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  1. We change caravans every 2-3 years, most recently because our 2016 Delta Ti was falling apart lol. Because we spend 300+ nights away every year, we also tend to become bored with what we've got and fancy a change. Same goes for cars - 7 different ones in 5 years 🤔.
  2. Saw a pop ip advert the other day for this gizmo: https://www.getlivewaveantenna.com/uk/index.html?fomo=1&Affid=2981&s1=&s2=&s3=&s4=1698&s5=&domain1=www.frstbte.com&network_id=69&eo=41712MX&ea=5SBDPWB&DirectLink=Y&cc=2981CC1698&uid=2648&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6eTtBRDdARIsANZWjYaYHaxAEi0l-in-gZGcwLI496qA5gX1jEKmu2xXCfL6k-mVZ6V2fM8aAqySEALw_wcB Might just take a punt on it but not sure if it would work in the 'van 🤔. If not, will try it at home 👍
  3. FWIW, the Truma Aventa comfort can also be linked directly to the Alde 3020 boiler with a plug and play lead, thus allowing the a/c to be controlled via the Alde panel. However, this is an option you have to ask for prior to installation 👍.
  4. Truma Aventa Comfort being fitted in Feb 2020 (£1700 by Truma) to our Adria Thames in Feb 2020. For those that say use fans and close blinds - closing the blinds is a good idea to keep the sun out but then there's no air coming in. Been there and done it for the past three years and now its time to splash out 👍.
  5. Based on 22mm pipework, Alde wet convectors give out 400w per metre of convector as per the Alde installation guide 👍.
  6. Don't assume all sites give you 240v all the time. Depending on the site's infrastructure, the voltage can/may drop depending on how many 'vans are on the site. The lowest we've seen is 195v with 16A at the individual bollards.
  7. I've got 16 boats at work, each one has 4 leisure batteries and 2 starter ones. Given the abuse that the leisure batteries get over a 40 week season (fully charged to less than 10v in many cases on a regular basis), the standard DBS Leoch lead acid batteries last between 3 and 4 years, which is really good on boats all with 3kw inverters. If you're interested, linky: https://dbsleoch.co.uk/
  8. Liking limecc's idea but for now, Morrisons suit me just fine even if it means a 40 mile round trip
  9. Council tax isn't payable on "holiday" statics, only those classed as residential.
  10. We buy 13kg bottles for boats at work. Calor deliver free if order is over 195kg of gas. That equates to 15 bottles but if we order anything less, say 14 bottles, our supplier charges a flat £4 delivery fee. Reasonable we think 😉.
  11. Could always try http://www.myinsurancequotes.co.uk/touring-caravan-insurance/. Current Adria caravan insured with them and all policies have recognised, reputable underwriters.
  12. Fair point but the ones I use at work on boats have a replaceable ceramic cartridge and not a carbon one like the Truma Ultraflow. Similar to this link but with a different cartridge. https://www.waterfiltershop.co.uk/watts-ezfitpro-100-undersink-water-filter-kit-15mm-push-fit.html
  13. My perfect 'van is already in production - the Fifth Wheel Co. Inos 😀. Ticks all the boxes with an options list to die for. Hmmm, comes at a hefty price though 🤔.
  14. Two types of filter- the Truma ones where the water inlet is on the side of the 'van and the other is an undersink cartridge type. Only the latter will give you "filtered" water. As others have said, dont even consider the Truma option but the undersink one might be worth considering if you drink lots of potable water.
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