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  1. Thanks for replies. I was clumsily saying is there a general Caravan Insurance that provide cover breakdown on the vehicle 24/7/365, not the caravan. With many other Insurance policies particularly car breakdown is almost matter of fact to offer now at a discounted rate. I will look at LV and see what they do, otherwise it's around £400 for the two as it stands. Cheers...
  2. Good afternoon. My breakdown cover with Green Flag and my Caravan Insurance AA are coming to an end simultaneously. A sensible thing to do I find a policy that may include the two features however cannot locate one or I am not searching correctly. Can anyone make a suggestion as to who might provide such a policy or am I just gonna have to take it on the chin and pay for both separately? Many thanks for any help....
  3. Agree with you folk and have learnt a valuable lesson but got out of buying a new battery thanks to help on here. Nice one. .
  4. Just to update on this. I read a thread on here of someone with the same issue and how they resurectted the battery. I have an mx5 with battery in the boot. I placed van battery in boot with booster cables piggy backed from the battery, secured it then went for a spin hood down in sunshine. Such a hardship. . After a small run went home, presented battery back on van and the voltage had increased enough to start accepting charge within the van. All indications on battery denote good health and normal service resumed. . This may help other folk with same issues as am sure a
  5. Cheers, it does have a shut down switch but as all circuits breakers are on and the 3 lights for the individual breakers charger, heater etc, are light up so assume possibly wrongly that they are live and functionalet. .
  6. Many thanks, now I did see a yellow fuse (20 amp) fixed in line to the PSU but haven't checked it as dark and no indication in manual of its existence as I can see. Does thids fuse therefore prevent charging and totally isolate the battery or just power from to the van. PSU has no heat what so ever indicating to me it is not doing much. .
  7. Good evening folks, Probably a simple one but cannot find answer. I have a Swift Kudos 530sb with EC400 control panel and charger and van not 12 months old yet. Van battery I stupidly get very flat in the cold and went to charge via hook up. I have found that some of the 240v stuff like the microwave works but none of the 12v stuff or the control panel. Tis is while the hook up is connected. I have looked through the manual however cannot see any location of an isolation switch in case if flat battery. All lights on PSU light up fine. Surely even if the battery was broken the inverter
  8. I agree with posting suggesting that I visit Truma. I know the area well and yes not far away, quite a pleasant surprise surprise usually a million miles away in these situations. They appear to be very hospitable and willing to put my mind at rest. .certainly not fobbed me off anyhow. .. Ricky what was the outcome of your unit as you had the same issues? Voodoo reason for packing get a bottle of brandy then. ...
  9. Blimey Xtrailman. I feel much better now at the expense of others misery. .. Yes the peed off club has a new reluctant member. I accept issue happen but feel that as the dealer had an answer for all my concerns indicates they were used to them and had a stock reply, including the fact sheet. I think paying the price we do for a new van gives us some right not to have these issues! I shall post however the response from Truma. I look forward to reading your comments regarding this reply: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Further to this I have emailed Truma directly and see what they say about the smell etc. Sunroof have to take on the chin. ... Mm. ..
  11. Evening. Read further replies with interest. I am amazed how common these issues are and that they are generally just accepted. . Trauma are a Blue Chip company and surprised they produce a unit with this added er benefit. Good point about the seal to the van, silicone is thicker so worth a try before a new pipe sourced. Hot electric smell is unpleasant and just hope it dissipates with use. I do like the van but feel our old Bailey was screwed together better. ..
  12. Good evening and I really appreciate your replies. It seems that this issue is indeed a common one and acceptable. Suprised me! The misting is just that not pools of water so am sure removal of the bungs will give enough air flow to dry out the panes. The heating system is hot air combi and when working as I think correctly is very very efficient however I am surprised such an unpleasant smell is acceptable and part and parcel of the unit. .. I looked in the water pipe coiling up in the aqua roll but even when full to the brim and straight to the bottom still did it. The olive oil tric
  13. Good afternoon all, Forgive me posting this here however am a little perplexed with a problem and would like opinion on how to proceed. I took delivery of a Swift Kudos - Major 530 in April - brand new. We have since used the van through the year mainly for odd weekends and a week in the New Forest. Generally all ok with a few exceptions. The sunroof up the front of the van has condensation in it and has done since delivery. The salesman assured me it would dissipate with use. It never has and is unsightly. .... I spoke on this forum at the weekend as had and still have a
  14. Good morning. Juat to let you kind folk know the olive oil seems to have solved the problem and cooking tastes better! Will obtain though some new o rings though. .. Many thanks from Oxon site, Shrewsbury. ...
  15. Makes sense Jiffy and will consider the same. However not back at van yet so unsure if the oil will solve the issue or not yet. .. Will see. ...
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