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  1. Pebble

    2017 Ultima 674.

    If it's one of the spots closest to the doorway or kitchen worktop, these are our temperamental ones. The connectors are somewhere in the void under the side lockers, ie. the wood panelling that the spots sit on between the rearmost spot and the one at the front. Can't get access from in the cupboards (I've tried), so I really want to check out the connections first. Any ideas? Edit - we did have one spot in the front right hand corner that only illuminated at the rear (the frosted white part). Swapped this for one of the good bedside ones as didn't really need a spot to read by at bedtime.
  2. Pebble

    2017 Ultima 674.

    Yes , dealer supplied two of them foc bit we're going back to early 2018, so less than two years. Haven't had to fit either yet as by some miracle and wire tugging, both came back to life and have been since early 2018. People Talk about the crimped connectors being dodgy but I've yet to work out how to get to them and believe me, I've spent a long time stripping out the overhead cupboard to get to the connections underneath but to no avail.
  3. Pebble

    2017 Ultima 674.

    Have got a new spot light in front of me as we have one that needs replacing. It was supplied by my dealer but on the box is the manufacturer/distributor's details: TLW Brunel House Brunel Close Harworth Doncaster DN11 8QA Google gives you this link https://www.the-lightworks.com/ Item no. on the box for the spot is K00-0105WW (PO: 11035) but when I looked, there was nothing on their website. Whether they'd supply direct and not through a dealer is another question but at least you have something to go on. Good luck. HTH
  4. Pebble

    Hobby 645vip

    7m excluding A-frame https://www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/weight-and-width-limits So I guess that means max external body length of 7m? Edit - there's a Hobby PDF that shows various lengths, albeit not for the 645. Can't seem to paste the link here but try Googling "Hobby shipping lengths" and it should be the first hit. Doesn't seem there's many Hobby 'vans that meet this 7m criteria. All "7" series models are >7m.
  5. Pebble

    Awning Flooring

    Personally, and having experienced many seasonal pitches, albeit all hard standing, I'd leave any floor covering off until you've experienced your first heavy downpour that lasts for more than a few minutes. This will tell you if the area of the awning is likely to become waterlogged and if it does, you may need to rethink what you're going to put down. One neighbour we had on a site put down exactly what you've suggested and in the same order. First heavy rainfall revealed that the pitch flooded with at least 1" of water and became a mini swimming pool. His three awning floor items were simply floating around and it was like walking on a water bed lol. He never did resolve the issue until the whole pitch was built up with more hard standing, not something you can do on grass. HTH
  6. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    From the CMC offer page T's & C's "In the unlikely event that the forecourt fuel prices are cheaper than the Pumpk-King fuel prices, members are guaranteed to save a minimum of 1 pence per litre on any fuel type." So does this mean if the card price is £1. 25/lt and the forecourt price is £1. 20/lt, the card means you can purchase fuel at £1. 19/lt? Or does it mean you get it for £1. 24/lt? Confused again .
  7. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Update on CMC forum - PK are going to email "everyone" (apparently lol) to notify them of the forthcoming changes. Let's see .
  8. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Thanks Barum, very useful info. But, to the CMC, how would I have known this as I never go on the CMC website or forum? Since I applied for the fuel card and indeed received it a couple of weeks ago, I've had no communication at all from CMC, so it was good job Barum posted this info. Could have been embarrassing trying to use the Esso card after the 19th February . Edit - currently, the Esso card no. on the Pump-King account can't be edited so god knows how this transition to the Pump-King card will work.
  9. Pebble

    Review: Pembrey country park

    Alternative is a nice little site in Kidwelly, adults only IIRC, but you'll have a 10 min. drive to Pembrey .
  10. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Two days after filling up, amount/s are showing on MyEsso account. bank statement also showing pending transactions at the correct discounted price of £1. 25/lt for diesel. Happy days so far . Edit - last week, got forthcoming week's price text from Pump-King. This week's text for the next week came from Esso. Confused lol .
  11. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    Used the card for the first time yesterday. Only put 22lt in, just to see if the card worked. Noticed before using the card, they'd changed my PIN from the one issued a month ago whilst I was waiting for the card. At the till, entered the new PIN and got rejected. Tried again with the new PIN, rejected again. Last go, put in the original PIN and the transaction went through OK. Here's hoping everything else works as it should such as billing and debiting of account.
  12. Pebble

    Looking to buy a Static?

    Three types - residential park homes, park homes/holiday lodges (usually lodge type, may be open for 12 months of the year but normally 11 months, non residential) and holiday homes (traditional static type caravan, 11-12 months opening, non residential). Having looked at all of the above over the past 12 months, full residential sites carry a massive premium over non residential. So in reality, there's only two types of site - full residential or non residential, ie. "holiday" homes, the former being where you live fulltime, can have this address for DVLA, DWP etc. , and be on the electoral register. Edit - full residential homes give you more legal rights as an owner if things go pear shaped with a site owner when compared to holiday homes.
  13. Pebble

    motorcaravanning. co. uk

    Used them in 2015 when we needed a replacement Thule electric step. Very helpful on the phone and excellent advice, despatch etc. . Would use them again if the need arose .
  14. Pebble

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    What happens if you cancel or don't renew your CMC membership? Does My Esso card automatically become void? Waiting for My Esso card to arrive and it will come in handy as our nearest Esso is just 1/2 mile away .
  15. Pebble

    What to do about the cost of bottled gas.

    Any Morrisons with LPG pumps will now let you refill Safefill bottles