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  1. Quite funny you whinging about showers without actually visiting them!
  2. Just got renewal from Ripe. Same premium as last year. Just went for basic market value cover. Id be happy with that if it got wrecked. All contents stuff of value covered by house insurance. (2016 Bailey Cadiz - Premium £132)
  3. This is the reason you have insurance.
  4. Just a thought, but don't suppose the black packing pieces that fit in the door frame, that should of been removed at PDI stage have been missed and are still in situ? Was once a common issue a a couple of year ago.
  5. Thanks all for response to my post.
  6. The leaking roof strap was a common and well documented issue with the Unicorn series 3, rectified by the fitting of a wider roof rail. Has anyone had this issue on a series 4 Unicorn or is it safe to assume this problem is finally resolved? Thanks.
  7. It does require 'LPG' label to comply with regulations.
  8. Had mine today at Fordingbridge (67 with breathing issue) whole process well thought out and worked like clockwork. Really impressed.
  9. I would go with the pale lime/lemon and white combination as per Jaydugs photos.. The browns and oranges I feel sure were early 70's.
  10. Most HGV drivers I know, if they could actually be bothered to take any type of action, would park causing you difficulty moving away, can't think of any who would wilfully cause damage.
  11. Interesting to see current Unicorn owners change to these models. Might well have look at the twin single bed version when available. I do like the Alde heating in the Cadiz, but how does the heating in the Phoenix compare? I've already heard the seating is more comfortable than the Unicorn, but so is a scaffold plank, which is a big plus, never used that AL-KO wheel lock, so the Phoenix could be a serious contender.
  12. Caravan Club insurance would be happy with just a Hitchcock. Guessing Dornafield is a very safe site with owners in residence. I would just take a gamble and not bother with the wheel clamp.
  13. When the Unicorn 3 series was announced (2015) there was a thread on CT where this issue occurred on an almost new example, and owner’s experience of getting it sorted. I think Bailey replaced the caravan. Not sure how you would locate this thread. Although not a common problem, several have had this issue in the same area over the years.
  14. Well worth ensuring servicing completed to maintain remaining warranty. My 2016 Cadiz has already had floor repairs completed to address 99% damp issues. Apparently this is not uncommon.
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