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  1. There is a micro switch block with 4 or 5 switches operated by the glass lid, I had a failure of this which caused the same fault. I don't know how hard it is to reach as the dealer changed it.
  2. I always fit my own, if you go to https://www.tow-trust.co.uk/towbars you can download the fitting instructions and see if it's a job you think you can do. I buy the correct electrics on line and they are plugin units which in the case of Range Rover kits come with all fitting instructions. My present unit is a Westfalia detachable and with the electrics cost £425
  3. Many european manufacturers offer upgraded axles as well as a plate upgrade.
  4. Have you checked the auto air bleed valve on the boiler, it is the small brass cylinder plumbed into the top outlet hose, it may be passing which would allow fluid to flow through the small pipe. Check the end o the pipe under the van or remove the pipe from the valve and check for fluid.
  5. I owned a 2007 Disco. and towed with it for three years and it was perfect, I loved it. we gave it to our son when his old Shogun blew up. He still has it and looks after it like a baby, he had to change the turbo this year which took him about a week but otherwise it still looks like new and drives great, I am sure he thinks more of his Disco then he does his mum and me.
  6. Alde every time, the whole van is kept warm, I remember taking out our sleeping bags from under the seats and they were freezing, not with the Alde and the air quality is much better. In the winter when we get to a site the first thing I do is switch on the heating and by the time I am set up the van is well on the way to 22*c. I will never have another van without Alde.
  7. Many owners have changed the fluid themselves including me, it cost less than £30. When I do it next time I will also use a pump, there are videos on Youtube showing how to do it.
  8. solarpower


    As a retired electrician I have used a lot of multi meters and use a Fluke as my main one but I bought this one last year because a clip on can be very handy and it has a 2amp scale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UNI-T-UT210E-Digital-Handheld-Clamp-Multimeter-Tester-DMM-Voltmeter-AC-DC-Meter/392118967556?hash=item5b4c1c9d04:g:WdgAAOSwH0Vb3leH I tested it against my Fluke and it is fine.
  9. I think you have a Bessacarr, that is a Alde flow which gives continuous hot water, we have it in our 525. We never had a problem with running out of hot water in our last van and I think the money could have been spent on much better extra's.
  10. I had the same problem in 1994 on a Compass, since then 10yrs with a Bessacarr then 9yrs with a Swift Bessacarr then 6yrs with a Swift Conqueror and now with a new Bessacarr all with a Isabella awning. My present one I used a Hercules tensioner for our last 9wk holiday, all ok although our new van has GRP sides. I always assumed that the Compass did not have any support where the awning brackets sat. In the case of your Buccaneer I think I read they were using a thinner aluminium panel.
  11. I have just used this to fix my satellite dome and it did a excellent job, half the price of some and gets good reviews https://www.screwfix.com/p/soudal-fix-all-high-tack-adhesive-sealant-white-290ml/64585#_=p
  12. I would change to 6kg red propane bottles, a new propane regulator from Amazon with a hand wheel so you do not need a spanner £6:50, the regulator has a left hand thread so screws into the bottle anti clockwise.
  13. Ours cuts out with a small pan, large pan or no pan, it also happens on the lower settings. We are on holiday at present so will sort it out when we get home, I emailed Dometic but surprise surprise no reply, what use is a electric hot plate if you can't use it to cook.
  14. The Dometic electric hob on our new van cuts out when up to temperature but does not cut in again until it is cool so you can't use it. Has anyone else had the same problem.
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