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  1. We've had ongoing problems on our 2016 Delta with driving rain entering the microwave vent on the outside of our 'van. The vent also allows wind into the microwave box/cavity causing bad draughts in the 'van.


    When the awning's up, not a problem as the vent is protected from the wind and rain. With the awning down, then the problems can start. For now, we've gaffer taped the vent on the outside but. ..........


    The pics below show a hood/cowl as fitted to a variety of 2017 Buccaneer 'vans I saw today. I've trawled the internet but can only find domestic/house cowls which are far too big. . As to why other manufacturers don't fit them as standard is beyond me :angry: .


    Apart from approaching an Elddis/Buccaneer dealer, does anyone have any ideas as to where these hoods/cowls can be sourced?


    Many thanks :)




  2. Durbanite, on 26 Sept 2016 - 1:27 PM, said:

    Be aware that there is a difference between the L300 which Bailey have and the LS300 which Bailey do not have in stock. The LS300 is a larger cover. Cheapest I have been able to find is £25.


    From what Dometic told ne this morning, the only difference between the L and LS removable vents is how they fix to the frame - they both seem the same size to me :unsure: .

  3. Durbanite, on 26 Sept 2016 - 12:28 PM, said:

    Seems the cheapest quote on fleabay is about £30 each and two are required! I am wondering if Bailey parts are correct with their price at £7. 99?


    Have just phoned Bailey and the price quoted on-line is correct. So for two plus p&p (£7 - ouch!), the total comes to £22. 28.


    Unfortunately, they only have 46 in stock lol :D .

  4. Paul_B, on 26 Sept 2016 - 11:20 AM, said:Paul_B, on 26 Sept 2016 - 11:20 AM, said:

    I priced them up at around £40 each, £80 seems to be rather a lot for 2 bits of plastic, however I've just looked on eBay (and ordered a pair) brand new ones at £12. 75 with delivery :)


    I wonder if the ones I looked at first were for a complete assembly :rolleyes:


    Paul - have you got a link to the item on Ebay? It seems you may have the L100 or L200 vents and for whatever reason, vent covers are much cheaper than those for the L300.

  5. Durbanite, on 26 Sept 2016 - 11:44 AM, said:

    I have looke on eBay for vents for the Dometci RM8551 tall fridge, but the winter vent covers seem to be of two different sizes?


    I think the one for the lower vent is smaller to allow combustion air fir the gas burner, ie. it doesn't fully cover the vent.


    FWIW, Dometic have just confirmed via email that the LS300 vents have replaced the L300 type. The LS uses a sliding catch and the L used turn screws. So I guess we have the LS300 vents which is a start/progress? The vent covers, if you find them, are the same for both the L and LS so that broadens our search a bit.


    I've also asked Dometic whether we should be using the "winter vent" cover or the "vent cover as per my earlier post.

  6. Good idea Russ and I'll be watching for any replies.


    FWIW, we changed our Shurflo (Trail King?) 20psi for a 30psi when the 20 one gave up after six years. The 30 was definitely nosier although it was the same model. Tech data such as flow rate v pressure is very hard to find for these pumps. I did save it once but appear to have lost it again - sorry.


    Personally, I'd go for the 20psi one as this gives you some leeway when it's connected to say a Truma or Alde boiler. IIRC, the 30psi one gives more flow but that's not always a good thing. If we opened the basin tap in the bathroom with the 30 say to wash teeth where you don't want full flow, the pump hunted no matter how we adjusted the in-built pressure switch on the pump. The Eco Camel showerhead was also quite restrictive and caused the same issues as with the basin tap. No problems with the kitchen tap as you can live with full flow in the sink most of the time.


    HTH :)

  7. Durbanite, on 25 Sept 2016 - 4:22 PM, said:

    Why would you need two. Surely just one for the bottom vent should suffice?


    Ian - on our seasonal pitch, the vent side of the 'van faces west and when the wind comes in down the valleys, this side takes the full brunt of any storms (horizontal rain lol). We've already had to tape over the microwave vent on the same side as we found rain was coming into the microwave cavity inside the 'van, ie. the compartment that it sits in was wet! Looking to get a cowl to fit over the vent. Buccaneer do them but only in grey and Autotrail MHs have them. Just need to find a supplier now.


    With the porch awning in place, obviously no problems but sooner or later it's going to have to come down. We use the 'van all year round so need to find a solution to the above problems.

  8. Durbanite, on 25 Sept 2016 - 4:44 PM, said:Durbanite, on 25 Sept 2016 - 4:44 PM, said:

    Previously if we have had a fault I have taken pictures and sent it to the delaer and then arranged the repair. The repair is then done on the same day and we are then on our way with no hanging arouynd.


    Hear what you're saying but in the case of this, IMO, bit of tat known as a tap, I'd rather not have another one that's going to have chrome peeling off inside. This time next week should see us with a chromed brass tap that swivels ;) .

    TBH, the OEM Lunar tap looks ok but lack of swivel is really getting to me - how sad :mellow: .

  9. Hmmm, confusion reigns :unsure: .


    Yes, we need a cover for the L/LS300 vent but there's two options - a winter vent cover http://www. caravantech-shop. co. uk/products/ventilation/dometic-fridge-vents-and-cover/dometic-l300-winter-vent-cover#.V-fa_en2bj0 or a vent cover http://www. caravantech-shop. co. uk/products/ventilation/dometic-fridge-vents-and-cover/dometic-l300-fridge-vent-cover-white-biege#.V-fbpOn2bj0. Big difference in price though.


    Even the latter product, the vent cover is cheaper from Bailey Parts https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/product/1132682


    Any thoughts guys - "winter vent" cover or vent cover? I'm guessing the "winter" cover is if you want to run the fridge on gas and the vent cover simply blocks off the while vent? Suffice to say we very rarely run the fridge on gas as we're on a seasonal pitch with EHU for most of the time.

  10. Just a bit of an update - the insert simply pushes into the spout. It's on an o-ring, nothing else, but it's a tight fit and needed pliers to pull it out. That now means teeth marks on the insert but not a problem as I'm going to replace the whole tap assembly in the next week or. so.


    The cause of the water spraying everywhere was that tiny pieces of chrome plating had come off the inside of the tap (and will no doubt continue to do so?) and getting lodged inside the insert. Great design :rolleyes: and a case of cheap plating over plastic eh?

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  11. Had some home made covers on our previous Thetford fridge but now, as I don't have any plastic sheet left to make new ones, we need to purchase some winter vent covers for our Dometic RMD8551 fridge/freezer. http://www. dometic. co. uk/product/dometic-rmd-8551/


    But I'm confused as to which ones. I'm guessing we need the LS300 ones but not 100% sure. can someone advise the correct vents for the RMD8551 and maybe a suppler at a competitive price?


    Many thanks :)

  12. FWIW, if you use fitted sheets, then some may/may not fit depending on the thickness of the mattress. Our Delta mattress is approx. 5" thick plus a Duvalite topper and some of our double fitted sheets won't tuck in. Have resorted to a King size fitted sheet but with a standard double duvet to avoid overhang.

  13. If I took the kerbweight of our Insignia as gospel, ie, what the "experts" say on the 'net, then towing our t/a Delta Ti at 1860kg would put us >100%.


    However, two things that I do know are i) having had the tug on a weighbridge, the kerbweight is much greater than what's reported on web sites and ii) the 'van was 60kg over it's plated weight on the same weighbridge but that's now sorted.


    Here's the kg what we got for the tug (in the comment section at the bottom) http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/page/towcar-reviews/_/vauxhall/vx-insignia-country-tourer-4x4-195-bi-turbo-r394


    FWIW, I'd take your new tug to a weighbridge and you might be pleasantly surprised (or not lol),


    Edit - one thing we have noticed is that getting the correct noseweight is critical. In our case we aim for the lowest of the components which is 90kg. We did inadvertently tow at 136kg noseweight and the 'van pitched somewhat on bumpy B-roads.

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  14. From talking to CC wardens we know, you have to do a season or two as an assistant warden before progressing up (?) the ladder. http://www. caravanclub. co. uk/membership/about-us/work-for-us/on-our-sites-network/assistant-wardens. Those with little or no experience are often put out into the less popular (in the wilds lol) sites in their first year. Everyone wants the popular sites and you won't always get what you want in your early days. Or maybe have a look at C&CC jobs?


    Would you be going solo or as a couple as most CC jobs are for two persons. Might also be worth looking on the jobs section of UK Campsite Finder. Also Google "warden jobs" as there are many sites across the country that need people.

  15. ;) Durbanite, on 23 Sept 2016 - 11:20 AM, said:

    I am also wondering if they still have those long skylights which most people seem to dislike as you cannot fit an air con or a sateliite dish or dome on current Deltas as the roof cannot support the weight of either.


    As you rightly point out, Lunar may have issues trying to flog the Alaria against its closest rival, the Buccaneer range. Just looking at the Buccaneer options and you can have a/c and sat, all nicely explained and priced. At this end of the market, surely manufacturers should offer these options even if the customer declines them? Oh, and the Buccaneer's wider as well ;) .


    Although we've been loyal to Lunar, our Delta does what we want and couldn't justify the extra cost to upgrade. If we had a bigger tug and it was Alaria or Buccaneer, I'd have the Buccaneer in a flash.


    The lounge layout of the Alaria takes me back to the old Buccaneers and Swift Conquerors - L shaped seating and big vertical side window. They didn't last did they?

  16. ascsbe (Andrew)- you asked about the level of service from Lunar in your op. We collected our 2016 Delta Ti on 27. 07. 16 and found that two spot lights didn't work. Dealer said they'd order two new ones and agreed that they'd be posted to me via the dealer for me to fit, They arrived today, so say 4-5 weeks depending on how quick the dealer despatched them to me.


    Ironic thing is that both "faulty" spots started to work about 3 weeks into our ownership but maybe they'll be short lived - at least we have spares now.

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