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  1. You won't have a continuous supply of hot water as you do with an electric shower. The solution - but for us only on warm days.... Step in shower, quickly adjust water temperature and wet yourself all over, turn shower off. Take a sqeegy thingy, add soap and wash all over. Then turn shower on and rinse off, turn shower off. Towel dry while in shower cubicle (much warmer then outside in bathroom area) and step out of shower. We have found that 3 people can shower, in turn, using this method in our 2011 Clubman before you have to wait for the water to heat up again.
  2. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/car-finance/personal-car-loans/
  3. A quick Google...... "SMARTY allows unrestricted tethering, which means you can share your mobile connection with other devices such as laptops and tablets. The only limit is your overall monthly data allowance, and as there's an unlimited data option this is potentially a great network for tethering" No 5G though.
  4. I think you will find that initially it is the SIM provider that will determine whether you can set up a hot spot and then whether the phone hardware supports it.
  5. It would have been a good idea to have had a test run close to home initially! But, I have no doubt that if you are going to commercial site (Caravan Club, Camp & Caravan etc) then there is bound to be someone who will be more than happy to help a damsel in distress......
  6. Might as as well have stayed at home! Out of 24 hours tv on 150 channels I'd be lucky to find one hour worth watching.
  7. As documented previously on this forum our foray into the air awning world did not go well and we now look upon them as a leak waiting to happen! Another downside not mentioned here is that often an air awning will obstruct and half cover the front near side window and possibly the rear nearside one as well depending on model/layout of van. Also they are not lighter than an equivalent sized poled awning. I'm afraid you cannot beat a 'proper awning'.
  8. What is the problem? USE YOUR OWN FACILITIES At the moment I would not even think about using a toilet/shower block and neither would anyone with an ounce of brain matter. But, on looking around there are some people who could not physically fit in a van bathroom - as Boris has recently highlighted. OK, I appreciate that the disabled would struggle but should they even be venturing out a the moment?
  9. We use these........they fit flush and don't protrude..... Amazon
  10. Although is it just the two of us we use our awning all the time unless it is an overnight stop. Hate sitting and eating in the van and have a small fan heater with thermostat set low and just enough to take the chill off later, if needs be, in the evening. Don't (and would never) have a TV in the van so feels justified in using a bit of electricity.
  11. Just ask for a VAT receipt "for your books".
  12. Yes, I have decided to stick with Tomtom GO on my iPhone. My 3 years free subscription has just expired and they are offering a yearly subsciption at £12.99 which seems reasonable to me. I am used to the app and it is so simple to operate. It is a pity that they don't offer a simple software upgrade to include an option for Caravan/Truck mode, the hard ware is the same - I am sure they would have quite a few takers. I will use Michelin on line planning tool to check on the route for steep hills etc
  13. The trouble with water leaks is that where the water is pooling or evident is not necessarily the location of the leak! It can run or drip from several feet. Hope you find the source soon.
  14. While we find that with the 'clubs' you know the quality of the pitches and facilities will be of a good standard, there are more and more quality independent sites and sometimes cheaper and with equally if not better facilities. If you are looking for adult only or dog free sites then these will more than likely be independents. It is a matter of browsing sites like this to get peoples views on sites they have visited. We always use one of the clubs for ferry/ tunnel bookings as they are nearly always cheaper.
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