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  1. Council tax isn't payable on "holiday" statics, only those classed as residential.
  2. We buy 13kg bottles for boats at work. Calor deliver free if order is over 195kg of gas. That equates to 15 bottles but if we order anything less, say 14 bottles, our supplier charges a flat £4 delivery fee. Reasonable we think 😉.
  3. Could always try http://www.myinsurancequotes.co.uk/touring-caravan-insurance/. Current Adria caravan insured with them and all policies have recognised, reputable underwriters.
  4. Fair point but the ones I use at work on boats have a replaceable ceramic cartridge and not a carbon one like the Truma Ultraflow. Similar to this link but with a different cartridge. https://www.waterfiltershop.co.uk/watts-ezfitpro-100-undersink-water-filter-kit-15mm-push-fit.html
  5. My perfect 'van is already in production - the Fifth Wheel Co. Inos 😀. Ticks all the boxes with an options list to die for. Hmmm, comes at a hefty price though 🤔.
  6. Two types of filter- the Truma ones where the water inlet is on the side of the 'van and the other is an undersink cartridge type. Only the latter will give you "filtered" water. As others have said, dont even consider the Truma option but the undersink one might be worth considering if you drink lots of potable water.
  7. Our Dorema Quattro porch awning with 25mm steel poles stays up for 11 months of the year. Has withstood wind gusts of c.40mph (as measured on weather station) on many occasions with no issues. A lot of damage is caused by incorrect erection but ours has 8" pegs, storm straps and tensioned really well.
  8. If you fancy the DIY option, try https://www.habitat.co.uk/drew-2-seat-bamboo-and-white-lacquer-folding-dining-table-446511. Just use the table top (check dimensions though) and then brackets are available on Ebay. Total cost about £70 and, FWIW, many Adria owners have done this mod as Adria don't fit a drop down flap as standard. Habitat were doing another white table for c.£28 delivered but seems that they no longer stock this one.
  9. And I'd offer an excellent aftersales service as invariably things will need fixing. If you bought from me and lived within ?? miles away, I'd come and get your 'van when it needed an annual service. Hmmm, that's what my current dealer does .
  10. Nearly bought a twin tub for our MH but as we're in the UK, washing was one thing but drying the loads was another issue. The twin tub would have taken an age, even if it was big enough, to wash duvet covers, throws, sheets etc.. Great for smalls but still have to dry them in cold damp weather .
  11. IIRC, and it was 6 years ago, I ended up trimming (hacking lol) the rubber seals to reduce the friction on the rods. Not ideal but it worked. Only had the Dometic toilet for 6 months and then sold the 'van and bought a MH with a Thetford .
  12. No splashback here - remove spout (so no skidmarks in spout), open blade slightly to allow more air than the yellow button does, then tip cassette quickly and empty in one go. Trick is not to stop and there won't be dribble marks down the side. Then rinse cassette but remember to close blade as excessive water pressure can lead to the rinse water coming back out of the blade hole 🤣.
  13. For aftersales, Adria UK work very closely with their dealers. We've had a few niggles with our 3 month old Adora Thames but dealer, Cara Motorhomes at Stoke, and Adria UK have been brilliant.
  14. Irrespective of wanting to run a microwave, a 1000w appliance wont just take1000w from the battery/batteries. I run a fleet of narrowboats and we did some tests last year. Conclusion was that to power an 800w microwave, the batteries had to give 4000w. Mind you, the 2500w inverters we use are fed by 4 x 110ah batteries and always tell customers to run the engine to give the batteries a chance otherwise they'll run them flat.
  15. Two very good Insignia specific forums and some Facebook groups. All will give you far more info and details pertaining to your 140 remapping than we can on here.
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