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  1. Do you have any recommendations as to supply & fit of new tyres near Oxford. I have tyron bands fitted.
  2. I am looking for a campsite preferable near the coast in West Sussex or Hampshire or possibly Dorset. I want storage with a tow out & on to pitch facility.
  3. Have you lifted the latch up on the cable plug berore trying to pull it out?
  4. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Information required supplied as normal. What would we do without this forum.
  5. Does anyone know whether the Banner 95751 100 amp hr leisure battery will fit the Unicorn S2 Valencia battery box? I currently have a Numax CXV 100 amp hr.
  6. This is a response that I got from KampaMax when I had a similar problem. Hi audio2, Oh wow, that's quite severe. The tubes can sometimes twist when the awning is not fully inflated. Normally this will be fixed by simply re-inflating the awning, however if it has not in this case, I would recommend you take a look at the video below. Kind Regards, Kampa Max
  7. First find the plug & socket, which I was able to do with help from forum members.
  8. Thanks for all the help, especially the fact that it is plugged into a socket in the cupboard above the microwave. The switch had been turned off, probably when it was serviced.
  9. Daewoo microwave no signs of life, the light/clock is not on. It has not tripped the main fuses & the other 240 volt items are working. Any suggestions for repair gratefully received. Also how to remove it & are there any cheap replacements. It has only been used about 20 times in 4 years.
  10. Mine is the same. Grandaughter opened it for the first time & does not now work. As I have never used it & dealer quoted over £100, I will probably leave it unless someone on here knws how to repair it.
  11. I had left the tow-bar on the car since Christmas, but tried to get it off today without success. I unlocked it with the key, pulled the large knob out & turned it clockwise as far as it would go. The large knob did not lock into position & the tow-ball did not release. Has any one else had this problem & is there any easy solution?
  12. By the time you have fitted a motor-mover, battery, satellite dish & an air-con unit is there any user payload left?
  13. Key a copy of your old license when you send in for the new license. They sometimes get the wrong groups on the new license & you need to prove your previous entitlement, as they have no record.
  14. We also stayed in their car park the night before they changed the fluid & fitted a radiator in the bathroom. They have room for two vans & are most helpful providing coffee etc.
  15. Thanks for all the advice, I will give the dealer another chance next week & if that does not cure it get in touch with Powrtouch
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