that you misunderstood my previous explanations, clearly you didn't fully understand the points I was making, the compromise is simply in the battery capacity and weight.
  5. Agreed any engine with 3 or more and an odd number of cylinders is way better balanced than any V or Inline engine with an even number of cylinders. The best balance of all are the horizontally opposed or boxer engines. Volvo engine was derived from an early partnership with Audi IIRC back in the 80's, in an earlier life I had an Audi 90 which had a 5 pot petrol in it, really nice. Ap
  6. I just don't want a car that sounds awful, I like the sound of the V6 in my Allroad for sure. I would have expected the V10 diesel to sound very much like a V8. The vessel I'm on at the moment has 250,000hp of big Diesel engines, when power is demanded the sound of them coming under load is music to my ears. Sad but true.
  7. Not so good then, hope there's abRangie round the corner when I have the money. Ap
  8. Get a second opinion from another garage. My Sprinter has had play in the lower ball joints for the last 5 years, it's not got any worse, it's still ok for MOTs etc
  9. I am quite keen on VAG vehicles, the Beemers I know are good products but they seem a bit girlie ( no offence) compared to the Range Rover or the Touareg. The Touareg doesn't seem to be very popular but they do seem very capable. The Range Rover does seem to be plagued with reliability issues with the ones in my price bracket. I am settled on a Range Rover or a Touareg now dependent what's around when I have my cash ready. I think probably it will end up with a Touareg due to pricing unless a Range Rover bargain is around at the time.
  10. And your car, full sized aircraft, trucks are fitted with ic engines because?
  11. Touareg looks nice, I can't imagine what a V10 sounds like, should be silky smooth.
  12. Imagine you're in your car and pass the first camera at 10:00. Your reg number is noted, you then pass another camera a mile later at 10:01, your average speed would be calculated, 1 minute to do 1 mile = 60 mph. The ticket would then be posted because you were in a 50 limit #8o) Ap
  13. Excellent post and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I'm a very happy Bailey owner with my Senator Wyoming but I won't be having another Bailey purely because of the hideous designs of the new ones, their attitude to customer as demonstrated here etc my money will go elsewhere. Glad you're enjoying caravan nine, maybe it would be worthwhile another letter to Bailey and just see if they willing to reconsider, maybe send a printout ofnthisnthread too. Good luck, enjoy your caravan. Ap
  14. That's not the point I was making. I was addressing the comment that if you buy privately warranties are out of the window which they simply are not. I won't bother labouring the point any more, I'm just confident that I can stand my corner if I need to and if people want to forego their rights that's really doesn't affect me at all. Ap
  15. Maybe you need to improve your entertainment technique #8o)
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