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  1. Hey everyone as well as caravan-breakers. com we now also own scrap-my-caravan. co. uk just wanted to you all know. I am posting in another thread a recomendation of one of our favourit caravan and camping sites at Dornbirn Austria I'll edit this post if I can and place a link to it. Heres the link to Dornbirn and Bregenz post it's number five on the list, you will enjoy the area if make it part of your travel plans whether in a caravan tent or motorhome.
  2. arie5119


    When you need to get rid of your old caravan we offer a FREE scrap yards recycling service at http:/www.scrap-my-caravan.co.uk Then we resell all the parts and save fellow caravan owners lot's of cash and maybe you next time you need a part for you replacement caravan.
  3. Hin shipbroker yes your right I neglected to mention this. One thing I must remember to mention is my dicovery of how to make cheap videos to promote your business, event caravan park website etc. Check out fiverr it's great people will make you videos like these, right pages for websites do graphic and picture work and just about anything else for five dollars(£3. 45) ish it's unbelievable but true take a peep.
  4. Hi sorry for the delay the site is called Camping in der Enz, just want to say we going to Austria again this summe,r camping again not with a caravan and we may if we have time call in to this site again, only problem is so much else to see in Austria. Thanks for the interest in our trip the caravan-breakers. com team
  5. Well said Huff and Commander Dave, you never know when the pack will come in handy and you can not damage your ECU jumping a fellow traveler with it. The caravan team
  6. Another one we want to share is the places we nearly missed, Brompton caravan park Hope this helps someone, the team at caravan breakers. com
  7. Well we had a great time at Brompton On Swale Caravan Park on this site we had loads of facilities and the area is full of historic stuff if your interested, if not the area offers excelent scenery even better pubs and pub grub and the people are very friendly. The team at www. caravan-breakers. com
  8. Hi jongeorge to clean caravan carpets and at home I have used the rug doctor hire service at b&q costs about £24 for 24 hours plus a bottle of cleaner, last time we did the caravan and the whole ground floor of the house not bad for about 34 smackeroo's. The team at www. caravan-breakers. com
  9. Source: My Favourite European Site
  10. Hi guys just to say the best caravan and camping site we have stayed at in Europe is a little place just 10 minutes from the 3rd biggest lake in Europe (and in our opinion the best) Lake Constance this fantastic lake sits between 3 Countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland, it's about a mile from the Rolls Royce Museum, over the road from the base of a great cable car with a (great view from the top) and just up the road from a local riverside sunspot resort. From the waterfront we took a little boat ride across Lake Constance. We planned for a 2 night stop over and stayed 4 night
  11. After reading the thread about no one offering a jump start in the teaming rain I think a good booster pack just incase of flat battery. The team at www. caravan-breakers. com
  12. How about carry a one of those packs that you keep charged for jump starting, I know it's a bit of extra wieght but better than rely on the once great British public who are quite often to worried about getting into some bother to help. The team at www. caravan-breakers. com
  13. Hi all just to put my 2 penerth in, for anyone wanting a cheap way in to caravaning as a hobby don't for get us caravan breakers we all often sell on caravans we take in that we think are to good for breaking, some we sell for under £1000 very popular as you say with anyone wanting a easy way to have a change from camping and find out the pleasures of being under a mobile roof. The team at www. caravan-breakers. com
  14. Nice article by Mechs on her blog about rebuilding a damp damaged unwanted caravan I enjoyed reading it, it just reinforces my own way of thinking when I along with my family decided to start a caravan breakers, we made this decision after a 5 week camping holiday around Europe the year before last it was a way of getting away from everything for me as I had just lost my wife to cancer. Anyway it turned out to be much more than a holiday we got the bug for the way of life and are going again this year in the school holidays. It was also the inspiration for us to start a website and b
  15. Best holiday we ever had camping rekindled the old living under the stars outlook on life.
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