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  1. Hi IanV8, The 2010 Autofill Caravans are able to deliver water directly from the external pump to the internal taps, without the need to use the onboard tank. There are no manual valves in this system, it is fully electronic. Your friend simply needs to either enable or disable the onboard tank (using the LCD panel mounted on the fusebox). Turning the tank "off", delivers water from the external pump to the taps. Turning the tank "on", will enable autofill, and the onboard pump, allowing water to be taken from the tank to the taps, and the external pump will be used to fill the tank only. I hope that helps. Ash
  2. HI Oldsalt, The routing for the wiring is through the back of the battery box, and you are correct, the connector is located next to the battery box fuse. This saves you needing to re-enter the battery box, and making an additional hole. There is a hole (and grommet) in the floor, to allow the cable to exit the caravan, should you want to use a free-standing solar panel, fitted outside the caravan. I hope that helps. Ash
  3. Hi Oldsalt, If you do need any more information about the location of the wiring, connector, etc. please just ask. Thanks, Ash
  4. Hi Oldsalt, I can't comment on the different types of panels available, but I can say that the harness and connector within your 2010 caravan will connect the panel directly to the leisure battery. I would suggest that this is the only correct way to charge the leisure battery on a Swift vehicle, and any panel and regulator should not be connected to any 12V socket or harness in the caravan (i. e. reversing the power flow back to the fusebox). The cable run (already installed) has been minimised to prevent excessive voltage drop, typically 0. 1V at 4A, and therefore, it would make sense to use this from the solar panel regulator to the battery. The harness has a connector already fitted (2-Way JST), and the other half can be purchased under part number 9817502, or via most electrical outlets, such as Maplins. I hope that helps. Ash
  5. Hi dacota, You don't need too and I really wouldn't recommend that you do as the plywood needs to breathe. The Plywood will withstand the normal the rigours of life without any need to do anymore. Hope this helps, Andy
  6. Asklowey, I agree we should be putting the bleed valve positions into our handbooks and will commit to this for next season. If any existing customers are unsure of the positions of their alde valves they can email me with their model, year and chassis number and we will advise via email, Thank you, Andy aspacey@swiftleisure. co. uk
  7. Yes it is Bill providing the warranty terms are met then it is fully transferable to the new owner, http://www. swiftgroup. co. uk/uploads/HandBooks/caravans/2010%20Tourer%20handbook/02%20Warranty. pdf Andy
  8. Hi, I don't know the answer but we will ask the question and get back to you next week, Thanks Andy
  9. Hi Duffy. We have referred this back to Alko and just to reasure you whilst its not normal it can happen from time to time and will not affect the braking performance. This should disappear once the brakes have bedded in. I notice from your mail that you have informed your supplying dealer and if the squealing persists Alko would be prepared to provide support to your dealer. Many Thanks Mick
  10. Decoration720, What you have said confuses me, providing your service record is up to date and in accordance with our warranty policies I don't understand why any warranty issues are not being covered as you intimate. If you want to send me examples I will gladly look into this, Andy
  11. Duffy It doesn't sound right. If you want to email me your details and a contact number I will get someone to look into this and call you tomorrow if you wish, Thanks Andy aspacey@swiftleisure. co. uk
  12. Hi Neil62, We have a number of wiring diagrams available, going back to the 1990's, which we can send to you. Please drop me a PM with your caravan details (age, model, etc) and e-mail address, and I'll e-mail it to you. Thanks, Ash
  13. DaveM I am sorry to read this I will raise this with Kerry and ask that she gets in touch, Thanks Andy
  14. Woody3, I am sorry that this will be your thirdwindow. At the time the MKII window was the fix for the problems of the MK1 window. Many of the MKII windows have not failed, however when we established there were some failings with the MKII windows too Polyplastic increased the cavity depth significantly to guarantee the fix (in hindsight this is something they should have been done on the MKII window version). All replacment windows sent out and in build are now MKIII windows. We have had no known failures of a MKIII window. Your dealer should be able to advise and show you this and reasure you. I am not aware of a MK4 window. Regards Andy.
  15. No, the front window issue which has been causing a mark between the panes to appear on some vans has been redesigned and all 2010 vans have the latest design. Thanks Andy
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