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  1. Not renewing When I enquired, I was told Tracker don't give refunds on early termination of contract, so won't be renewing as we are looking to sell in the next few month Only found out when I finally managed to find terms and conditions that needed a lawyer to understand them. (I always get nervous when things are not explained in simple language) and then telephoned for an explanation Gps locator on fleabay about £12. 50 plus giffgaff sim . Mobile call and then it sends a text message by return with lat, long and speed with a link to google maps And only I know where it is installed
  2. Had a Pennine camper with similar problem. turned out that the flexible pipe inside the sink had come adrift, its a known problem and difficult to fix. Fingers crossed yours is ok
  3. We have a Thetford caprice cooker in our previous 2014 caravan . The grill on this works well! Our latest elddis has the aspire 2 cooker fitted and like other members it is not suitable for toast (it only makes hot crispy dry bread ) Thetford seem to have reduced power from 1. 6 KW down to 1. 5KW and replaced the steel grill fret with a pressed steel perforated plate. Obviously Thetford did not carry out a basic toast test on this newer improved? model. However my wife does like having an oven light (perhaps we should switch it on to supliment the heat on the grill) Is it to much to expect Thetford to admit to a cock up and carry out rectification work, or do we have to wait for the new improved Aspire MK3 with (as will be advertised) a new and improved grill? On a lighter note I just found this Could it be Thetfords mod for making toast (cheap and effective )? see image on any auction site 4 Slice Folding Camping Toaster For Gas Hob
  4. Bailey won't bother while they can still sell caravans and take your money Axles are under rated for the expected use Alko and Bailey know but wont' come clean and admit it. It would cost them! Driver Vehicle Safety Agency seems the only way to go
  5. MINE! It's been sitting in Bailey's compound 6 months tomorrow. May as well bang your head on the brick wall next to you, it's less painfull, keeep taking the valium. Bailey are not interested while they can sell caravans talk the talk but don't walk the walk We are looking to spend £50K on new Motorhome------------ from Bailey ? ha ha ha ! ----- not on your life
  6. Hi Silverback Will look into possibilities However Bailey quoted for new roof plus. one side,plus new back and an axle.(£11500) I would think that as the panels are made by Bailey if we go to another repairer the clock would be reset from the beginning again. Stuck between a rock and a hard place! The niggling thing is the caravan is insured new for old,so its cheaper to repair the van than pay out £20000 +. If it was insured market value then I suspect it would have been sorted by last October and written off. The moral is be careful what you wish for
  7. Hi ST It seems the way insurance operates is that the insurers have approved the cost of repairs and then the contract for repair is arranged between ourselves and the repairer. So as I see it the insurers are not in the loop. In our case because the repair needs the manufacturers facility no other repairer is available
  8. 20 weeks, when quoted 6/8 weeks by manufacturer? If time scales had been honoured by the manufacturer we should have had our caravan returned by 10 April 2016
  9. We have sent recorded delivery letter to Head of Customer Services requesting an actual date for completion. If we get no joy then what you have suggested will be our next step, and then solicitors and or Trading standards 20 weeks at factory and counting
  10. Hi All the added extras won't be reflected in the price when you sell the caravan. At least with the Unicorn all your extras come as standard, this means you do sell at a higher price when you sell it No Alko jacking point as standard ! Does that mean there is no jack supplied either?
  11. When they cannot deliver a service in the times THEY specify the there is no excuse
  12. Hi Mick Ours has been at the factory since 6 May and is still there. Still no date for completion Now looking into Breach of Contract Did you get any compensation, or any offer of such. It seems like Bailey treat customers like mushrooms --------They keep them in the dark and feed them bull manure (for wants of an appropriate swear word)
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