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  1. As I recall they are known to split/leak where both the front panel and rear panel are attached to the roof.
  2. CPDavis


    No. You can be fined up to a £1000 for driving a car without an MOT.
  3. In fairness, Kampa do advise taking them down in strong winds. My gripe is that they are so incredibly heavy.
  4. As I recall, these series 5 models had modified seals fitted to overcome the problem you describe. Probably worth speaking to a Bailey dealer.
  5. Although Ive never owned one (but would like to) the LR Discovery is the tow vehicle. Keep it.
  6. I'm guessing OP is referring to Winchester Caravans near Winchester. Formerly part of Chichester Caravan group. Excellent company, several drivers at work use them and never heard a bad word. I haven't personally used them, but based on what Ive heard would not hesitate.
  7. CPDavis

    Locked out

    If it is a new van check for black packing pieces in the door frame. Should of been removed as part of the PDI process, but sometimes forgotten.
  8. CPDavis


    I've got a C3 Picasso that uses Adblue, about 15litres in 23000 miles. Biggest pain is the removal of boot floor and spare wheel to gain access to filler. I bought 10l pack of Adblue from Amazon for £10 with free delivery. Ordering new CX5 that will use adblue, but with filler adjacent to fuel filler, so more civilised.
  9. My 2016 Unicorn Cadiz 3 needed both sides replaced recently at 2 year service. Worked out they had done 1650 miles. I think Alko paid my service workshop, although apparently they are wear and tear and not covered by warranty.
  10. Who actually keeps these scores, and more importantly who actually gives a monkeys?
  11. Not just a case of the aerial amplifier not being switched on? If OP is new to this caravan may not realise this.
  12. Quite correct. VOSA would definitely not be impressed.
  13. Sounds like the hitch wasn’t fully engaged on the ball. As mentioned, good practice to attempt to raise hitch off ball with jockey wheel to ensure correct connection.
  14. Brilliant, thank you for your time and help.
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