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  1. ancell

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    No it was NOT dirt cheap! It was RELATIVELY a LOT more expensive than today. In 1962 70%+ of UK households had no car. By 2016 that had fallen to just over 20%! We have never been so well off😂😂
  2. ancell

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Yup Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser😀 I read somewhere both are more “economical” these days?
  3. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    Not according to the-already updated😀-advice on the yougov web site https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prepare-to-drive-in-the-EU-after-brexit mond you it might be updated next week.
  4. Got a letter this morning about the fire and drawing our attention to 1 the requirement for the stored unit to be insured. 2 the requirement for gas cylinders to be removed over winter storage. 3 the requirement to ensure you inform them of any unit change. Must admit this is the first time I have bothered about their T&Cs Is there best practice regarding indicating the gas cylinder is not installed?
  5. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    Well yes&no! The problem is insurance is only insurance when it does not run up against EU members agreed procedures-eg a road collision outwith the UK but within the EU. You will be in a grey area-as things stand today. If it’s a low value collision I suspect the claim will just proceed. My tug&caravan are worth at least £50000 plus third party damage eg a relative crashed into an electrical distribution unit in France-he got a bill for €30000! Fortunately he found his MOT( insurer tried to deny liability) I personally think for travellers-except truckies-the biggest EU travelling problems for 2019 will be the same as last year ie The French Unions enthusiasm for striking anywhere-anytime-apart from their holidays in August of course😀 The German unions have form in this area to. I have booked my Easyjet flight to Tenerife-hire car from Autoriesen(dirt cheap £135 for 2 weeks)-apartment Air b&b all in the middle of the 29th. Mind you no pets no tug no caravan/motorhome.
  6. The Alko hitch lock is the one to go for. We have had the same one in use for 5 years now. We tow with it fitted when we are going to have a break en route. It will deter casual attempted thefts as well as any other.
  7. ancell

    Biggest loss in Indian history!

    Relative had a Mk1 Ford Mexico fitted with twin twin choke Weber’s. We used them for our track cars but they were a nightmare on the road! The float springs were a weakness in the design float/s could drop carb flood woops car gone in a heartbeat. Not forgetting the temptation to remove the air cleaners to hear the mighty induction roar-until a foreign object is sucked into the engine.
  8. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    How can they know how EU international law will apply to us after the 29th? The Answer is-they cannot. Unless of course we have an agreement before then😂😂😂😂
  9. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    Are we heading for another Brexit🔒here😂. I am covered by Red Pennant travel insurance. I will be in the Canaries on the 29th. Coming home 3rd April. As I have posted often on these threads no one knows what will happen after the 29th regarding UK citizens travelling in Europe-including anything the insurance companies say-who have taken-want to take-your cash😀. At the present time nothing is known. Perhaps it will be by the 29th. Crystal ball anyone? Any guidance here from the spirit world? Anyway I am not letting a trifle like Brexit get in the way of my winter sun. I speak as an honours graduate in international economics-honours subject-that’s right-the EU - plus two decades teaching the topic. Apparently I know nothing😂😂.
  10. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    Yup the 94 year old was covered for travel/medical with Red Pennant. I claimed on the EHIC from our UK govt. I assumed there was no point in claiming the balance of approx £600 from Red Pennant on the basis that it had been refused by HM govt. And I had run out of interest/energy in pursuing the balance.
  11. ancell

    Insurance cover abroad

    Just be aware it’s awfully easy to run up substantial medical bills abroad. 94 year old in-laws tripped and fell broke 2 fingers. It cost 27€ every time she visited the doc-physio-xrays-bandages splint hospital visits-totalled almost €1000. Covered by EHIC😂😂😂😂 Spent 2 days filling in the claim form-invented by Kafka. UK govt pays out 30% on average-got £300 back. This took place in France while covered by Red Pennant travel insurance.
  12. ancell

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    Exactly. Our new 2017 Swift Conqueror 540 had only one obvious minor fault the front grab rail finish covers were blemished. When the dealer told me they were contacting Swift to put it right I just kept quiet. The covers were replaced at our convenience. Similarly 2 years on an irritating fault has finally been identified the front bed pull out slats jam because the housing needs a modified component. Its taken two seasons because we only use the front bed once per annum. Again getting put right at our convenience end of the month. Like yourself it’s a 30 mile round trip-fortunately right next door is a Scottish Jewel The Lanark Valley beautifull 52 weeks in the year so we enjoy dropping off and picking up. Great to see all the new greenhouses as we are now willing to pay premium prices for Scottish tomatoes and soft fruit.
  13. ancell

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Problem is you no sooner produce the list and it’s out of date the cafe scene being sooo dynamic. The Wife and I spent the first half of our life walking past cafe s restaurants and hotels being permanently short of cash😀 We have been dedicated to making up for lost time since my retirement in 1994. Tip for a visit to “the bridges” at Queensferry. Under the old road bridge is Port Edgar Marina and fronting it with grandstand views is an excellent new restaurant Scott’s-not to be missed https://www. scotts-southqueensferry. co. uk/
  14. I can get The Wife’s Windows 10 lap top to recognise and display all the recordings on the Humax 4000T PVR and I can get my 32 gig SD card recognised. The software allows a recording to be dragged over to the SD card but not dropped.
  15. Spoke to the owner today she told me the authorities have ruled out arson but cannot determine the vehicle that started the fire. 27 units lost outright-burnt to ash only steel components surviving. Several units-motorhomes and caravans have suffered heat damage-distorted windows and body panels-in addition several smoke damaged units. Several were uninsured!-many are trying to discover the unit responsible-they have no chance of discovering that the way things stand at the present time.