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  1. When the Unicorn 3 series was announced (2015) there was a thread on CT where this issue occurred on an almost new example, and owner’s experience of getting it sorted. I think Bailey replaced the caravan. Not sure how you would locate this thread. Although not a common problem, several have had this issue in the same area over the years.
  2. Well worth ensuring servicing completed to maintain remaining warranty. My 2016 Cadiz has already had floor repairs completed to address 99% damp issues. Apparently this is not uncommon.
  3. Actually not necessarily, but heaven forbid you miss an opportunity to reply to a post!
  4. Bailey have just announced a further two month extension, now 6 months for 2020 servicing.
  5. I would be more inclined to have additional training to improve confidence and not have to worry about restricting yourself with regards caravan weight. You will feel better having achieved the test standard.
  6. Don’t think there is any adjustment on these hinges.
  7. If anyone is interested I am selling a ‘brand new in box’ set of EMUK mirrors suitable for the early 2012 - 2014 Mazda CX-5. Absolutely brilliant, easy to fit with excellent visibility. I bought them last year, they cost £95. Then a few weeks later got offered a good deal on new CX5. Would accept a reasonable offer for these. Yes, I’ve got the XL types for my new CX5. Work well with no issues. Ideal for new generation of 8’ wide caravans.
  8. If you've got really specific requirements you got to be prepared to travel.
  9. You can unscrew panel in about 5 minutes, lift clear of roof, there is enough slack cable to allow this. Once unscrewed raise front half on something to allow access underneath, and then repeat with rear. Make sure you remove all fixings screws to do the above, front lip just gently pulls off and snaps back on.
  10. There was only Morris Marina Cars, however, in the van version you could order either Austin or Morris models. Not sure what the difference was though.
  11. Useful link/information. Thank you for your help John.
  12. I have recently acquired this and fitted in awning rail. It is several years old but has never been used. Is there any requirement to fit some form of protection between rolled up awning and side of caravan whilst towing? Thanks for any information.
  13. My 2016 Unicorn 3 Cadiz went in to workshop for some damp/damage repairs relating to the issue you mention. They explained that both side rails had been replaced with modified parts to deflect water direct to ground. Still not sure if workshop modified new parts or if Bailey supplied them. Was reading 99% damp prior to repair. Fine now. This was both O/S & N/S sections behind axle. The front sections were fine. I posted this issue when first diagnosed in April and did not receive any replies.
  14. Make sure the black packing pieces have been removed from the door frame. Most likely done by now, but worth checking.
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