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  1. As Nanamel says - most inflatable awning cannot be over inflated as they have a 'safety release valve' built in. You have my sympathy but let it be a lesson to anyone considering an inflatable - eventually they will spring a leak in one of the tubes and sods law it will happen at the most inconvenient time.
  2. Or... One of these ...... https://www.screwfix.com/p/lap-1-gang-sp-13a-switched-socket-2-1a-2-outlet-usb-charger-white/8812f to an existing socket, doubles are also available but check amp requirment for your gadget(s)
  3. We sold our Isabella Capri when my wife developed shoulder problems and was not able to help so bought an air awning thinking it was easier to erect and would weigh less. Easier to erect - yes Weighed less - no (unless you go for a small porch type) Because the air awnings need a run of horizontal awning rail people often have to cover a window - air awnings do not like going round corners. Air awning are difficult to get looking neat - especially if the pitch has a slight slope - you cannot adjust their height. An air awning will spring a leak in one of its tubes sooner or later - so spare tubes are advised. Ours sprung a leak on one of the tube seams while in the south of France and was unrepairable. The replacement tube mailed out under warranty also had a leak in the same area! For the rest of trip the awning was supported in one corner by two brooms lashed together. The tubes in a lot of air awnings are made of similar weight plastic to a cheap beach li-lo. After that we vowed never to touch an air awning again and it was a back to an immaculate newer model Isabella Capri from eBay. Oh the joy of all that space back plus the sheer quality of the material and carbon fibre poles and with a bit of practice, almost as easy to erect. We prefer to eat and spend time in the evening in the awning in the fresh air, enjoying each others company, some nice wine and music, no TV for us. A lot of people swear by the air awning but not us.
  4. Welcome - nice van you have there and it comes with a 25 YEAR WATER INGRESS warranty and an expected 35 year life! I was not aware of that brand but will definitely do some more research.
  5. With the Sorrento you will get all the goodies thrown in, whereas with the VW's you have to pay for all the extras. We have a Sante Fe with all the extras - I find the rear parking camera a godsend with hitching up!
  6. Why can't people live without a television? Never had one in our travels and don't intend to - try talking to one another, read a book, paint, enjoy a sociable meals - loads of options.
  7. As you plan to use the motorways it is well worth getting a Tag for the French Autoroutes - saves a lot of time and hassle. Virtually no queuing at normal toll kiosks and also the newer drive through ones at 30kmp. And your front seat passenger will no longer have to do the paying or operating the automatic machines - all payment kiosks and machine are on the left of your car.... https://www.emovis-tag.co.uk/subscription?ref=RF-20180101-5B839BF8
  8. We never use water from the caravan pipes for drinking/food preparation - too many chances of nasties breeding in infrequently used pipes open to the air. But, we do flush through the system with a purification product after every trip.
  9. Simples - just hang the clothes alternating the direction of the hanger hooks - one facing backwards, next facing forwards, next facing backwards etc etc
  10. Oh lovely - another opportunity to bang the Apple drum ...... Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads etc JUST WORK, why bother wasting money on anything else?
  11. Good link for tolls/vignettes in Europe:- https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/overseas-holidays/planning-your-route/motorway-tolls-and-vignettes/?ref=top_nav&id=motorways_vignettes If you are planning to use the French motorways is well worth getting an Emovis-tag for the tolls and never have to queue or get your front seat passenger to pay or operate the non-manned payment machines - there are now 'express lanes' where you can toodle through at 30kph. I think that the cc and Eurotunnel offer a discounted joining fee.
  12. We are both retired (70+) and have found that SAGA are very competitive. 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe SE Premium with fully comp, windscreen, uninsured driver etc and UNLIMITED travel to EU - £320pa DirectLine are cheaper but only offer EU coverage with a hefty premium depending on the duration
  13. Create a check list for what you need in the van Create a 'Hitching up sequence' check list Create an 'Arrival at site and un-hitching sequence' check list And, as mentioned earlier keep close to home for your first outing. I remember that on our first ever trip we were so excited we stopped in a layby only 5 miles into the journey to make a cup of tea in the van.
  14. Very basic DIY job this as I found out when adding shelves to the cupboards in our Lunar si. As mentioned by earlier posting, thin 3 or 4mm plywood cut to size and sanded to tidy up the edges, with some plywood supports glued in place and bob's your uncle - all for about £4.00. If you can change a plug you can do this easily. There is no need for them to be made of the same material as the cupboard as they are hidden for 99% of the time anyway.
  15. I can't help with your particular van but there will almost certainly be more bleed nipples - on the heated towel rail (if fitted) for example. On our Lunar I replaced the fluid and while some were easy to find, it was a case of 'hunt the nipple' to locate them all!
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