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  1. By all accounts, Adria, again non UK, seem to be well built with few reports of damp issues. BTA, there's fewer Adrias around than say Swift, Bailey etc..
  2. Adria dealers wont supply shelves as they just dont exist for the Adora or Alpina ranges and nothing from the rest of their models are suitable, be it caravan or MH. We're looking to do the same DIY shelf mod asap in our 2019 Thames and any ideas welcomed. Might be worth asking the question on the two Adria Facebook pages as i simply haven't got round to it yet.
  3. Wow Russ. If you're ever in the brown stuff again say within 50-100 miles of Whitchurch, then give me a call. Plan would be that i drive to you in our car, I drive the MH back to Yorkshire whilst your partner follows in our car, insurance permitting obviously. I then drive back to Whitchurch in our car - simples eh. However, last time we met, i ended up selling the caravan and buying a MH 🤣.
  4. Late reply but have you seen the two Adria groups on Facebook?
  5. If you have a hard standing pitch, then it would seem obvious to me that the car, 'van and awning go on the hard stuff. So from the photo, why would you want to park the car on the grass? Is anyone else doing this?
  6. The latest V70 (MY 2016, AT 1546?) manual does indeed show a lever on the back of the headlight assembly for adjusting the active bi-Xenon lamps. Something obviously missing somewhere if the dealer doesn't know either .
  7. Some vids on You Tube but basically prise off the grey surround with a sharp knife.. IIRC, this should reveal two screws which when undone, allow the push button control plate to be removed. Then you have access down inside the flush tank and also the pump at the bottom on a hose. Be prepared that you might need to reseal the control plate as the seal can get damaged.
  8. Confusion sorted Seems that Adria fit micoswitch taps and a Whale pressure switch but don't connect the wires on the taps - they're just hanging loose under the taps . Methinks the taps will need to be changed for something to our liking as the flow rate from either the kitchen or bathroom taps is just 3lt/min and that's with a Whale pump capable of delivering much more. Also need to look for any restrictions in the plumbing and then the taps .
  9. Never had a 'van with microswitches on the taps. Our new 'van has microswitch taps AND a Whale adjustable pressure switch but I thought that you either had one or the other. Just curious as to why we have both. Any explanation?
  10. Cara Motorhomes, Stoke on Trent. Exemplary service, nothing too much trouble. 100% recommended Edit - just had a look at one of FB groups. Wow, 25 constructive comments and feedback so far .
  11. Took delivery of our Thames yesterday but yet to use the shower. It was also a slight concern of ours but there to seemed to be zero issues reported on the two Adria Facebook groups .
  12. http://www.brackenfarmcaravanpark.com/ Stayed here in 2015, very clean, adults only site, large level pitches. Bit remote for us at the time as had a motorhome but would now return again without hesitation with our caravan. One to avoid IMO as you'll almost have an "interview" on arrival https://www.rosebudfarmtouringpark.co.uk/. Just didn't do it for us .
  13. A guy called Andrew Ditton has trailed an Airstream around most of Scotland. He tends to wild it most of the time but check out his vlogs on You Tube as they'll give you an insight into what's what.
  14. Ill take a punt and say the OP's awning is a Dorema Quattro , Looks very similar to ours, even down to the curtain pattern http://www.dorema.co.uk/de/porch awnings/quattro_225_275.htm and apparently suitable for seasonally sited and winter pitches. Certainly isn't a thin material and ours has withstood >40mph gusts in Shropshire. Ours has been up constantly on a seasonal pitch since March 2018 and has only recently been taken down as we're changing 'vans in 10 days time. As for tensioning, we use one of these and really makes the sides taut https://www.towsure.com/leisurewize-frame-mate-awning-tensioner To stop the awning moving in the awning rail/channel, use two of these https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/product/isabella-safe-lock-2/6270
  15. FWIW, http://www.my-caravan-insurance.co.uk/touring-caravan-insurance/ Good underwriters on most policies. Suits us .
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