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  1. I have not bothered about updates as the TomTom Go iPhone version I have is 'streets' ahead. Live traffic updates, speed camera warnings, compatible with contacts on the iPhone etc etc. Can't say that I have come across a 'built in' Sat Nav that is worth using - I recall one that my mother has in her Honda Civic, it was awful and took about a dozen steps to get to where the TomTom got in three.
  2. I have now completed the modifications of increasing the sizes of the apertures that allow the heat to rise above the fin radiators and increased the clearance between wall and the settee back boards and it has definitely improved the flow. Once I get the appropriate circular cutting bit I will add openings either side of the open 'shelf' under the centre drawers to improve airflow in that area. I ave noticed that the headboard of the bed is bowed in towards the wall (too much leaning against it with our morning cuppa and ginger snap) so I will add a baton either side of the central one to maintain a good airflow. and, I can re-confirm that adding the motor speed controller to the wardrobe pump works! With a bit of trial and error adjusting the speed we now have a virtually silent system and it heats the towel rail as well.
  3. JCloughie - Thank you for confirming that it works! I understand from earlier posts that it requires a bit of trial and error to find the speed that has it running quieter but still able to push the heat around the van and to the towel rail. I am now looking at possibly enlarging the vents on the front widow sill - I have heard that this was an acknowledged design fault by Lunar as they should have been at least 4cms wide and not the 1.5cm as installed. But, it looks like a fiddly job.
  4. You may be correct but I think it is worth a £12.00 gamble against the £100+ for the in line pump. I will report back on the results!
  5. We use a 5m hose, again to give flexibility in siting the BBQ depending on weather, where the sun is etc. As long as the connections are proper and secure and tested and the hose routed safely then I see no problem.
  6. After putting up with a noisy pump for a couple of years I have taken the plunge and fitted a 12v Motor Speed Controller to the heating pump that is situated in the wardrobe of our Lunar Si I will have to wait until I can fully check that I can turn down the pump speed and so reduce the noise but still have an efficient heating system. Why someone would place a pump right next to a bed is beyond me - my wife reckons it must have been designed by a man! I used this controller as it had mounting points for small self tapping screws - 12V Motor Speed Controller,DC10-60V 20A Pulse Width Modulator PWM Motor Speed Controller £10.48 from Amazon.
  7. The Penno - You have our sympathy. We had a similar experience in France last year with an unrepairable leak in an air awning. What a lot of people don't realise is that the 'tubes' or 'beams' are made with plastic tubing similar to that of a cheap beach li-lo - and we all know how long they last! And if the leak is on a seam then it is impossible to seal with the kits provided. As soon as we got home the air awning was replaced by a lovely, spacious, full of quality Isabella Capri Coal - a proper awning.
  8. You will not regret getting an Isabella. We originally had a Capri but sold it when my wife developed shoulder problems and she was no longer able to assist in getting setup. An air awning was the way we went but never again. They are not necessarily lighter in weight, their materials are nowhere near the quality of an Isabella but they are slightly quicker to put up. But. they never 'sit' right and you have no adjustment available for a pitch with a slight slope. However after two punctures in the awning's main beams - one 1.200 miles from home, we decided enough was enough and managed to pick up an immaculate 3 year old Capri Coal on eBay. Oh the joy of all that space, the quality, the ease of erection (I can do most myself with 'guidance' from my wife whose shoulders are thankfully a lot better now) plus, if needed, the customer support and the availability of spare parts.
  9. I f you search the forum for topics about the ALKO spare wheel holder you may well change your mind and store the spare under the bed!
  10. I bought a spare key and use it when setting up, emptying loo, refilling water etc
  11. As Nanamel says - most inflatable awning cannot be over inflated as they have a 'safety release valve' built in. You have my sympathy but let it be a lesson to anyone considering an inflatable - eventually they will spring a leak in one of the tubes and sods law it will happen at the most inconvenient time.
  12. Or... One of these ...... https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-1-gang-sp-13a-switched-socket-2-1a-2-outlet-usb-charger-white/8812f to an existing socket, doubles are also available but check amp requirment for your gadget(s)
  13. We sold our Isabella Capri when my wife developed shoulder problems and was not able to help so bought an air awning thinking it was easier to erect and would weigh less. Easier to erect - yes Weighed less - no (unless you go for a small porch type) Because the air awnings need a run of horizontal awning rail people often have to cover a window - air awnings do not like going round corners. Air awning are difficult to get looking neat - especially if the pitch has a slight slope - you cannot adjust their height. An air awning will spring a leak in one of its tubes sooner or later - so spare tubes are advised. Ours sprung a leak on one of the tube seams while in the south of France and was unrepairable. The replacement tube mailed out under warranty also had a leak in the same area! For the rest of trip the awning was supported in one corner by two brooms lashed together. The tubes in a lot of air awnings are made of similar weight plastic to a cheap beach li-lo. After that we vowed never to touch an air awning again and it was a back to an immaculate newer model Isabella Capri from eBay. Oh the joy of all that space back plus the sheer quality of the material and carbon fibre poles and with a bit of practice, almost as easy to erect. We prefer to eat and spend time in the evening in the awning in the fresh air, enjoying each others company, some nice wine and music, no TV for us. A lot of people swear by the air awning but not us.
  14. Welcome - nice van you have there and it comes with a 25 YEAR WATER INGRESS warranty and an expected 35 year life! I was not aware of that brand but will definitely do some more research.
  15. With the Sorrento you will get all the goodies thrown in, whereas with the VW's you have to pay for all the extras. We have a Sante Fe with all the extras - I find the rear parking camera a godsend with hitching up!
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