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  1. Its very hard for we customers who pay the whopping Calor price hikes to fathom out the Calor business strategy. Unprecedented? demand for 6K bottles for 2 years. Response-demand not met. The bottles are quite straightforward items to manufacture. Has a decision been made demand post covid will shrink hence excess bottles in the market will lead to a reduction in price.
  2. If you are coming to Scotland bring a full 6kg Calor or reserve a bottle here. Based on my experience last year-and-last week! Finally after ringing a dozen suppliers tracked down supplies at Russells Edinburgh http://www.russellgas.co.uk/ Calor have done nothing in 2 years to solve the shortage. In fairness the other propane suppliers have no bottles either!
  3. Users of woodburning stoves have a tendancy to buy stoves much bigger than their requirements. As an indication of the heat output of these stoves the Carron Ironworks https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carron_Company produced a flat pack stove for the migrants heading west in their covered waggons😊. I saw one of these stoves in a visit to their museum 30 years ago the stove was tiny -less than 1 cubic foot in size.
  4. Hi all my Swift Conqueror is presently stored for the winter. I removed its 5 year old dead battery during the easing of the lock down several weeks ago. Its new battery lies fully charged in my garage. Not only is the temperature going down to -7C and lower up here but its going to be like that for several more days. We have bright sunlight most days just now so the solar panel will be active. Will the lack of battery have any detrimental effect apart from no charge to the alarm battery?
  5. I tow my 1660 K Swift Conqueror 560 with my 4x4 Seat Taracco diesel. Your big problem-apart from relative weights-is going to be noseweight. Reccomendations in the Seat literature are vague to say the least. Variously in my drivers hand book 80 kilos-85 kilos and never exceed 100 kilos.
  6. Unfortunately there are 4 different sizes! My Swift Conqueror has the biggest wheel size that fits-so only the biggest carrier would do. Regarding old and new I will be sliding it out annually so a new one should slide out for five seasons at least. By then I will be 79-old enough for cruise liners😂.
  7. Just spent £126 on a spare wheel carrier for my Swift Conqueror. Never liked the spare wheel located right at the back of the caravan under the bed. Now its low down behind the axle improving stability. I agree that its a pain sliding it out and lubricating the slides every year-which is not recommended by AL-KO. You do not need to bother sliding it out in a flat tyre situation just remove the split pins and pull the carrier plus wheel out. It was not easy to fit by disabled me but I got there by balancing the spare wheel and carrier on my 2 ton trolley jack😊. The instructions are useless. The RAC person will have to cope with using it in the event of a flat tyre. Weight of mine is 7.5 kilos.
  8. ancell

    Mobility car

    Motability vehicle insurance contract is the same length of time as the contract-3 years. In my experience its been extended 3 times due to the replacement vehicle not being built before contract end. You must identify ALL drivers who intend to drive the vehicle. Only named drivers are insured. The rules have been tightened in recent years because of serious abuse of the system eg named drivers living in London claiming to drive a vehicle"used" in Glasgow. There is now a geographical limit on named drivers.
  9. ancell

    Mobility car

    Now on our 4th motability vehicle ie Citroen Picasso Grand Ford Galaxy Citroen Picasso Grand Seat Taracco 4x4 150hp diesel To qualify for Motability you need to be on the highest level of mobility disability. Vehicle comes complete with Full service for three year contract. Replacement of tyres. Glass replacement. RAC cover breakdown-recovery-accident recovery. Towing considerations. Our caravan is 1660K MTPL so very few motability cars can tow this weight. Just changed to our very impressive new tug Seat Taracco so up to date on Motability requirements. First you can specify a factory fitted tow bar. Downside-you are going to wait 6 months plus on it being built! Second you must inform Motability you intend to have a tow bar fitted. It cannot be D-I-Y😊. Get advice on tow bar fitters my local Ford dealers "approved fitter" was out of his depth on modern electronics. You now MUST phone the insurance company and inform them you have fitted a tow bar. Are caravan flat tyres covered by RAC cover-No/but Yes. The RAC sub contract cover in rural areas and in my experience the recovery garage has been quite happy to change wheels-always carry an inflated spare😊. Damage-ALWAYS contact the RAC. They are the arbiter on the vital repair time-if it goes over 24hours you will get a replacement hire car. In my experience in the same day of breakdown! Modern tow bars are not cheap! Mine cost £575 including removable tow ball. I always have dedicated electrics fitted ever since my experience with the Ford Galaxys non dedicated loom. Remember its always good practice to follow guidelines regarding "running in" miles before towing as stated in your vehicle hand book-in the Teraccos case its 500K. I did 50 but its not advisable.
  10. I have been holidaying in the Valle Gran Rey for three decades of winter sun. The track that was covered in cliff fall is well known as being unstable to the locals. The people that use it are tourists completely unfamiliar with the islands dangers. Unfortunately the track is very convenient to the harbour beach and the excellent sea food restaurants. Parking space is non existant so the unwary park on the narrow unstable track. There are fallen rocks all over the place the dangers are obvious. Rock falls are common 30 years ago you would drive around a corner and find half the road had fallen a thousand feet into the sea. The warning was a white painted line around the rim😊
  11. We tour in Scotland you can forget antenna reception on the sites we use for reliable reception eg anywhere along the west side of the Kintyre peninsula unless you like the dire offerings of Irish tv(in our opinion) Its got to satellite for us postcoded for our own local area of course😊 From the theft point of view ebay dish £26 quad LNB £16 Satgear tripod £20 inc cover. 3 seasons use who would pinch that set up? Connected to Humax twin tuner and very heavy Panasonic tv.
  12. Now done several hundred towing miles towing our Swift Conqueror 560 MTPL 1660K. Moved the spare wheel under floor to assist stability-it sat right against back wall under fixed bed. Needed to shift stuff around to get down to maximum nose weight of 80K ( hand book is vague it states max 80k on one page and never exceed 100K on another? I fly RC aircraft on our local RAF base this requires using about 2 miles of VERY off road tracks in offroad mode the Taracco deals with the mud grass broken tarmac and pot holes no problem.
  13. Dash camera s push SD cards hard as the card must cope with deletion of old files while almost simultaneously storing new files. My experience with SD cards bought on fleabay etc is they either upset the camera or do not work or both. Buying SD cards from Asda Tesco Curry s etc have solved my SD card problems. I am currently running front and back Next base cameras supplied by Halfords and wired in behind door and window gaskets. Cameras now on their 3rd year.
  14. Club sites in Scotland? Read the Covid rules for up here. It appears I can caravan within my area West Lothian. Do nt know if the gate on our CASSOA Gold site will be in electronic lock down from today though.
  15. Plus Boris s dad Stanley Not forgetting Jeremy Corbyn Or Margaret Ferrier (SNP MP) Or Nicola s Chief Medical Adviser Dr Catherine Calderwood. These are the one s caught out-so far😊
  16. Just get the frying pan out a smear of butter or oil bung in the bread turn on gas/electric-perfect toast. As taught to me during my sail boat racing days 5 decades ago😊.
  17. . Having had 4 new tow cars in the last decade I have had first hand experience of "specialist" tow bar fitters attempts at tow bar wiring. Fortunately for me my last 3 tow bars have been fitted by Stephen of City Tow Bars and Electrics https://www.citytowbarsandelectrics.co.uk/ sub contracted from PF Jones for last two and now directly by him. My first experience of dodgy fitters was by the Ford "reccomended" local fitter. He was completely out of his depth with modern car electrics/electronics. Consequently my Ford Galaxy never liked towing our caravan and constantly acted up electrically under tow eg "seeing" the tow ball-rear camera activation. Last month our new tug Seat Tarraco 4x4 2 litre diesel had its tow bar fitted. This needed programming of the cars electronics. A removable tow ball was fitted to eliminate the possibility of it being "seen" by the numerous sensors on the car. The power supply for the caravan required the removal of the front left hand binnacle-I suspect cowboys would just take power from the boot area. Cost £575. 1000 tug miles on no problems and I have the luxury of repeater caravan indicators when hitched telling me caravan electrics are connected.
  18. Ahh the Truma fire thread goes on😂😂😂. What a useful mine of information Caravan Talk is. Our Truma fire wobbles on-but-not with us😀. Our Swift Conqueror 560 has just been stored for winter. Three seasons from new with us and still containing irritating faults of British Hand Building. But at least the Alde central heating boiler is securely mounted😀. Pity about the Dometic fridge shelves-now on our 3rd set. And the pull out front bed not pulling out-missing gasket. And the blemished front grab rails. And the faulty shower control. And the LED lights not working on one side-still not fixed. But at least when the front Heki skylight blew off in a storm in storage the all plastic Conqueror was none the worse for the rain pouring in for days. Glad to see the back of Truma blown air heating now on silent central heating-when the header tank level is above the maxi,um level that is😊.
  19. Problem with finding the Astra 28.2 series of satellites is you need TWO parameters to get a picture😀. 1 signal strength any cheap meter will buzz away getting louder as you hit the satelite and as you tilt the dish up and down to get maximum volume. But you might not get a picture. Unless 2 you have a high enough quality of signal-about 70% on my SF500 sat finder gets a picture. I found after years of entertaining fellow caravanners in the rain waving my dish around the purchase of a sat finder dedicated or programmed to find only the Astra 28.2 got almost instant results. Others have found the signal only £15 meter works for them-not in my experience. A dedicated meter will give you both signal strength and quality cost about £60 upwards. My SF500 was available for £30 on ebay-but you have to programme it to find the Astra satelites as its set up for use in Asia.
  20. I expect 2021 to be pretty much like 2020 for us up here. I am not having my winter sun in the Canaries-again. I expect the virus to be controlling our caravanning till july 2021 just like this year🙁. Fortunately for us we have caravanned in the remoter areas of Scotland for many decades so virus rates have been very low where we pitch. We are aware we are travelling from central Scotland to low virus areas so we are mindful of that. We buy local fuel food and gas plus eat out daily to help the local economy-and we like it😊. We have not been caravanning abroad for decades so the logistical nightmares of foreign caravanning will not concern us next year.
  21. Probably 10 years ago. 5 years ago got a self seeking lnb and matching box. Now got the SF 500 set to Astra 28.2 £35-ebay 40cm dish £26 -Satgear tripod £20 - sky quad lnb £16 - plus dual cable coupled to Humax twin tuner. Had an unsatisfactory season this year with digital terrestial tv using Humax 4000T triple tuner so it looks like satellite tv is going to be our first choice next season. Why is it almost always raining when I am setting up the dish? I consider tv reception like 3-4G reception its an almost a must have.
  22. Yes and AL-KO provide the carrier preassembled-in my case-wrongly. Failure to grease the slides and slide out the spare at least once per season will render the carrier inoperable. All you need to do is remove the split pins on the offside and drop the now useless carrier of course😀.
  23. I was concerned I lacked the physical strength to lift the wheel in the carrier while positioning it. Similarly I wrongly assumed fitting the big centre retainer and wheel stud would be almost impossible with the wheel loose on the carrier-it was rather easy in reality. Yes RAC help is part of my Motability lease package. Theoretically it does not cover the caravan but in the remote regions we caravan in the contract is subbed to garages who get paid for my call out and on that basis have been quite happy so far to change my one and only explosive flat. I have found the RAC in general incredibly helpful on my Motability call outs including an 18 month old U/S battery change on the spot. Having had umpteen wheel changes in my 50+ years of driving wheel changes by the roadside are now beyond me.We try to complete our tow before 5 pm or at least in daylight-no winter caravanning for us-in fact caravan will go into winter storage this week-hopefully
  24. I was surprised at how easily the spare wheel carrier can be lowered and the wheel removed. Unlike my previous 10 year old version😀. Of course both caravan tyres were fully inflated. I will not be changing tyres that task will be left to the RAC person😀. It will be intersting to find if the new location has any effect on caravan stability in high winds next season. The spare wheel was located on the floor under the bed right at the back not a good location.
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