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  1. Plus the blue plastic covering centre wheel caps should be removed, they start corroding around edge if left.
  2. What happens is that the first owner spends most of his ownership chasing warranty claims liaising with workshops, having sleepless nights worrying, cancelling holidays and then having got it to the condition it should of been in from new sells it to start the process again, whilst you get a pretty much perfect product at half the cost. I think you have got the right idea.
  3. Have you looked at tents?
  4. My dad used to regularly drive from Kitwe Zambia to Johannesburg through the 70's and 80's in a succession of Mk11 Cortina's, Peugeot 504's and Mercedes saloons, usually at 90mph, single handed whilst smoking his pipe, there was even a civil war going on during one trip which didn't seem to put him off! You had to be very brave to travel as a passenger.
  5. Might be as easy as writing to DVLA explaining issue. Even more so if still in possession of old (expired) licence.
  6. CPDavis


    Probably doesn’t matter too much. The issue will be getting it repaired quickly and efficiently by a skilled fitter. That will be the stumbling block, so to speak.
  7. I use Waze, even in HGV. Works very well. Always a good idea to carry road map to confirm route, especially if towing a caravan.
  8. Excellent title for a book!
  9. If your happy with your present caravan I would tend to keep hold of it. I changed from a 2012 Rimini to a new Unicorn Cadiz in 2016. Just returned from a month away in it, and hardly a day has passed without some issue or another requiring attention. The installed (non Bailey) equipment is brilliant. The terrible build quality is an absolute joke, the creaking floors and furniture has just about driven me mad and taken the edge of what would have been a brilliant holiday. Last service in April showed damp in floor ranging between 45 - 99% currently awaiting response from the black hole that is Bailey, thinking of enlisting Doris Stokes for guidance. No, definitely keep what you've got.
  10. The Bailey of that year were well built. Still carry out usual damp checks, in particular where both front and rear panels join the roof.
  11. Balanced from new so probably covered less than 2500 miles. The smooth, predictable handling and balance of the caravan whilst towing is probably one of it’s few good points. Problem with screws now overcome with fitting oversize screws.
  12. I complained at previous service about squeaking furniture, and basically all screws overtightened by dealer. A lot of the one affected have their little adhesive covers missing because they don’t reapply. Just interested in doing a proper repair, and cocktail sticks seem a little crude. Wheel balance is fine.
  13. The wall panels screwed to main wall behind seat backs and adjacent to mattress are mostly loose. I have repaired a couple using wedged cocktail sticks. Was wondering if any members had come up with any other more professional ideas, oversized screws, plugs etc? Have to say the overall condition of this meticulously maintained three year old caravan is dire. We are currently away for a month and the snagging list grows daily. Thanks in advance.
  14. Both sides required changing last year on second year service of 2016 Unicorn 3 Cadiz. Apparently not under warranty although I never got billed.
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