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  1. The software does that automatically if you add something before anyone else does within a few minutes of the previous posting. It assumes you're forgetful and meant to add it to the first post
  2. No probs We're not overly fussed either way; for the sake of neatness let's say 1 post ideally, but if you stumble across some more that you'd forgotten about just whack them in another post.
  3. Slap on the wrist for me too there Dave & kiaboy - very sorry. Senses apparently slightly addled yesterday. ..possibly too much cake. Thanks again for all your support with the reviews earlier in the year, very much appreciated. We just want to encourage some enthusiasm from those who haven't added any yet Cheers Nick
  4. Campsites UK have put together a list of 50 outdoorsy Christmas present ideas. If you're still looking for inspiration, or if you've finished your Christmas shopping and feel you've earned yourself a reward, be sure to check out the list for some ideas
  5. The Caravan & Camping Show will be returning, bigger and better, to the NEC in Birmingham for the 2014, from 18th-23rd February. The NCC have very kindly offered us 20 pairs of tickets to give away to some lucky Caravan Talk members. All you need to do is write us a review. ..it can be a review of your 'van, towcar, or a campsite in the UK or Europe; for details on how to enter the competition, read on. .. Show details from the NCC as follows How to enter our ticket giveaway competition. .. Fancy winning a pair of tickets to the Caravan & Camping Show 2014? It couldn't be easier. Well, not much. All we want from you is a review posted on CT. ..it can be a review of your caravan, your towcar, or a campsite you've stayed at either in the UK or Europe. To enter into the prize draw, simply write us a review, and post a link to it in this thread. You're more than welcome to enter multiple reviews for more chances to win. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing your contributions ^_^ p. s. Review links only in this thread please, or else it's a nightmare to keep the place tidy. T&Cs Multiple entries are fine - the more reviews you write, the more chances you have of coming out of the hat. We'd like the reviews to be as helpful as possible for the CT community. Obviously non-genuine reviews submitted for this competition will not be accepted! The deadline for entering this competition is midnight on Monday 20th January 2014. Entries submitted after this date will not be included in the prize draw. Winners will be selected at random from all competition entrants. Winners will be notified by Caravan Talk PM and via the email address associated with the Caravan Talk membership account. To ensure all tickets are delivered in time, we will set a response deadline for confirming acceptance of tickets. Tickets not claimed will be allocated in this time will have to be allocated elsewhere.
  6. Morning all! Thank you so much for the lovely messages - really means a lot. I'm still knocking about until Friday, so to answer a few points. .. Non-caravan-related I'm afraid Ben will have to make his own, or organise a delivery contract with Starbucks. .. This would be an impressive feat. ..not sure how MrsJ would feel about it mind you. How about I give you the Top Gear filming time and location and you give Clarkson et al a caravan guard-of-honour? Top advice that sir You betcha - I'll still be keeping an eye on you all from time to time. I'll try not to release too many felines among the flying rats
  7. Yup, you heard it first. ..I am hereby saying my official fond farewell to Caravan Talk. Friday 6th December 2013 will be my last day with the CT team (the day before my birthday incidentally, for those of you who want to send presents for both occasions together ^_^) 2014 is quite an important year for me – I will be undergoing transformation from fiancé to husband – and my move to employment pastures new is one that makes sense for this next step in life It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to say goodbye to everyone I’d like to in the scant time I have left but, as I am able to beam this missive to the masses through the forum, I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone – members, mods and trade folks alike – who have helped make this such a great experience for me. I wish you all a very merry Christmas, a very happy 2014, and very wonderful lives thereafter. All the best, Nick
  8. . ..ummm, yes, why not? Write your reviews in the Reviews Section, and then review your Reviews here. Sorted.
  9. Hi David, Although everyone is entitled to their own views, expressing them in a way that breaches our T&Cs is not acceptable, from anyone. If you do ever feel that you have suffered verbal abuse, please feel free to make use of the 'Report' tool, or send a PM to Ben so we can look into the matter directly. Nick
  10. The colder weather is upon, it’s dark and (let’s face it) pretty grim. Most caravans (and their owners) are now safely tucked up for the winter, and many will not be thought about much (or at all) until Spring appears (around mid June if recent years are anything to go by). So. What we’d love to hear from you, while you’ve got a bit of time to recuperate – and in between eggnog coiffing, caroling, and wondering where the deuce the sellotape has got to – is how your ‘van has fared on your travels this year. The CT Caravan Reviews section is ready and waiting for your opinions ^_^ Not only a great way to organise your thoughts on how the van has performed, but also a vital tool for your fellow caravanners in the market for new or second-hand vans for the coming season. If you can spare a few minutes to review your caravan here on Caravan Talk we’d really appreciate it, as would an awful lot of the members. Thanks gang
  11. Hi TTR The emphasis is far more on the tool and the scheme than on a general statement about used vans; I do appreciate your point, but the idea of course is to clamp down on the ne'er-do-wells, decrease the number of thefts and increase the number of returned stolen vans. I think that, if nothing else, it serves as a reminder that vigilance can pay dividends - obviously the second-hand market is vital to the industry, but it's also important to be aware of the potential problems theft for innocent purchasers. The tool in question (the widget) is widely used and is continuing to earn its stripes, and worth being aware of
  12. As the season to be jolly is nearly upon us, we thought we'd share some insights from Shield Insurance. ..essentially, where their customers will be taking their jollification over the festive period. It transpires that, according to a recent survey, a third of Shield Insurance customers will be found on campsites this Christmas. A few noteworthy details from the poll. .. Shield have launched an online video library featuring advice on how to prepare your van for winter and choosing from available storage options, as well as many other tips.
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