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  1. Did you know there is a fitting kit for the Russell Hobbs microwave? I had to replace mine after a short time under warranty and the base plate lifts the microwave up to centre it in the aperture. It's only really a piece of 10mm ply with the holes drilled and slots for the vents. Looking at your photo, does the door not catch on the bottom?
  2. If it's not been serviced then you'll have to pay. Can't imagine it being expensive. Why not ring your local dealer and ask?
  3. They’d stop it before you’d realised it was detached....
  4. But if it were to come off at speed then the caravan would be flapping around behind the towcar with no way of pulling the brakes on to stop it? You make the breakaway system redundant, I don't see how that is safer
  5. suspect you have no mains 230v into the van. Do your sockets work?
  6. The high quality Michelins that were fitted to my Unicorn when it was new lasted less than 3 years before the sidewalls cracked allover, both wheels and both sides. I noticed my new Unicorn no longer has them fitted as standard...
  7. Mine needed replacing at 3 years on my U2. Needless to say, they weren't replaced like for like! Not impressed.
  8. perksm

    Air lock

    Surge Damper.
  9. I'm available to give feedback-but they won't like it
  10. Did mine last year, very similar to above. No problems. The key is to use a small fluid pump rather than relying on gravity by draining down. I bought one for £10 from towsure. I was amazed at the poor condition of the old fluid in the bucket and how much better the heating was afterwards.
  11. Some lighting in U2 is 230v, most 12v. Would suggest you have no hookup?
  12. They are definitely in backwards. The flared end should fit against the wall of the caravan and prevents the whole screw penetrating too far. If you fit them as shown then they will just keep on digging . there should also be a washer under the screw head and the whole thing traps the rubber grommet which is in the header tank.
  13. perksm

    S4 lighting

    Easy. Just popped out the spot lamps and disconnected them and ran one feed to the LED strip, fitted it neatly around the frame and stuck it down .
  14. Did mine last year like this with great success. 10 litres G10 and 20 litres Deionised water.
  15. Very pleased with our new Cabrera, but do find the lighting a bit harsh and really missed the soft mood lighting around the front window surround. So today’s project was to disconnect the 2 spotlights and fit a strip of LED s to go around in the same fashion as our U2 . Easy to do and very pleased with the results
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