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  1. Think there's confusion about the 5 mile rule for all but essential travel. It's not law it's a guide. Scottish government were considering making it law but decided against the legislation. It also dosent apply if your visiting friends and family. I should have pointed out were planning the trip to England to visit my father in law.
  2. Hi With caravan sites all starting to release opening dates I wonder if anyone has an opinion if it's OK to travel between home nations. For example English sites open on the 4th July yet for Scotland it's looking like the 15th July. Would it be possible to travel from Scotland to England to stay in English sites from the 4th onwards?
  3. That really surprised me are you taking the high 20mpg reading from the car itself? Reason I ask, mines showed about 26mpg on the dash but when I actually used an mpg calculator with the fuel I used it was getting around 22mpg mark. I stick my cruise control on at 60 but my vans about 60-70kg lighter than yours. BMW was still a great tow car and I really enjoyed owning it. Had a nightmare start tho engine out and timing chains replaced🙈
  4. I just picked up my V90 R design D4 2wd last week. I'll be using it to tow a 2018 Unicorn Valencia mtplm around 1500kg. Previous car was a BMW 520d M sport touring. Very stable tow car with self leveling rear suspension but struggled to get over 20 mpg towing. I'm hoping to get closer to 30 mpg with the Volvo. I looked at similar cars mentioned above and came very close to buying the Skoda Superb. Also looked at the E class but the new V90 just ticked more boxes. Really well put together and very comfortable on long runs- ideal for our trips to France. On pape
  5. Thanks for all your input especially with the dreaded TV bracket issues. My dealer is actually really good it's just the confusion Bailey have created by designing a caravan that only has wall mounted TV access. It's crazy that if this is the case the brackets aren't fitted at the factory- this solve a lot of confusion with dealers fitting the wrong brackets etc. Anyway, thanks to you guys I have all my queries answered- once again this forum has helped a lot. Just need to wait for delivery and hit the road! Thanks again all. ...
  6. I had a look at the battery box link you attached silverback. Unfortunately I'm now more confused than ever. ...there's two different sets of dimensions on that link and now a third with what Bailey emailed me above. I'm going to order the 110 Banner energy bull at 190mm high. I'll go with your recommendation rather than the dimensions Bailey gave me. They told me it's only 170mm high but looking on Alpha batteries there aren't any that low! Got to say my first impressions of Bailey customer service isn't great. If I had any issues with my Swift van I j
  7. Yeah Silverback I was shocked at the price to fit them. I'm going to discuss the matter again with them to see if there's movement on the quote. Appreciate your help Hi Chilly Thanks for your input. I'll give Alpha a call in the morning. We're getting a motor mover fitted that's exactly why I want the 110 Banner. Hopefully it fits or even if Numax do a smaller height I'll go down that route.
  8. Thanks all for your input. Good the 10kg will fit. My dealer says the following regarding battery box: The usable space for the battery box is: o Height: 170mm o Width: 185mm o Length: 360mm The energy bull is 190mm high width and length are ok. What battery are you using silverback? As for the bracket I've emailed Bailey to see if I can get a copy of the template. My dealer quoted us 80 per bracket! Don't fancy spending 160 on two brackets I could get for less than 40 pounds. I wall mounted my TV in m
  9. Hi All I wonder if anyone could help advise on a couple of issues I have with a new caravan I've ordered. Just need clarification on a few points before it arrives. Battery I was hoping to fit a 110 Banner energy bull lesuire battery but I'm thinking at 190mm high it won't fit? https://www. alpha-batteries. co. uk/12v-banner-energy-bull-low-height-leisure-battery-95751/ Will I be able to fit a single 10kg Gaslight cylinder in the gas locker? Even if I knew the door dimensions I could compare against the cylinder. Does a
  10. Excellent information all👍 We actually ordered our Valencia over the phone without going to see one first! My parents have a series 3 Vigo tho and I know the quality. On paper the Valencia ticks all boxes for us - We wanted a fixed double, with long lounge seats, without having to move to a twin axle. The other fixed bed single axle models look smashing but lounge space is restricted. Anyway, managed to get to the dealers this weekend for a look and we couldn't be happier. The build quality on the Unicorn looks great and if it's as good as our current Swift I'll b
  11. Excellent Silverback glad your enjoying it! Could you tell me, is there a mirror near the wardrobe? Also how big is the wardrobe itself? We can't find any video reviews that show this area only on the Barcelona. Also good to know your having no issues with noseweight. Should be good with the gas bottles and battery fitted near the axle. We currently use 2x6kg propane lites but I'm tempted to switch to a gas light setup- maybe 10kg if I can get it to fit in the gas locker. Thanks
  12. Hi all Just ordered a new Unicorn 4 Valencia today hoping for delivery towards the end of May from my dealer. The layout of the Valencia really sold it to us having the larger lounge seats which my children will use as singles with Duvalays. We have a 2015 Swift van with fixed bunks beds which has been a great van. Just a pitty Swift don't have lounge cushions as long without having to look at twin axle models. Anyway, are there any issues we should be aware of regarding the new Unicorn series 4? I have read the posts regarding Tv brackets b
  13. Hi all Can anyone help recommend a suitable roof mounted satellite for my parents van. The roof brackets we're fitted by the previous owner but I can't see any model name. Are they a standard fitment or model specific? Any help would be appreciated Tony
  14. I really dont see how this is a problem? You pay your 35 deposit and the remaining balance comes off the same card at the date you agree at the time of sale? If you dont want it to come off that card pay it slightly early with another.
  15. Thanks all. ...great advice as usual!
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