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  1. It probably will affect the service station facilities on the M1 which runs through it.
  2. I see the C&CC and the C&MH clubs have both got several articles on places to go up here so it looks like the midges will not be going hungry this year if both clubs expectations of a Scottish Staycation is a reality. Just got an email from one of our favourite sites https://fraserburghcampsite.wixsite.com/fraserburgh-campsite its on the esplanade so it always has a midge defeating breeze. Its opening on the 15th july. We always book in advance to try and ensure a sea view pitch. Glovers fish and chips wonderful wee ex-fishing villages Pennan Gardenstown Crovie see the Eurofighters fly over the beach tea room at Lossiemouth visit the lighthouse museum.
  3. The good news is midge top speed is 4mph so although the west coast is blighted by them there are very few days when the wind is light. We go for beach sites so over 50 years only had midge problems at Ullapool Loch Morlich and Ullapool. At Ullapool the midges wear wrist watches bang on 7 pm we close the caravan door and are entertained by the campers trying to have their tea outside. We caravan at the height of the midge season and have learned to live with them-or rather-without them-by closing the caravan door. We are pet free so do not have to run the gauntlet of dog walking. I would imagine a dog could carry a fair number of midges into the awning and caravan.
  4. Booked C&MH site at Brora today for last week in august. We are requested to use our caravan shower and toilet if possible.
  5. The Guardian claims Scottish sites are opening on July 4th. However. The latest edict states self catering accomodation and accomodation with no shared facilities will open on the 4th. I interpret that to mean caravan/camp pitches with no shared facilities. Perhaps sites will open on the 4th with padlocked loos until the 15th?
  6. Our new 2017 Swift Conqueror 560 front chromed plastic grab handles had surface blemishes the "chrome" had pin holes through it. They were replaced by the dealer-so far no blemishes.
  7. Yup lots of wriggle room in that document for the Scottish Govt. EG Big Announcement. "Sites should prepare to reopen second week in july 12th or 15th depending on source. But-you are only allowed non specified "local travel" So how do you travel to the site as we will be in Phase 2 ?
  8. Have you read this? https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-what-you-can-and-cannot-do/ You will read that we are in Stage 1 travel radius 5 miles Phase 2 presumably from july 12th when Scottish sites have been told to prepare for opening sadly the topic of travel any distance within Scotland-still off limits-undefined "local driving" only Phase 3 hopefully 3 weeks later-early august finally we get to drive anywhere you want to. Phase 4-next year? mass gatherings etc. All partially explained in the annex to the above here https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-framework-decision-making-scotlands-route-map-through-out-crisis/pages/7/
  9. Yes but no details on who can travel-and-how far. At present we are still restricted to travelling within a 5 mile radius up here. The quarantine regulations indicate that most customers will be from the UK. A boom in tent-caravan-motorhome sales coming up? approx 750000 hotel b&b etc beds being chased by several million desparate for a holiday families?
  10. What an amazing and sad story. How prophetic that the company discovered in 2004 that the Chinese had penetrated the company a decade previously and had been stealing info all that time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nortel
  11. I got this seasons insurance for my £27000 caravan from C&MH for just over £200. No wheel clamp required! Two security devices must be used including factory fitted alarm. Three days maximum on driveway at home at any one time. Stored in CASSOA gold facility. I take first £500 of any claim. New for old. C&CC club wanted £500-wheel clamp must be fitted. Nil excess. New for old. It pays to shop around.
  12. Up here in Livingston if you use taxis then you sit in the back seat and are separated from the driver by a plastic screen. Gaffer tape and polythene might be a solution? I am considering this as I am required to ferry a relative to the Western General for a series of eye injections.
  13. In Germany when you pass the 130K sign with a diagonal line through it you can drive at any "safe" speed you choose😀
  14. In my five decades of experience with Scottish Planning and Building Control I have found the best plan is to approach them FIRST before you do anything. A strategy that many builders and d-i-yers ignore😀. I have found them to be very helpful including obtaining planning permission and building-a house on "recreational land". You must be realistic regarding what you can do on "agricultural land". Farmers can build houses for their "workers" and site statics for them to but the regulations must be adhered to. I suspect there are even more stringent rules in Essex and many "environmentally concerned" locals willing to report anything you do to the relevant local authorities.
  15. I have cycled 16000 miles in 14 countries on my folding recumbent trike. The only time I have been deliberately run off the road was within a 30 minute bike ride from my home and that was by a 16 ton Levenseat quarry truck. The UK needs cycling to come back ASAP but as you state its just not going to happen🙁. We are addicted to driving our cars-perhaps thats why half the population is overweight? On OP saw lots of under 40s walking around in Livingston yesterday on my bike ride- no oldies.
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