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  1. Why not just use a Coachman accredited mobile service engineer and save a few pounds at the same time?
  2. The more power the better - easier tow and less strain on car - no brainer!
  3. Can't see why not, I have added some more photos to the listing.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caravan-Waste-Pipe-Adjustable-Support-Straps-for-rigid-pipes-SET-of-3-FREE-POST/392976776913?hash=item5b7f3dbed1:g:efQAAOSw2SVfdj-Q
  4. We bought our 2011 Lunar Clubman si in 2013 for £13,000 'cos it had everything we wanted:- Island bed - no clambering over each other for loo trips End Bathroom Alde wet heating LED lighting Plenty of worktop Exterior Gas Point Exterior power Decent radio - not interested in tv Plenty of power sockets inc USB Motor mover Have only added a mirror inside largest wardrobe (hers) Added hooks near door for keys etc Added utensil rack near hob It has served us well with numerous 6-7 week trips to Europe and really doesn't owe us
  5. We are down in Dorset and was wishing we had bought our canopy with us - then it poured down for about 6 hours solid and now glad we didn't bother.
  6. I agree with Mr Plodd, this is a unique setup! When on a fully services pitch a length of hose could be attached and run to the drain. However me thinks the previous owner may have been a one night stopover type, collect his grey waste in this contraption, left the site, stopped at a layby and opened the tap! All to save him lugging his waste water hug to the site grey water drain?
  7. On first use of the ball cock and when you are happy that all is working correctly simply scratch an 'X' on the tip of the screw. Then in future you know all is well when the 'X' is upper most. And an adapter like this that I got from ALDI for £2.00 so we can fill up the drinking water jug without disconnecting everything and a compact mini 5m hose cassette and yes, a bag of 'bits n bobs' to cover all connection types we may come across. Before anyone questions the 'non-food' hose, we would never consume any water that comes via the van pipes - have you ever seen what accumulates in
  8. When we got our Clubman a few years back one of my first jobs was to ensure that I knew how to change a wheel should we suffer a puncture. I soon discovered that I had to jack up the near side in order to provide enough clearance to remove the spare from the AL-KO carrier. I envisaged the following scene - we are in the middle of nowhere, it is pouring with rain and we have puncture in the offside tyre - I very quickly decided, like many others, that the carrier had to go and the spare wheel stored under the bed where it is accessible in seconds. The carrier? It makes an excellent r
  9. The colder weather reminded me that I had not completed my modification to the front window sill heating vents which I have now done. I did not go for the full 100mm cut-outs in the sill that Lunar reccomend as that would have made the cut-outs very visible and I did not trust my carpentry skills. However with 20mm cut-outs and 10mm blocks creating a 300mm vents have really improved the flow of warm air.
  10. Updated link for purchase... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caravan-Waste-Pipe-Adjustable-Support-Straps-for-rigid-pipes-SET-of-3-FREE-POST/392976776913?hash=item5b7f3dbed1:g:efQAAOSw2SVfdj-Q
  11. Hort207 I am sure that with a bit of fiddling you will get it all to fit together! I am thinking of getting my daughter, who lives in Luxembourg, to ship over a container full of the tubing - can't see why it is not available here! It would appear that more and more caravanners are choosing fully serviced pitches as it means you can almost self isolate and not have to take any unnecessary risks by using toilet/shower blocks - I'm sure they will be the norm in future.
  12. An update of the link for the Adjustable Waste Pipe Support straps for anyone still interested ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/392976776913?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. Vanity Plates - oh sorry, Personal Plates Just an ostentatious fad of people with more money than sense! I never sure if they do it for purely vain reasons or to cover the fact that they are driving an old car? Whatever, let them keep on pumping the revenue into the DVLA and help keep the road tax down for us mortals!
  14. I got it at a large B&Q style DIY store in Luxembourg and I must admit that I have also struggled to find the same in the UK. There appears to be only 'plain' tube available that can only be connected with a sleeve. Whether the sleeve would fit the Pennine connection kit I don't know. May be worth a visit to Wickes/B&Q or Screwfix and take the Pennine with you and check out the fit.
  15. Just the standard over door LED awning light and a string of 12v LED Globe lights that we got in Italy for €20
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