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  1. So this is a common problem?? is it due to the roof slop of my van do you think? what van had you this problem with
  2. Hi all. we have been using a Royal Windsor 390 for a little while now and I have a problem with it that I hope someone can help with. When I put it up, the side panel never touch the side of the van, it seems the van is not high enough or something, I try to pull the flappy bits under the van but it just puts too much tension on the panel, I have already ripped it from doing this. If I pull the end pole in towards the van it just make the arc rise and more tension. I hope this is clear enough for you to understand but its difficult trying to explain. I have a 2002 Abbey Spectrum 540. ps. I tought about cutting the pole a couple of inches at the door end to make it smaller. Thanks.
  3. What type of poles am i looking for, there is not a Royal windsor rear pole so it must be off another awning??
  4. Brilliant, thanks. the poles i use, do they have a spike on the top to go through an eyelet or do they just push against the fabric.
  5. Thanks for the replys folks. Does anyone know why i have to have the red toggle charger switch turned on - illuminated- to power some items such as internal water pump?
  6. Thanks for that Mike but what is pipe cladding?
  7. Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. It has filling caps at the top and i have never checked the levels so i will check this. What is EHU ?. If the acid levels are right then do you think one of the cells has broken down? Im a bit nervous now with this as my daughter slept on the bed just above where the battery goes and to think that something might have exploded is frightening. I felt the battery and it was boiling hot and i could hear it bubbling, i disconnected the mains and let it cool down (about 4 hours to cool) and took the battery out. Five Star, how do you mean " overload 12v items", do you mean lights etc, what will happen if they do overload?
  8. Hi all. We where away in our 2001 540 at the weekend when we smelt something like sewage water but after a little bit of investigating i found it to be a very very hot battery, diconected it and wont be using it again. We will never have the need for the battery ( i dont think ) so it wont be going back in for safety sake. First of all, will the van be ok without the battery and secondly, why did this happen. There is a red switch on the fuse board that says charger on & off but if i leave it unlit i. e. off, some of the operations in the van do not work so it has to be left on all the time. Its been like this since i bought it and never had any problems, just assumed it had to be left on but now i think it has fried the battery by doing this. Any advice welcome, Cheers.
  9. Hi. I have just bought and used for the first time a Royal windsor 390 porch awning and in general its quite good from first impression. Bought this as our old awning was to big to put up and take down every weekend. The only thing that bothers me is the gap between the van and the awning and it letting in wind, is there anything that can be done about this, can i get upright poles for this area and use those inflatable buffers iv seen on ebay. Anyone experience this and what did you do about it. Cheers.
  10. I posted a simmilar thread about my spectrum 540 with a windsor 390 porch, looking at the van, i think i could be in trouble.
  11. Hi all. I have bought a royal windsor 390 porch awning for my spectrum 540 without checking if it will cover the windows or not, has anyone got one of these that can tell me. Thanks, Declan.
  12. Folks, the picture i posted above is the original seating, the ones im looking for, not the ones i have. The previous owner changed them for an older type and also changed the curtains to wine, it makes the interior look older than it is. If no luck i might just get them re upolstered but i would like the originals back in it.
  13. Hi all. I have a 2001 Spectrum 540 with the wrong seating inside. I didnt know it was wrong when i bought it but looking at other vans of the same year i know now that the seats are wrong. Does anyone know where i would get the correct seats, iv looked around the web for breakers and the like but cant find anything. Thanks, Declan. These are the originals
  14. Thanks for all the advise folks, I am going to give this a go, i will keep yous posted of the result. Cheers.
  15. Hi, thanks for all the helpful comments and tips. I will actually be putting down vinyl, is there an insulation barrier that goes between the floor and vinyl.
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