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  1. bubble2015, on 14 Sept 2016 - 10:15 PM, said:

    Hi Pebble

    We have always used this weighbridge -

    Oakland International Ltd, Seafield Lane, Beoley, Redditch, Worcs, B98 9DB

    - which one do you use?


    We use a busy, large agricultural feed supplier near Brecon. HGVs are in and out roughly one every 5 minutes at peak times, so the weighbridge gets plenty of use. They're not a public weighbridge and are only supposed to weigh vehicles that collect and drop off farm feed. They won't issue an official ticket but they give us a printout for free.

  2. bubble2015, on 14 Sept 2016 - 8:18 PM, said:

    Hi Pebble

    How do you get it to be so heavy 1860kg? Ours is around 1750kg (ex weighbridge) and that includes the under bed air con!


    Good question. I thought it would be 1700-1750kg max. We have clothes on board for every eventuality lol, food (we've cut back on tins since having the MH), mover (25kg?), three cooking pans, halogen oven and TBH, not a lot else. Even the 10 or so caravan/MH magazines are put in the car! There are a few other items which, IMO, don't stack up to much but maybe every little doesn't help. One 10kg Safefill bottle up front with some waste pipe and not a lot under the bed. Aquaroll, wastemaster, chairs, locks etc. (bulky or heavy) travel in the car. We spend 3-4 weeks in the 'van at anyone time on a seasonal pitch so maybe it's time to look very, very closely at what we actually need to lug around when touring.


    The weighbridge figure came a result of i) car + 'van and ii) car on its own. The car weight looks ok as we had it weighed on its own when we bought it a few months ago.

  3. That I also understand but would you not agree that in theory it would be perfectly possible to have a 1565kg MTPLM on a 1500kg axle with a 75kg noseweight.


    My point being that if people run loaded to their van's MTPLM and with 75kg noseweight they are not running at their axles limit, even if they've upgraded the MTPLM. Maybe, as so many seem to run overloaded, it's a good thing they actually have some 'spare' axle load.


    Our axles are shown on the plate as 1000kg each and I'd love to run at the max permissible. That would then give us 490kg payload which is approaching what my dream 'van (Inos) has (500kg) :wub: .

  4. Pheasant :goodpost: . As we seem to be 60kg over our 1800kg MTPLM, if we were pulled by VSA, I'd simply offer to put >60kg in the car. Seems fair enough to me as I could always plead ignorance ;) . No doubt someone will say "well why don't you do this anyway"?

  5. . ..hang on I'm confused now (which doesn't take a lot at my age!!). If the kerb weight of my car is 1500kgs and the miro of the van is 1182kgs and mtplm is 1360kgs, how do I work out what 85% is and will this combination be ok?


    1500kg x 85% = 1275kg


    1360kg is approx. 90% but you might never tow with the 'van at its max.

  6. We've just been on the weighbridge with our t/a 2016 Delta Ti. It's plated to 1800kg but came as a bit of a shock that the weighbridge said 1860kg :o .


    We thought we had packed sensibly but apparently not. Still trying to get over the fact that with our previous MH we could just chuck stuff and not worry too much about payload. 'Van needs to go on a diet lol but what to shed is another matter lol.

  7. Rant coming. ...............


    On our previous 2013 Delta Ti, we had a Daewoo microwave fitted like this one http://www. daewooelectronics. co. uk/20l-stainless-steel-touch-control-microwave-with-eco-zero-standby. As with many other owners at the time, ours overheated on a regular basis, moisture came out the bottom of the door when cooking for 10-15 minutes and was very hot to the touch. The dealer replaced it after 2 months but then we sold the 'van a few months later.


    Fast forward to today and Lunar, like others, are still fitting this microwave and from reading on CT and other forums, many 'van owners aren't happy. After only a few hours of intermittent use over the past month in our 2016 Delta, this pile of poo is again overheating, smelling, condensation from the door and yes, hot to the touch on the casing. This is despite removing a lot of the fake wood surround around the front of the microwave to aid ventilation. :angry::angry:


    I can't be bothered to ask the dealer to even look at the microwave or indeed replace it because we'll just end up with the same issues. So onto the Tesco website and this Sharp microwave gives me the dimensions akin to the Daewoo http://www. appliancesdirect. co. uk/p/r272km/sharp-r272km-freestanding-microwave-oven (the Tesco link won't work -doh) Ok, the depth is greater on the Sharp but I can live with that. Had exactly the same Sharp in our motorhome for 2 years and no problems with overheating at all. Should pick it up Wednesday and fit it the same day - what else is there to do on holiday lol? ;)


    Anyway, rant over - I feel better already. :)


    Edit - another bonus is that the Sharp one is black so will match the cooker and fridge. The Daewoo was satin chrome and stood out like a sore thumb in the Delta.

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  8. Black Grouse, on 09 Sept 2016 - 5:40 PM, said:Black Grouse, on 09 Sept 2016 - 5:40 PM, said:

    I did - it's too small, smaller internally than the Vectra-C and no more internal room than an Astra-G - Opel/Vauxhall have seen the error of their ways and increasing the wheelbase on the 2017 model by 100mm and using a more space-efficient interior.


    Opel/Vauxhall does have a bright future ;)


    Wheelbase on the 2017MY seems to be the same as previous years at 2737mm. At least that's what the 01. 07. 2016 brochure says :unsure: .


    https://www. vauxhallfleet. co. uk/historicaldata

  9. I'm probably like most on here and do keep a record of solo mpg. But why do we all seem to worry about what mpg we get when towing? To me, it's just a cost that's part and parcel of our hobby/lifestyle and if I overly worried about towing mpg, I wouldn't be caravanning.

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  10. For whatever reason, the Delta and Clubman seem to be very nose heavy before they're even loaded. Our first noseweight of 135kg is testament to this as, if I'm honest, we did try to keep heavy things over the axles on collection. Same applied to our 2013 Delta which showed 80kg on the nose with nothing inside it - no gas bottles, no clothes, nothing, just a bare 'van from the factory. I guess it's just the way manufacturers build their 'vans - some are light on the front, some are heavy.


    I've been reading this with interest http://www. google. co. uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwil99yKzv3OAhXIDsAKHXbkD9EQFggcMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. caravantalk. co. uk%2Flibrary%2Ffiles%2FBeginners-Guide-To-Towing-Dynamics. pdf&usg=AFQjCNEIw0UFaJ7PZ_9uqx3gdVWirbHrIA&sig2=umHUn9UoOH6cuyE-S-XCjg&bvm=bv. 131783435,d. d24 and the more I re-read it, the more I start to check everything out. Think I need to chill and relax a bit more :ph34r:


    Hmmm, starting to miss my 5000kg motorhome with a 900kg payload lol.

  11. Seems we might have found the answer. ...............


    I've just spoken with Vauxhall Fleet Services and, as I was aware, our Insignia is fitted with "Flexride" suspension. Basically, there are three option modes with Flexride - Normal, Tour and Sport. Not that it matters here but Sport is firm damping, Tour is soft and normal is, well, normal and somewhere in the middle of the other two. Normal is the default mode.


    When I've stood on the tow ball, it's been with the engine off. VX tell me that without the engine running, the suspension is rock hard with no travel. When I've hitched the 'van up, it's always been with the car engine running. Can you see where this is leading to? :blush:


    With the engine running, the suspension comes to life and has travel/movement or as VX say "continuous damping control". So this is why the rear of the car drops with the 'van hitched up, assuming the engine's running.


    Mystery solved :) .

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  12. How accurate are the bathroom scales ;)


    Against another set of electronic scales we have, they both read the same. Using the Milenco gauge, it's the same 85kg as the scales.

    When you stand on the towball are you vertical or leaning towards the front of the car?

    I think the comparison can only be made if you are standing vertical on the ball.

    I would also check both your weight and the caravan nose weight using the same set of bathroom scales.

    Upright/vertical m'lord.

  13. xtrailman, on 07 Sept 2016 - 12:39 PM, said:xtrailman, on 07 Sept 2016 - 12:39 PM, said:

    The recommendation is 5 to 7%.


    What the OP is saying makes no sense to me, one of the weights must be wrong?

    And i wouldn't be too happy with a 1. 5" drop, perhaps less nose weight might be feasible.


    And there lies the query - why does my weight at 100kg not compress the suspension when 85kg noseweight does?


    I've checked the noseweight time and time again, always with the handbrake off, level ground, wheels chocked etc. Every time it comes back with 85kg. I've even got the bathroom scales set up with blocks of wood so that the height of the tow hitch is the same as the tow ball height when measuring the noseweight. Towing at 85kg n/w, the 'van is slightly nose down as would be expected and everything's stable when towing at various speeds and on a variety of roads.


    I still can't understand the physics of 85kg compressing the suspension and 100kg doesn't. :unsure:


    Edit - just a thought, I'll let you know the height of the towball tomorrow when Mrs Pebble brings the car home. Lunar give a coupling height for the Delta Ti of 440mm when fully loaded but at what noseweight? http://www. lunarcaravans. com/brands/lunar/clubman-delta/delta-ti. I have a feeling the tow ball height on the Insignia is 460mm but I can't see these figures making any difference to my curiosity.

  14. Maybe you weigh much less than you thought?!


    Does it settle immediately with van on or only after towing?


    Settles immediately on hitching up.

    Durbanite, on 07 Sept 2016 - 10:10 AM, said:

    I must admit that 85kg for a twin axle may be a bit light and may give an uncomfortable ride however technically the nose weight should be about 7% of the MTPLM so if the MTPLM is 1700kg then 85kg is about right. We had our Delta TI running at 95-100kg for best handling, but we tow with a 4 x 4 and the MTPLM was 1800kg.


    Going to the local weigh bridge on Friday so we'll see what the loaded 'van comes in at. The max loading on the Insignia is 90kg as per Vauxhall. Initially when we loaded the 'van in a rush on the day of collection, we drove 20 miles on B-roads and the back and forth pitching was enormous. Stopped and thought I'd better check the noseweight - 135kg on the Milenco :o . Some hasty re-arranging of the 'van's contents and we got it down to 90kg - happy days thereafter ;) .

  15. This question is more out of interest than a concern. ...........


    Our 2015 Insignia Estate doesn't have self levelling suspension. I weigh 98kg and if I stand on the tow ball, the car's rear suspension doesn't compress at all.


    If however, I hitch up our t/a 'van with a noseweight of 85kg (checked on Milenco and bathroom scales), the car's suspension goes down by 1-1. 5".


    So if the noseweight is less than what I weigh, why does the rear suspension go down?


    As mentioned, not an issue, just curious :unsure: .

  16. Then we have the "Eco" tyre pressure lol. For our Insignia, light running (up to 3 occupants, no luggage) is 32psi all round, fully loaded (5 occupants,+ luggage) is 34psi front, 42psi rear and the "Eco" is 38psi all round. No mention at all in the handbook of psi when towing :unsure: .

  17. Why not just leave the tow hitch hovering over the tow ball, some form of security (just in case) and EHU connected for the fridge? Then it's just a case of hitching up, connecting the towing electrics and disconnecting the EHU. Maybe 10 minutes at the most?

  18. The hot water/legionella function has to be set to "on" manually in the menu options - the clock also has to be set to the correct time to allow this function to work. The other hot water "boost" is where you move the hot water temp slider icon to max and it cuts the heating out whilst the hot water is heated to 60-65 degC for 30 minutes and then returns to its >50degC stored temp.


    As an aside, our hot water in normal mode seems to be stored at 44-46 degC (according to the service menu) for hours on end and only occasionally goes to 54 degC. I'll need to contact Alde to discuss this.


    Edit - the procedure for bleeding the air is covered in the 3020 pdf manual http://www. google. co. uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwjXwY3y2frOAhUGB8AKHdmpCDIQFggiMAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. alde. co. uk%2Fdownloads%2Falde_3020_user. pdf&usg=AFQjCNESiOiLO-YZAnWpGHlRMFzUMiYpFw&sig2=wPsWC5UYb7hAJmstlJtvPA&bvm=bv. 131783435,d. d24

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