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  1. Last year I used a friends and family code for a ferry to Bilbao and we returned from Caen. I have just calculated the saving and it is exactly 10%. I have not included the cost of the cabins as both are overnight ferries, and these are not subject to any discount.
  2. Thank you Moorgate. I forgot that it only applies to car and caravan charges. This also applies to the club voyage membership. 2 berth outside cabin each way is £118 x 2 is £236. So an addition £23. 60. So still considerably cheaper at £1346. 6
  3. I have just done a like for like comparison with the Caravan and Motorhome Club and direct booking with Brittany Ferries. My Ferry is to Bilbao, Spain return. For my sailings and times, this includes and outside two berth cabin, 8m twin axle caravan the Caravan and Motorhome Club price is £1571. Direct booking with Brittany Ferries is £1469 without any discount. Friends and family discount gives approximately 10% which would be £1323. My dates are for the school holiday period in July and August, you may possibly get a better deal in the lower season.
  4. I believe so. My club voayage is for the Spanish ferry, as we are off the Bilbao later this year. if you would like the code email me on johnmeredith1963 at gmail. com replacing the ‘at’ with the symbol and remove the spaces.
  5. No problem. If you know anyone else who requires a code please pass it on. The code will be good for 12 months.
  6. Hi jaw, Are you using Brittany ferries? If so would you like a discount code. I can supply one if you require. I am club voyage member. cheers john
  7. Flashing green means the system is ok but needs the wheels to turn to register the caravan moving. Only a concern if it remains red.
  8. I was going to have my snipe sat dish fitted, it was on my old van, but my dealer said that Bailey would not honour the warranty for the roof in that area!
  9. Fitted the wildside unit today. No issues, worked as intended. I set the bias to the fridge as I have 200 watts of solar panel on the roof to charge the battery. I thought it would then operate the habitat relay as soon as it had carried out its start up test but it still took a few minutes before it disabled the caravan battery power. Cannot test it properly until the end of July when we are off to Spain and France, hopefully the fridge will now stay cold on long drives through hot climates!
  10. No. But it depends what you put under the bed and how heavy it is. It is more about how you load the van overall and check the nose weight is correct.
  11. Thank you for the clarification. All sounds fairly straightforward. So, this weekend it will be fitted. Regards John
  12. Thank you for the clarification. All sounds fairly straightforward. So, this weekend it will be fitted. Regards John
  13. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write up the fitting of wildside unit. I still have a couple of questions? On the wildside unit it has a connection for the signal for the operation of the habitation relay. I am presuming that with the Bailey wiring system when pin 10 becomes live, engine on etc. that the habitation relay disconnects the power from the caravan battery as normal, so no need to use this connection? You say the Alko ATC is connected to the wire from pin 9, is it before the four way fuse box, so I am presuming that nothing needs to be changed for the ATC wiring. Thanks again. John
  14. Depends what you use your gas for. Cooking, bbq etc should be plenty but if you planning off grid, so fridge and hot water, you will need both 10kg and 6kg, and may be more! I have just spent 6 nights off grid I I used yearly a full 10kg safefill, but I am finding the fridge on my s4 Pamplona using a lot more gas than my s1 Pamplona.
  15. I have a pamplona s4. I can fit one 10kg safefill and a 6kg calor as a backup. I did have the regulator moved to a higher position by the dealer to give more clearance.
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