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  1. I want to clean the kitchen and bathroom wastepipes and would like to know if there’s a product that can be bought in a normal supermarket as I am in southern Spain at the moment. The only English supermarket I am now is Morrison’s, in Gibraltar. Also when I return home can anyone recommend a product that can be bought from a caravan shop. Thanks.
  2. Hi David, If only we had seen your (127 items) list when we first bought our caravan last year. It would have been of immense value to us to have it all spelled out. I must say I didn't quite realise just how much money had to be spent even after the caravan had been bought. My misguided mind seemed to think one could just sail off into the sunset but when it comes down to the nitty gritty there are an awful lot more items to be bought/brought from home and it can get quite expensive. What I would like to know is if we invested in a sky box would we be able to receive normal tv channels abroad and is any other equipment necessary?
  3. We've just been away for the weekend. Didn't get started until after 6pm on Friday evening and set off back at 7. 30pm last night. yes it was a bit of a pain packing everything up in the dark but the upside was that we had a good weekend. Stayed at a site near Basildon in Essex - not good as all the grassy areas were waterlogged and were roped off so used the so called 'hardstanding' area which was really a mud standing. I forgot to add that we have no intention of putting the van away for the winter. We will go away as often as we can.
  4. CJML

    Cris Documents

    It seems to be the luck of the draw. We collected our new van on 9th July and received our CRiS registration within a week with the correct details on it. Then yesterday we received another, identical document. From the previous posts that seems to be quite amazing!
  5. Hi Dazkim, Main reason for the change was the size of the bathroom. Other than that we were happy with the Cadiz. My wife is partially disabled and found the Cadiz bathroom just too small and we were in the fortunate position of being able to change without too much pain. Give me a call later if you are interested.
  6. Yesterday Paul (and Paul) from Tourershine came and worked their magic on our new Sterling Wayfarer. Although the van is only a week old there was a noticeable difference in the appearance and the finish. It is also reassuring to know that the paintwork is protected. I now also realise that I should have had the Bailey Cadiz treated - at least it would have been easier to clean when we p/x'ed it. Speaking of which have a look at my classifieds for a motor mover and a cover.
  7. Thanks guys. I would have just taken it back it to the dealer but that's 130 miles away. It is going back to them on 10th May but we want to go away a couple of times before that so I'll have to try the small screwdriver and pliers.
  8. We've recently come back from our first trip when we had some problems getting the awning through the rail. I've just been having a look at it and there is an excessive amount of sealant inside the rail at one of the brackets. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can clear this out so that I don't have to use so much brute force again?
  9. I know I'm going off topic a bit but don't be too nervous about towing. The first time I towed anything was when I collected our van from the dealer and faced a 130 mile drive (that was in February). I did the Caravan Club course the next day. I have since towed to Devon and back and its fine. Yes there is a lot more to caravanning than you initially realise so absorb as much as you can from the forum - I found it an invaluable source of info.
  10. We were in the Bedford branch earlier this week and were told that the Milton Keynes shop will have a 'soft' opening (whatever that may be) tomorrow. Whether its true or not I don't know!
  11. I had mine changed recently for £50 but he did say that if I had left it until April time it would have been £80.
  12. That's precisely why I posted the link. I know, SWMBO decided we should have one and bought it at the show.
  13. You can get the user manual at http://www. snooperneo. co. uk/UserManuals. cfm
  14. CJML

    Nec Caravan Show

    The bit that I forgot to mention about the Kampa Rally Air is that I nearly ordered one before the show and was going to include the electric pump on offer at £99. 99. Glad I didn't!!
  15. CJML

    Nec Caravan Show

    Went to the show on Wednesday courtesy of CT - Thank You and sorry we didn't make it to the stand. We enjoyed the show and could easily have spent another day there. Tried to avoid looking at too many caravans except a couple of motorhomes and a 5th wheel as we have only just taken delivery of our first one. We did look at the Eterniti but, for us, they priced themselves out of our range. It did prove to be the usual expensive trip as we ordered a towing cover at a good price and a Kampa Rally Air awning for which we were promised priority delivery (we'll see whether that's true!). I actually went one better than gooney171 and inflated the awning myself to understand how much effort is needed(20 strokes of the pump for the smaller version). Also ended up with a multitude of smaller items. Like some of the others we saw the Lotus Grill but at the October show and bought one but haven't used it yet. Got a slightly improved price as we were charged in Euros and the exchange rate was marginally better. Complaints: the lack of seating - again, and I admit to sitting at the side of an aisle. In total agreement with Surf01 about the disabled parking. SWMBO was OK on her own mobility scooter but I felt as if I had been on a forced march by the time I got to the hall. Now looking forward to our first trip in the new van next month with all the goodies that have been accumulated!
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