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  1. IMO, AL-KO locks on a t/a 'van are the work of Satan :angry: .


    If we toured more than we do, I'd seriously think of ditching Satan's locks on our Delta and getting a pair of the Purpleline Nemesis instead. Our insurance only asks for one wheel lock on a t/a, a hitchlock and a tracker. This is our set-up when touring but when on a seasonal pitch we go for two AL-KO locks, hitch lock, wheel clamp on one offside wheel and of course the Phantom tracker.

  2. More of intrigue than anything else (bit bored today lol) but. .....


    We all know the load monitor reduces the power to the boiler when say a kettle is switched on but in what increments does it reduce it by?


    Let's say that we're on a 10A supply and the load monitor is set accordingly, ie. 10A. Also assume boiler is calling for heat and set to 2kw @ 230V, so theoretically 8. 7A draw, then a 2000w kettle is switched on (again 8. 7A). So in essence, a total demand of 17. 4A.


    As the boiler has 1, 2 and 3kw settings, will the load monitor decrease the boiler just enough to maintain 10A in say 0. 1A increments or in multiples of 4. 3A etc. ? I'm thinking it will only knock the boiler back in 4. 3A increments, ie. 1kw/1000w but maybe the boiler and load monitor are more intelligent than we think?


    Any comments on this dark, wet and gloomy day?

  3. If it is on a seasonal site why empty the hot water boiler anyway as obviously no issues with freezing if leaving the heating on?


    Had thought about this option but as soon as the submersible pump is disconnected from the Truma Ultraflow socket, the system water pressure is lost, so I might as well dump the boiler contents as well. Unless I'm missing something along the way?

  4. beejay, on 16 Oct 2016 - 1:25 PM, said:



    It is probable that most insurers ask those questions but the "where kept" aspect usually refers to drive, garage, lock-up, on road rather than the actual address. .


    However, as a premium is based, in part, on the home address postcode and as the OP will be living in the caravan that will be his home address. Any misleading information in this respect may raise serious problems in the event of a claim.

    The CC/Devitt proposal form asks if the vehicle is normally kept at the proposer's address. If you answer "no", then you're given the option to enter another address.


    This could be the case if you have a holiday home, static or whatever and if you spend say 11 months of the year at your "holiday" home, Devitt and the Underwriters (usually LV/ABC Insurance) will take this into consideration. I know of motorhome owners that keep there vehicles away from their home address (not storage) and use the site where the MH is as a base from which to tour. However, the underwriters may still take the view that the vehicle should be insured at your home address.

  5. Cant quite stretch that far, but the deal on offer to me is a 6mth old 272bhp Allroad (non sport model)


    Just as good, if not better as a daily drive. As you're already aware, a big 4x4 estate will always handle and perform better than a big SUV and brings rewards such as mpg, tax, wear and tear etc. .

  6. Practical Caravan gave the latest 3. 0 biturbo a rave review, not surprising given the power available.


    http://www. practicalcaravan. com/reviews/tow-car/29696-audi-a6-allroad


    And then there's this one http://www. carbuyer. co. uk/reviews/audi/a6/allroad-estate/review


    Personally, I'm a lover of high powered, heavy 4x4 estates that do everything a large SUV does 95% of the time. The missing 5% I can live with in the real world and on a day to day basis. As we spend most of our time solo, I want a car that suits me on a daily basis and if it can tow a heavy 'van for a few weeks of the year, then that's a bonus.

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  7. The current thread on Alde corrosion and Alde's valued contribution has got me thinking about another scenario. .....


    I'm pretty clued up on the principle of how Alde boilers work and we all know that it's ok to use the 3010 & 3020 just for heating with no water in the domestic side. This is how our 'van is when not in use for days on end on our seasonal pitch.


    In the past, I've been into the service menus and seen that the "fluid" temp is 65 degC or more but that's with water in the boiler. For the first time ever, when we get back to our seasonal pitch, I'll need to refill the boiler with cold water and in the past, this can be as low as 5 degC.


    So what/will happen when we introduce very cold water into an empty boiler that maybe has a skin temp of, and I'm guessing, 65 degC or more? Will there be any risk of stressing the stainless vessel if we do this or should I turn the heating and system off and allow it to cool down before filling?


    Just a thought.

  8. Briarfields will charge you the daily rate or at best, "mates rates" if you've been before or know the owners. We enquired about long term "seasonal" pitches and were refused. and yes, we're on good terms with Scott.


    A few to consider - Beaconsfield just north of Shrewsbury, Peachley at Worcester http://www. peachleycaravanpark. co. uk/


    Just testing our memory banks and will let you know if anymore spring to mind. There's a few sites open in the dark months but many will want you to pay the daily rate. Yes, some may offer seasonal pitches but will want you to visit them in person for an "informal" chat. That way, you get to know them and they get to know you and the owners get to avoid undesirables, aka travellers and the like.


    If you find sites open that are open over the next 6 months, you might be able to negotiate rates better than the daily published ones. Good luck on this one though.

  9. We use a Rapid 220 made by Kampa but you won't find their name on it anywhere. Our "lightweight, occasional" awning has withstood the ravages of the past 4 months including torrential horizontal rain in Pembrokeshire and winds gusting 50mph. All this for c.£75 delivered and not a single leak. Only downside - you can't peg the mud wall down but we improvised. We have so much confidence in this awning that it will be staying up on our seasonal pitch in SW Wales all through the autumn and winter.


    Having had the Kampa 260 and 390 Rally Pro non-air in the past, I wish we'd found the Rapid sooner. It does all we want - somewhere to take boots off, hang wet clothes and dry the dog off. https://www. youtube. com/watch?v=FS0Dh09P68I


    So impressed by the 220, we've bought a Rapid 260 if and when the 220 gives up. There are other members on CT that have the same Rapid awning and will be interesting to get their views. They seem to be in short supply at certain times of the year but well worth a punt IMO.

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  10. Almost price for price with the Buccaneer range which is wider and has underfloor heating in addition to the hydronic system. And, just a personal thing, twin sofas in the Buccaneers. To me, the Alaria lounge smacks of a travellers 'van lol. Cast your mind back to about 10 years ago when Elddis and Swift both offered t/a 'vans with the same lounge and big windows - didn't last long and fell out of fashion. The Alaria also seems overpriced as it appears to be a Delta with E&P levelling on it.


    Can't for the life of me see why Lunar want a slice of this small, high end market and with the lounge layout as it is. I'll give it two years tops before they revert to parallel sofas, either as standard or an option.


    We're very pro Lunar but given the choice of the Alaria or Buccaneer today, I'd choose the latter.

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  11. Over on Swift talk, a customer with a new £80k was asked by Swift to take his MH back to them for major repairs. They gave him a date but he's found out that after dropping it off three weeks ago when Swift wanted it, they are yet to start work due to "a backlog of work".


    Grev - I sincerely hope you get the work done quickly and satisfactorily but, in light of other owners experiences of factory returns, I'd be tempted to regularly chase them to the point of being annoying. Good luck, keep us posted eh?

  12. A little story re. Bailey Parts - ordered two covers, albeit the L300 ones, on Friday 30th September. Checked the stock with a phone call and they had 46 available. Placed the order on-line and noted that they send orders out quickly https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/customer-support/delivery/.


    So sat back and waited but nothing arrived in five days. Phoned them on Monday 10th October and was told they'd be shipped that day and I'd have them the next day and they duly arrived by TNT on Tuesday. Bailey could offer no explanation as to the delay in despatch and were unwilling to give me any refund on the carrier charge.


    On inspecting the covers on arrival, one had the turn screws missing completely. Rang bailey on the Tuesday as we were going away Thursday this week and they said they'd send two turn screws out if they had them in stock. Good news is the turn screws have just arrived in time - happy days. But. ......


    I got the impression that if I hadn't chased the order, it would still be sitting in the warehouse at Bristol. I'm hoping this is a one-off as I've used them before and had no issues. My advice is that if your Bailey Parts order hasn't arrived two days after placing your on-line order, call them asap to get an update.

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  13. Picked up our 2016 Delta Ti at the end of July this year and so far we've had approx. 60 nights away in it.


    Two spotlights not working on collection but now working fine but dealer has sent me two new ones for me to fit. Water leak from rear of Truma Ultraflow water inlet but pushed fitting on properly and sorted. Recently, Ultraflow housing developed a crack due to Truma Ultraflow pistol grip sticking. Replaced housing myself and dealer reimbursed me within 48 hours. Daewoo microwave replaced with Sharp model at our expense as wanted a better quality one.


    Other than the above, all's well. Never really had any major issues on our 2013 Delta other then the warped front windows (well documented).


    A lot comes down to how good your dealer is in rectifying any issues. I'm not one for returning the 'van to the dealer for say a squeaky hinge and would rather do some things myself.

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