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  1. In a word - NO. and..... Nobody has mentioned the wear n tear on the towing vehicle's engine and gearbox. Years ago I towed a 1100kg van with a company car Morris Marina 1.3 - we did not tow a lot but the vehicle was a wreck when it was replaced, burned oil and a horrible sounding gearbox.
  2. Yes, same old boring Labour - wouldn't have it been nice for them to have welcomed Boris back, congratulate the government on their work and the confirm their support! But that would be cloud cuckoo land!
  3. Lockdown...... Here in Britain we have not been in ‘lockdown’. Spain has been in lockdown, no body, regardless of age, was allowed to leave their homes unless they had a very very good excuse. Police patrols everywhere stopping and questioning. We have been given good advice from the government but there will always be plonkers who ignore it. If over the next few weeks things are eased we will start to hear from all those critics who are so wise after the event! If they think they could have done better then I challenge them to get off their sofas and put themselves forward at the next elections.
  4. Lodgemorelad What age is your van? I assume that you are referring to the 12v impeller pump in the header tank? We have a 2011 Lunar Clubman and that has the 12v heating pump in the wardrobe and that is a fixed speed unit and was noisy. I have fitted a £15.00 in line voltage controller which has enabled me to greatly reduce the noise while keeping the system efficient.
  5. Someone said "Ignore the kerb weight of your car" -!!!!!!!!!!!! We have here someone asking for advice and who has not towed before and I for one ,with several years towing experience, would NEVER ignore the 85% rule. If I had a twin axle I might go to 90% but to contemplate towing a caravan which is heavier than a relatively lightweight car is stupid and irresponsible advice. Some are going to disagree but I would rather have my vehicle towing the van than the other way round.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions but I don't believe it to be worth spending £500+ on radio and speakers for a caravan - I certainly would not want to be parked near someone with uprated speakers. Not too worried about the memory as it is simple enough to find the channels. I was thinking of something in the £60-£80 range.
  7. I am thinking of replacing the original radio in our 2011 Lunar Clubman si with an updated model with remote control and bluetooth. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced model?
  8. We have had the si version of this van for 9 years and have found it perfect for us - it is very well equipped and we have no plans to change it. We see posts about folks looking to add or upgrade this n that but the only things I have added are middle supports for the locker shelves (without them they sag), a speed controller to the Alde water central heating pump to quieten it, a small row of hooks just inside the door for keys etc and a mirror on the inside of the larger wardrobe's door. This one looks a bit tatty but may well clean up ok. I don't like the look of those random reflectors stuck on the van sides - often used to hide dents, dings or even punctures to the van side. I don't think there is an 'upgraded' rear light cluster that would fit cleanly without a lot of work - are the existing ones broken?
  9. Caravan spotted today..... Oldish (Elddis?) twin axle travelling west on the A47, Nuneaton area, being towed by, I think, a Zafira, or something similar. Trust he had a good excuse ready.....
  10. I would not hold your breath on being able to visit anywhere this summer! But, I suppose it does no harm to plan..........
  11. I use Carplan Original black - does a good job, easy to apply but, like many similar products, it does not keep it's looks forever.
  12. Our motor has not moved for nearly 3 weeks.... We can walk to..... Co-op - 1 mile round trip Lidl - 3 mile round trip Sainsburys - 4.5 mile round trip So we are keeping quite fit but we normally do this anyway. But, we are seeing lots of people walking that we have never come across before!
  13. The world's largest and oldest public healthcare system is renowned for being one of the planet's biggest employers. According to NHS figures, the workforce totals 1.3 million employees, but other estimates, which include temp and freelance staff, put the number closer to 1.6 million. At 1.6 million it is the world’s 4th largest employer behind Wallmart, The Chinese Armed Forces and top of the list, the USA Armed Forces. Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak I would have argued that this was disproportionately high, but now I am very, very glad.
  14. I think the question is "how many days/weeks would you normally/realistically have used it in that period?" If just a couple of weeks in total I would regard the rental as a goodwill gesture to site owner to help them keep afloat or you may find the site closed for good once everything gets back to normal - if it ever does.
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