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  1. Yep, what the other JGC owners have said, turn off the rear sensors in the U-Connect settings menu.
  2. Interested in how you adjust the tap pressure? Surely pressure is pressure irrespective of how much the tap on the bollard is opened?
  3. Always worth running a quote through this "broker". Reputable and trustworthy underwriters. http://www.myinsurancequotes.co.uk/caravan-insurance/
  4. There were/ are exemptions as per The Ministry of Housing. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close/further-businesses-and-premises-to-close-guidance
  5. There's Talk in the industry and that's all it is at the moment, that "new" 'vans will be model year on the 1st January. So a 2021 model 'van will actually be that, a 2021 model, not a 2021 model from October 2020. Not sure how the two big shows in October and February will be affected, maybe one will go?
  6. Then put brain in gear before you post 👍
  7. How one off the cuff comment can ***** me off - are you saying all police are like this? In defence of my son who serves in The Met and polices West London with big swathes of open, green spaces, they're doing what they can with the resources available They're not turning a blind eye to those that disrespect the guidelines and try to deal with issues by way of interaction and fines are a last resort. Most comply, some don't. Domestic violence has rocketed on his patch since lockdown, both during the day and the night time. Crime is still being committed, officers are off with Covid-19 symptoms, they get very little PPE and then they're tasked with social distancing on top of this. I could go on but you get the picture?
  8. All the extras, Knaus or Adria? The "extras" on an Adora, which I've already listed, don't bother me. If I added all the things that say a Lunar Clubman or Bailey Unicorn have that our Adora doesn't, we'd still be at a lower purchase cost. And we're 8' wide, the other two offerings aren't. Then we come on to interior fit out materials - Adria use solid ply for the cupboard frames, Lunar used a composite to keep the weight down. The list goes on . Edit - posts seem to have crossed, sorry.
  9. Just in case you view another Lunar - many Lunar models suffered from delaminated floors, our 2016 Delta included. First signs are in the kitchen/lounge area join where things feel bouncy/spongy. Best idea is to get someone inside the 'van and flex the floor whilst someone else looks under the 'van. Many models were also prone to severe damp around the nearside awning rail - make sure you see the damp readings for this and other areas.
  10. Really? Adora range post 2018-19, Status fitted, Alde 3020, BBQ gas point, external 240v socket in locker, radio and speakers, satellite point etc.. Ok, no AL-KO lock supplied or fitted with AL-KO ATC but not a big issue really, 'van still tows well in all conditions. Anything else missing that I should know about, please let me know . Oh, had to retro fit a drop down flap on the kitchen work top but that's about it.
  11. Can only compare our 2019 Adria Adora Thames to two previous Lunar Deltas. Last Delta had very few minor niggles in three years. However two major issues at time of sale 12 months ago were delaminated floor and damp around awning rail. Adria hasn't been fault free but all minor niggles have been dealt with without having to visit dealer. As for buying UK manufactured 'vans, take a look at what cars were all driving, how many of them are built in the UK? I sort of supported the UK by buying Lunar but look where they got us. The layout of the Adria and its spec suits us just fine and IMO, offers better value than say a Lunar Clubman, Bailey Unicorn etc.. Dealer support is another big deal breaker for us. We could have bought cheaper new from an Adria dealer closer to us but, based on what another dealer could offer us in terms of aftersales service, we chose that dealer further away, albeit only by 20 miles. I'm guessing that the dealer near Bristol is Highbridge? Buy what suits you regardless of where it's made.
  12. Pebble

    New tow car

    How many times a year are you going to be towing? Maybe 5% of your total driving a year? We always try to buy cars based on how they are day to day solo and the towing of the 'van is a compromise. Yes, would love a big 4x4 tug for the 'van but that just isn't practical for most of the year when not towing. So why not just keep the Antara for the occasions that you tow and treat yourself, if needed, to a nice second car with no compromises?
  13. Ok, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester Councils.
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