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  1. I often use Google maps. Pick your area, zoom in with map view and you will find sites, click on one and in the left hand side panel will be links to website and photos. We never book weeks in advance and in June you will have no problems. However if you are limited to a 2 week trip then I can understand people wanting to know where they are going and not waste time hunting for a nice site. Us retirees are lucky - I can recommend it!
  2. Our government should take the lead from Luxembourg - there fuel is regarded as a necessity for normal life (same with water, gas and electricity) and all petrol and diesel prices are set by them and are the same at EVERY outlet, even motorway service stations. And it is nearly always the cheapest in 'Old Europe". Currently at 1.11 € per litre (approx. 94p per litre) So if your are travelling towards Germany, Austria, Italy etc always make sure you fill up on your way.
  3. I think that TomTom would make more sales if they also released the 'Camper' version as a software upgrade to the newer existing hardware rather than ask for £300+ for a separate unit. After all it is just software, the technology is the same and believe the later units have enough RAM to take it. I would gladly fork out £50 to upgrade and add the option to my iPhone GO - just a thought. I have been very happy with GO and have yet to come across a built in SatNav that is better or simpler to use.
  4. I would be happier with higher torque and bhp and another 200kgs kerbweight. You would probably be ok on the flat but don’t take to the hills!
  5. We use a 'float' and have had no problems. Simple to set up, firstly fit it so it is in correct way up (not upside down as it won't work that way) then mark the 'top' with a felt tip as a guide for future installations. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Replacement-Aquaroll-Aquaruis-Rolly-Poly-Float-Valve/163681450633?hash=item261c2cba89:g:-e4AAOSwrqhc0thh I agree with the comments about the danger of a hose connected directly to the van.
  6. Allowed/permitted by the school.... Was not aware of "Bikeability" - so do children have to pass this before being allowed to bring their bike onto school grounds. I should hope that is the case.
  7. You need to go to Specsavers - look at the logo on the pump - it is supermarket chain that begins with M and ends in S!
  8. We live on an 'A' road that carries a lot of cyclists travelling to and from work. It amazes me that:- 1. The majority have no lights 2. The majority do not wear a helmet 3. The majority are in black/dark clothing and in dark and wet conditions are virtually invisible. 4. A lot are concentrating on their phone which is held in one hand and a fag in the other! So don't say they cannot afford a set of lights. 5. A lot use the pavement and have no means of warning pedestrians of their approach. As for the regulations concerning cycles, that is laughable, they might as well be scrapped unless the local PC (have not seen one out n' about for years) is willing to enforce it. I bet a simple prosecution would result in hours of paper work and court appearance. On the spot fine or confiscation of cycle would soon change things. By the way, when I was at school, you were only allowed to cycle to school if you had passed the Cycling Proficiency Test - is that still the case?
  9. Well, who would have thought that a simple statement from me could create such a response! Hopefully it will have stimulated a lot of thought about towing a van safely. I find comparisons of 40 tonne artics, including a 7 tonne tractor unit with often a 3 axle trailer and a 50mph speed limit with that of towing a single axle van ridiculous - the dynamics are poles apart. Thank you Jezzerb for adding the speed factor into the equation and for the majority of mishaps I believe it to be the major factor. Combining that with a badly loaded and miss matched combination then accidents will happen.
  10. Yes, Isabella do make air awnings as they have to respond to market forces and I would think they are of a much better quality than some other makes. And yes there are poled awning that will cover a window and obviously that is a combination of personal choice and the design of your van. But surely it is better to have a full awning - all that space, all that longevity and it will always sit right even on a slope because you can adjust the height. And, from looking at the responses here, the majority who have tried the air ones would not go have another!
  11. A quick comparison of the materials used in an air awning with say that of an Isabella and the difference is really obvious in terms of weight and structure. I am not surprised that they do not wear well. An air awning made of the same quality/type of material as an Isabella would be impossibly heavy to handle. Air awnings are heavier than poled awnings size for size and you also often have the problem of fitting them over a window. And a traditional awning cannot spring a leak in one of it's poles! We had a Kalari and it was not lighter than our previous Isabella and while it went up perhaps 10 minutes faster it never looked 'right' - especially on a pitch with any sort of slope. Always looked wrinkly and looked even worse when one beam was held up by two brooms lashed together as a result of a split on the heat seal of one of the beam inners! If you are contemplating an air awning take a look inside one of the beams and look at the tube that is actually inflated - the material it is made of might surprise you.
  12. We will second that. Isabella chairs are top quality and look it. We also tried an air awning and although not cheap, it soon leaked and once I realised the air tubes were no more than Li-Lo tubes in a stiffer outer it was soon sold and like you we are back with a trusted Isabella, in our case an immaculate 3 year old Capri Coal for £500 from eBay.
  13. My mother had a Civic and the satnav in that was appalling. So complicated and required around six more steps to to what I do with my TomTom Go on my iPhone in one step. Have never found a built-in satnav that I could get on with. While on the subject, why don’t TomTom offer a simple upgrade to a Caravan/Campervan version for existing user’s devices? After all it is just software - I think they are missing a marketing opportunity.
  14. My portable internet device is, guess what? It is my phone, and if it’s SIM cannot get a signal I’m damn sure a router ain’t gonna help.
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