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  1. The Conquerer 560 is listed and I assume it is the chassis/size....... https://www.isabella.net/int/a-measurement-search?fab=Swift&year=2017&page=2
  2. At home building gazebo and replacing fencing!
  3. Another reason to NEVER consume water from the van pipes!
  4. Just use your phone's hotspot - no extra cost and perfectly adequate for email, web etc - not interested in having a TV in our van!
  5. The pro's and con's of having a tracker have been discussed on this forum many times and the general consensus is that:- a) Thieves will target van models that they are familiar with and be able to disable/ extract the tracker and b) Would you want the van back after it had been used by some low life anyway? Good insurance cover (new for old) is my preferred option.
  6. With a bit of forward planning and using Google Maps satellite view and/or street view it is pretty easy to spot suitable fuel stations with a fairly straight line in and out.
  7. I agree totally. We have not used shared facilities since 2018. Fully serviced pitches are the way ahead - why people refuse to use their van's bathroom facilities (that they have paid good money for) is beyond me!
  8. Like a lot of caravanners, we never consume water direct from the van system - too many nooks and crannies for water to sit exposed to the atmosphere for weeks till next van trip - an ideal breeding ground. I know many will disagree...... Consequently our aquaroll is years old and use a basic garden hose to connect to a £12.95 eBay mains adapter valve - job done for very little cost. As for the waste water...... and support straps from here:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caravan-Waste-Pipe-Adjustable-Support-Straps-for-rigid-flexi-pipes-SET-of-3/393025953114?hash=item5b822c
  9. Can't see you using the van much over the next 3 months, and even if you do you probably won't use the heating that much - so leave it till the service?
  10. I know it does not help David 38, but Apple products 'Just Work', ditch the Galaxy and get an iPhone!
  11. What 'Data' will they 'Collect' that the don't already know about you other than viewing habits? By you purchasing a TV licence they know your name, address, bank details (probably), age, gender and like, anyone else, they could find out even more information if they wanted to without you 'registering'! Like any other dangerous virus we all need to get vaccinated and until that happens the unvaccinated will always be at risk - simples.
  12. Eventually as gas guzzlers are driven off the road even the 'Tax Free' electric vehicles will pay a road use tax of some kind as the shortfall in the coffers will have to be made up some how in some way.
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