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  1. Caravan was serviced in February, caravan has only been used a couple of times since, we were travelling from Cornwall after been there for a week and had travelled 200 miles from home to Cornwall, unfortunately I did not check the torque on the wheels prior to travelling from Cornwall. 🤔🤔 Can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone at the moment regarding why the wheel came off, ive already spoken to my service engineer and he can't make any sense of it, but welcome all input - as long as it's decent and informative, I've always trusted the members on here to come along with good info 😊😊😊
  2. Yes the van seems fine, only the wheel side trim came off, ive bought sikaflex and new screw civers to replace trim, we did have studs for the spare steel wheel which we have used but I need to get new ones as they've been over tightened, as I said I've had new studs for the alloy wheels and I can get some more if needs be but wasn't sure where to get the spare ones for the steel wheel Peter
  3. Yes definitely 145 as he shown me on my torque wrench exactly where it was. I think an email to Green Flag is called for then to place a formal complaint of over tightening on both the alloy and the spare steel wheel. I'm fortunate enough to have bought spare studs for the alloy so I'll change the good wheel tomorrow, where can I purchase studs for the steel wheel?
  4. Would I be able to loosen studs and then re-tighten at correct torque?
  5. We had a mishap on our caravan whilst travelling to our holiday destination where the wheel (nearside) came off completely from the hub causing caravan to hit the ground, we were lucky when 4 good samaritans came to our assistance and helped us get moving again, all-be-it on 3 studs and on the spare steel wheel, Green Flag then came to the site and checked us over and inserted the other 2 studs tightened the wheels up to 145 Nm. Firstly has anybody else had this happen and if so what was the outcome and also what are the recommended torque settings for the alloy and steel wheels. Thanks in advance for your replies 😊😊😊
  6. Thanks for reply, just out of curiosity what in line fuse rating should I be Using?
  7. I want to fit an led light in my under bed locker on my Lunar Clubman Si 2011my, can I connect directly to an existing 12volt cable by adding a fuse and switch and also thinking of the same process to the small wardrobe inside, switch to be activated on opening the door. Any help would be appreciated ☺☺
  8. Looking for info for above titled job I intend doing in my Clubman Si. I need to know what lies behind the concertina door that seperates the bedroom from the living quarters in the van, I can see the blind is screwed to the timber and there are plastic covers over what I beleive to be screws on the timber that the blind is screwed to, if I take the screws out will the timber come away enough for me to access behind and install another aerial point??? Opinions please :-) Photos may explain better than I have
  9. Looking forward to the new 2017 range of vans especially the Elddis range, also the accessories :-)
  10. I ordered a Bluetooth BTI-010 transmitter receiver with a Tecevo S220 Speaker Sound System, only to find out the damn things are not compatible, the speaker is not for use with this style of Bluetooth. Can someone point me in the right direction for a compatible speaker which has A2DP enabled
  11. On a personal note, I don't agree with siting a Touring Caravan. Why buy a Touring Caravan if you intend siting it, surely you'd be better off buying a static, and by siting it you prevent all the hundreds/thousands of us tourers that like touring; finding a site.
  12. With regard to Bluetooth, we have a USB socket at the back of the TV and I have a spare Bluetooth dongle, would I be able to put the dongle in the TV and buy a Bluetooth speaker, if so, how exactly would I get them to work together.
  13. Brilliant idea, that's what I may be looking at, can you give me the spec of the wire with photos of the finished job
  14. The idea is fine apart from the wires trailing, the radio is situated in the front upper locker and on the opposite side from the TV Quite handy with DIY skills, so am looking to hard wire in some sort of plug ???
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