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  1. Picked up our 2016 Delta Ti at the end of July this year and so far we've had approx. 60 nights away in it.


    Two spotlights not working on collection but now working fine but dealer has sent me two new ones for me to fit. Water leak from rear of Truma Ultraflow water inlet but pushed fitting on properly and sorted. Recently, Ultraflow housing developed a crack due to Truma Ultraflow pistol grip sticking. Replaced housing myself and dealer reimbursed me within 48 hours. Daewoo microwave replaced with Sharp model at our expense as wanted a better quality one.


    Other than the above, all's well. Never really had any major issues on our 2013 Delta other then the warped front windows (well documented).


    A lot comes down to how good your dealer is in rectifying any issues. I'm not one for returning the 'van to the dealer for say a squeaky hinge and would rather do some things myself.

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  2. Dealer runs the pump at speed 5 to remove air.

    Normally speed two is used, BUT you can use speed 1.


    This might reduce the whine, but in practise as someone said you do get use to the noise.

    Although we sleep a few metres away, i don't know how i would cope sleeping above it.

    Whine, that's the word I should have been using, not humming.

  3. Gepetto, on 03 Oct 2016 - 5:38 PM, said:

    Quick update. Glossop Caravans replaced the microwave under warranty with a brand new one, same make and model as the old one. That saved me £145 but had the caravan serviced at the same time which cost £200. Swings and roundabouts.


    Let me guess, is it another Daewoo microwave?

  4. Brilliant, thanks for the info. I can only describe the noise as one of those sounds that has a frequency that's annoying, if that makes sense?


    I think I'll run the heating up 2mrw on gas and 230v at 30 degC and leave it on for an hour or so as Alde only say that this needs to be done for 10 minutes.


    Maybe I'm expecting the pump to be silent but it's definitely emitting more noise than when it was new two months ago. Am I right in saying that there have been some instances of pumps failing in early life? So far, we've had about 50 days away in the 'van since late July but haven't used the heating that much.

  5. As this is our first 'van with the in-line pump, how quiet should it be?


    It's on #2 as per the Alde manual but when calling for heat, the pump hums quite loud (to me anyway) and maybe almost a buzz. I can't feel any vibration at the pump, just this high pitched hum which is audible at night when everything's still and quiet. If however the pump is set to #5 (to bleed the system), I can hear the pump cavitating as if there's air in the pump itself. On #2, can't hear any air in the pump. Suffice to say the system overall gives us good heating from all the emitters (two in lounge, one at the bed headboard and the towel rail). So can't fault the heating or the output.


    So I think I have one problem (air in system) and maybe not another, ie. noise. I've followed Alde's guidance as to how to bleed the system http://www. google. co. uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjHt-znhL_PAhWHWx4KHRa_CNMQFggcMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. alde. co. uk%2Fdownloads%2Falde_3020_user. pdf&usg=AFQjCNESiOiLO-YZAnWpGHlRMFzUMiYpFw&sig2=CajGyVQDIUMWfph3GxKOCQ and no air came out of any of the five bleed points. The glycol is 1cm above the min. mark when cold.


    Would welcome any comments on both the acceptable level of noise and also air in the system.


    Am I being too anal? :unsure:

  6. Buy the same stuff from a chandlery and it's even more expensive. Don't JG do 12mm/15mm adapters

    Having had boats before Dave, totally agree. Yes, JG do a 15-12mm straight reducer but it's branded in their 12mm "expensive" range. All their 15mm stuff is reasonably priced but when it comes to 12mm it's "open your chequebook" time lol.

  7. It's the morning for me having a moan :) .


    Decided a few weeks ago to fit the Alde load monitor to our 'van. Simple enough in itself but in order to make a neat job of it, it meant removing some of the back boarding under the front sofas.


    So, removed the 8 screws holding one of the boards and it was still stuck solid. Looking very closely at the boards, Lunar have decided to use small, almost invisible staples to hold the the boards to the soft wood frames.


    So why screws and staples? Just use screws and life would be soooo easy. Suffice to say I found another route for the load monitor cables as I wasn't prepared to prise out umpteen staples :angry: .

  8. Just in the process of fitting a new domestic style kitchen tap in our 'van. In order to do so, I need to get from 15mm tails to 12mm which is the size of pipe and fittings commonly used in most 'vans.


    Not a problem but it got me thinking as to why 12mm seems to be the caravan industry norm? 12mm push fit fittings seem to be a lot more expensive than 15mm ones. As an example, I need some 12mm push fit elbows at c.£3 each whereas I can but a pack of five, 15mm genuine John Guest Speedfit ones for the same price. Crazy :angry: .

  9. And this is how Dometic confuse us by offering a vent cover and a winter vent cover. As far as the LS300 grille is concerned, vent covers can be picked up much cheaper than the winter vent cover. Seems the winter version has small apertures at the bottom to allow some air in whereas the vent covers do just that - cover the whole vent. If I get any issues with the full vent covers from Bailey Parts, I'll just drill or cut some holes to allow a bit more air in.

  10. Chalky9, on 02 Oct 2016 - 1:01 PM, said:Chalky9, on 02 Oct 2016 - 1:01 PM, said:

    Has anyone found a good (cheap) source of winter vent covers for the Dometic LS330?


    How much do you want to pay Chalky? Cheap compared to Bailey Parts @ £23 + p&p?


    At the extortionate price most suppliers want, I'd be tempted to make some out of Plasticard. I bought some samples from http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/322271658650?_trksid=p2057872. m2749. l2649&var=511172054532&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT as I was going ton go down this route until I found a "cheap" supplier.

  11. Is it just on cold mornings?


    We had the same issues on a GC, albeit with the 2. 7 engine. If the car was left to stand overnight, it felt like we had a misfire on starting up in the morning, both in the summer and cooler weather. Eventually traced it back to a small fuel leak from the injector pump. Fuel would dribble out overnight, thereby letting air into the system. Then on starting, the system would bleed itself after a few minutes but gave misfire symptoms until the air had gone. Leaving the car for 4-6 hours, hot or cold engine, and it would start first time but leaving it any longer and we'd have the misfire.


    Just a thought :unsure: .

  12. We've had ongoing problems on our 2016 Delta with driving rain entering the microwave vent on the outside of our 'van. The vent also allows wind into the microwave box/cavity causing bad draughts in the 'van.


    When the awning's up, not a problem as the vent is protected from the wind and rain. With the awning down, then the problems can start. For now, we've gaffer taped the vent on the outside but. ..........


    The pics below show a hood/cowl as fitted to a variety of 2017 Buccaneer 'vans I saw today. I've trawled the internet but can only find domestic/house cowls which are far too big. . As to why other manufacturers don't fit them as standard is beyond me :angry: .


    Apart from approaching an Elddis/Buccaneer dealer, does anyone have any ideas as to where these hoods/cowls can be sourced?


    Many thanks :)




  13. Durbanite, on 26 Sept 2016 - 1:27 PM, said:

    Be aware that there is a difference between the L300 which Bailey have and the LS300 which Bailey do not have in stock. The LS300 is a larger cover. Cheapest I have been able to find is £25.


    From what Dometic told ne this morning, the only difference between the L and LS removable vents is how they fix to the frame - they both seem the same size to me :unsure: .

  14. Durbanite, on 26 Sept 2016 - 12:28 PM, said:

    Seems the cheapest quote on fleabay is about £30 each and two are required! I am wondering if Bailey parts are correct with their price at £7. 99?


    Have just phoned Bailey and the price quoted on-line is correct. So for two plus p&p (£7 - ouch!), the total comes to £22. 28.


    Unfortunately, they only have 46 in stock lol :D .

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