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  1. Hi there. You're right about the little bundle of fur and three change your life even more! So is the lock housing the plastic bit? I've tried WD40 but had not thought of grease.
  2. I'm very new to caravanning, in fact, we have only had one trip to date. When I collected my caravan from the distributor I very efficiently wrote down everything that I was told to do before starting a journey and one thing that was not mentioned was "check your tow bar". The list of checks is quite extensive but the only thing in connection with the actual towing gear was the electrical connections. Thanks very much for saving me from a possible disaster in the future!
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  4. Hi there I am new to the Caravan Talk Forum. In fact, I'm new to caravanning! I recently purchased a second hand Coachman Pastiche 460/2 in excellent condition and hope to spend many enjoyable trips away with my wife and three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. My problem is that I am experiencing problems with the locks on the storage compartment door which is located on the near side of the van towards the front. When the compartment door locks are in the “locked” position it is not possible to remove the key. and when you try to pull the key out in this position the entire cylinder comes out! Can anyone please tell me if this is a common problem and, if so, what is the cure? If I am correct the locks are West Alloy 5286 Compartment Lock Assembly. As you can imagine I am reluctant to replace the cylinders as this would no doubt mean new keys and as the existing key fits all the other externally accessed compartments this would be a considerable nuisance. I hope that somebody out there can help me. Regards Crystaldee
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