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  1. Many stations prohibit the filling of portable cylinders with good reason. Please tell us where you plan to carry out this madness as I want to be the other side of the planet when you do Swagman
  2. I agree, and would not hesitate to report them even knowing nothing is likely to be done by the authorities. Maybe - just maybe - if enough of us report it, those with the power may actually do something about it. Swagman
  3. Sometimes justice is delivered by a higher authority. Swagman
  4. Spot on Townie . . . . . . . . I choose not to fit one while travelling.
  5. I can understand the desire to take pets away with you, what I do not get is the desire to barricade the pitch to keep them in when thoughtful training and a simple lead of appropriate length would suffice. In my opinion the use of charcoal colour for an awning is bad enough without extending that eyesore up close to the neighbour's pitch. I rarely (if ever) put up an awning, other than maybe a small porch awning in inclement weather but then I could probably be seen by others as antisocial as I'm normally in the caravan rather than sitting outside. While not wanting to hear their life hist
  6. I came across this recently on show at the NEC caravan and Motorhome Show and wondered if anybody else sees this inflatable-frame windbreak as antisocial. It is probably intended to keep pet dogs from wandering but the combination of the dark colour and high profile design, particularly when coupled with a dark inflatable awning, send the message that the owners do not want to Talk to their fellow caravanners. Unfortunately I am becoming increasingly aware that caravanning is not the same friendly occupation that it used to be when people sat outside on campsites and chatted to their ne
  7. The "VisisIsleOfMan" website makes it perfectly clear by omission that towed caravans are not made welcome. This says it all so as the owner of a touring caravan that was purchased to allow freedom of travel, my closing recommendation (post #13 above) stands. Swagman
  8. I do not think any caravanner wants to go where they're not welcome - and clearly from the link, not only are visiting caravanners no longer welcome, but even the residents cannot have a new caravan now, and eventually any caravan sites will have to diversify or go out of business. Far from a pleasant island that is still in the 50's this ruling is decidedly draconian and will do nothing for their tourist industry. I personally will not be visiting again, even without a caravan. I recommend you go elsewhere where you will be welcomed, and avoid the IOM completely.
  9. Neither was the case that triggered this thread, as a pedestrian crossing the road was killed by being hit by a cyclist but that still didn't stop the use of the "pavement" word in the title.
  10. Drivers have long memories when treated badly. As a new driver I insured my first car when I was 17 years old and simply used the same company that my father used. The following year, now as a driver with a year of experience and no claims, I was quoted a significantly higher premium by this company. I looked elsewhere and got a better quotation for my second year driving. Year three comes along and again I requested a quotation from the first company but their quotation had increased to almost twice the quotation I had from the company I eventually insured with. Company one are
  11. Sorry if this sounds a bit crude but . . . Open - Dump - Flush - Close
  12. Good evening, As Griff says, the Swift section is probably the best to get Swift related replies but we all have access to other areas so someone will read your questions wherever you post them. There is a caravan specifications section under "Tools" on the main website where a 2008 Oakmere is listed. There is also a reviews section where various caravans owned by the members here have been reviewed over the years. Swagman
  13. . ..and a welcome from me too. .. I don't post too often but I do find this one of the most useful forums around. Swagman
  14. It sounds to me like you would be better off with a tent than a caravan Swagman
  15. Good to see new members joining every day
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