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  1. If you don't get an answer here on CT, try two FB groups, Adria Caravans and Motorhomes Club and We Love Adria. Lots of Adora owners on these groups.
  2. Slight problem CJJ. I'm running a very early version of Co-Pilot (pre 2014) and I thought I had inputted weights and dimensions. Seems I've got confused with another sat nav based system, Snooper. Looks like my version of Co-Pilot doesn't have options for these parameters, only speed settings. A good source of info on Co-Pilot is either Motorhome Fun or Motorhome Facts where Co-Pilot is widely used when it comes to weights of rigs. Sorry I can't be of more help .
  3. If you can wait a few days, I can have a look at our settings for Co-Pilot. I don't have my tablet with me at the moment but will get back to you when I do.
  4. FWIW, we had the Aventa Comfort fitted in February 2020. Never really tried it in earnest until May 2020 and noticed that when running, it hummed/drummed on all three fan speeds. This was only noticeable when inside, just normal humming outside. Also popping and creaking sounds for about 30 seconds after the compressor switched off. Reported all the above to our dealer in June 2020 and bearing in mind it was Truma who fitted it at the dealers, the dealer said he'd let Truma know. Fast forward to today and post lockdown, the dealer wants the 'van back for Truma to look at it as Truma
  5. https://www.caravanparts.co.uk/ccw-3334-john-guest-stem-adapter-male-p-2594.html Ok, not a 12mm barb end but at least gets you to 12mm one end. Stem end is to take a 12mm push fitting, a barb end is to take a 12mm rubber hose (not rigid pipe) and hose is secured with a hose clip.
  6. Up until a few years ago, I'd always bought tyres on-line and got a local reputable fitting centre to do the change. That was until I ordered four branded tyres and,within 2k miles, two of them developed small bulges in the sidewall. Fitting centre wouldn't deal with the issue as they didn't supply them (fair enough) but the "supplier" (Camskill) contacted the maufacturer who were keen to have them back. Great news but..... In order to get them returned, I'd then need to buy two more tyres to keep my car on the road as the whole return/inspection process could take up to 6 weeks
  7. This document was first issued in March 2020 but updated on the 7th January 2021: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/hotels-and-other-guest-accommodation
  8. At work (boats and marina), we have several Gas Safe qualified engineers but none of them are certified to work on domestic or commercial properties. Check out the Gas Safe modules https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/help-and-advice/understand-the-gas-safe-id-card/what-do-the-id-categories-mean/
  9. If you raise the floor by the height of a pallet or similar, just double check that your awning will still fit. Raising the floor level by 100mm might mean you won't be able to tension the awning and it'll flap like you won't believe. Been there and made the same mistake.
  10. Maybe contact Alde direct as they could be of more help than Swindon Carvans?
  11. Pebble

    Microfibre towels

    Good selection at Paragon. Been using their products for years including large microfibre towels as throws on the front sofas as they "grip" the cushions and don't slip or move. https://paragonmicrofibre.com/product-category/towels/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Search&gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVvOzqScE0bGSn4fC0iHbpdrCWzUKEJIp9-TqUamxSlj9U35bUPSDcRoCCCAQAvD_BwE
  12. His current site has now decided to close. Difficult one . Sites are been told to close but you're ok if you need to stay away from home (including in a second home) for work purposes. If no sites are open, the only option is a hotel, B&B etc. but at a cost. Catch 22 really?
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