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  1. We had a 62 plate Santa Fe and more recently, two Rexton W's. The Rextons towed our 1800kg Delta Ti like a dream but for the 99% of the time solo, it was like driving a barge. Roundabouts and twisty B-roads needed caution to prevent wallowing. Poor dealer coverage and high insurance made us look elsewhere, so changed to a VX Insignia ST and then last month, a 200hp 2.2 diesel Jeep Cherokee. On the plus side, great boot space in the Rexton .
  2. Daewoo microwaves . Measure the size, throw it away and pop down the high street or retail parks and invest in a normal domestic type one. We had three Daewoo models give up in 6 months in a brand new 'van. Now have a Sanyo (looks like a Sharp) that's easier to use than the Daewoo and has lasted 4 years .
  3. Whilst Pump King was useful for us when it came to discounted pump prices, the 6p a litre off now makes it not worthwhile. Having spent £1000+ with PK in last 12 months, I'll be going back to my local Texaco garage which are cheaper than Fuelpecker but still not in the same league as the supermarkets. Fuelpecker's loss, heh ho .
  4. Good heads up guys as the email I got went to spam folder. Now I know it's genuine, I'll sign up to Fuelpecker 👍.
  5. Should have a VIN chip but the windows these days aren't etched. Instead, they use stickers which are useless as they can peel off. So any body that steals a 'van simply has to remove the stickers and sell the windows on as parts .
  6. We use a Meaco DD8L Junior in our 2019 Adria. Our previous Delta had more vents at floor level, no overnight condensation but extremely cold around the feet. The Adria has less ventialtion and as a result, a lot on condensation on the windows when we wake up. But after an hour of using the Meaco, the windows are clear. Also means we can cook on the hob with little condensation issues. Yes, we could crack the windows open but all we get are more cold draughts. Also find that because the Meaco kicks out 600w of warm air, we find that the Alde can run at a much lower room temp., thus saving us £s on our metered seasonal pitch. Meaco also gets used to dry clothes and towels in the bathroom to great effect. So for us, it a big thumbs up for using a dehumidifier, the results speak for themselves.
  7. What kelper said, But not necessarily mandatory on boats. With the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), if a BSS tester isn't gas certified/qualified, then he can test for leakage if a bubble tester is fitted, If he's certified, then a bubble tester isn't required. We run a fleet of 32 narrow boats and as we have a two gas certified staff, then bubble testers aren't required for leakage when doing disconnection or modifications to the LPG gas system. Confusing at the best of times lol .
  8. This says a lot for Lunar Automotive - three months ago on their Facebook page, they said they'd have the new models on their website imminently but to date, nothing 🤔.
  9. We change caravans every 2-3 years, most recently because our 2016 Delta Ti was falling apart lol. Because we spend 300+ nights away every year, we also tend to become bored with what we've got and fancy a change. Same goes for cars - 7 different ones in 5 years 🤔.
  10. Saw a pop ip advert the other day for this gizmo: https://www.getlivewaveantenna.com/uk/index.html?fomo=1&Affid=2981&s1=&s2=&s3=&s4=1698&s5=&domain1=www.frstbte.com&network_id=69&eo=41712MX&ea=5SBDPWB&DirectLink=Y&cc=2981CC1698&uid=2648&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6eTtBRDdARIsANZWjYaYHaxAEi0l-in-gZGcwLI496qA5gX1jEKmu2xXCfL6k-mVZ6V2fM8aAqySEALw_wcB Might just take a punt on it but not sure if it would work in the 'van 🤔. If not, will try it at home 👍
  11. FWIW, the Truma Aventa comfort can also be linked directly to the Alde 3020 boiler with a plug and play lead, thus allowing the a/c to be controlled via the Alde panel. However, this is an option you have to ask for prior to installation 👍.
  12. Truma Aventa Comfort being fitted in Feb 2020 (£1700 by Truma) to our Adria Thames in Feb 2020. For those that say use fans and close blinds - closing the blinds is a good idea to keep the sun out but then there's no air coming in. Been there and done it for the past three years and now its time to splash out 👍.
  13. Based on 22mm pipework, Alde wet convectors give out 400w per metre of convector as per the Alde installation guide 👍.
  14. Don't assume all sites give you 240v all the time. Depending on the site's infrastructure, the voltage can/may drop depending on how many 'vans are on the site. The lowest we've seen is 195v with 16A at the individual bollards.
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