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  1. The Seat Alhambra diesel has towed our Swift Conqueror 560 1680K MTPLM for three seasons no problem up hills like Berriedale Braes https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/berriedale/berriedale/index.html I tow with the six speed semi auto in Sport mode it easily copes with the Highland roads and our usual motorways M80-90-8-74-6-61-62-A1M—M1 to name our most travelled roads. I would like 4 wheel drive as we have been snowed in for 3 years out of the last 6 for 2-3 weeks at a time it has not happened for the last 2 winters so the snow is due.
  2. The local Ford dealer was pure Fawlty Towers. The salesmen I spoke to had nil detailed knowledge of the Galaxy. The attitude was “our cars sell themselves” We did get to see a Galaxy but were not allowed to sit in it😂😂. They we’re correct though I did choose the Galaxy 60000 miles with nil faults towing my Swift Challenger 540. Tow bar electrics allowed the rear sensors to “see” the tow ball-unresolved.
  3. Similarly 50 years of caravanning never been stopped while towing by the polis for anything😀. Thats towing to John O Groats and Lands End(almost) plus several towing trips to Europe. I personally know of no one being stopped for weights checks. In addition towed boats stock cars race cars loaded car trailers etc. The stock cars were towed on race days for several seasons never a polis man in sight apart from track side restraining disgruntled competitors😂😂.
  4. Correct😂. I think we would have needed a sheep dog and several hours in hand to walk the kids to school. In 1956 age 9 I was in charge of getting my brother and sister to school every day the school was 1 mile from home. There were two routes boring pavements or over the fields including fording the local stream so on dry days we would cross the stream and on rainy days we would go on the pavement. Occasionaly our dog would escape and follow us to school😀. Much better fun than a boring car journey.
  5. Our local dealer does not make it clear that all trade ins are “subject to workshop inspection” hence my friend lost £1000 on his newish trade in on a “roof leak”. We bought from Duncan’s Caravans Wishaw. They have a very straightforward practice. The salesman gives a budget price on your caravan-unseen- Mr Duncan subsequently visited us inspected the caravan interior-no damp meter-named a trade in price and shook hands on the deal-job done😀.
  6. Just spent a week with the most brain dead drivers in the UK! I am of course referring to the drivers dropping of and picking up their kids at Batley Grammar School!! The most dangerous and thoughtless driving I have experienced in 14 countries over 1 million miles of driving.
  7. Having built two boats from marine ply sadly the only difference between marine ply and other forms of ply is the glue is waterproof. The plywood layers are not. So any failure in the waterproof coating or any form of fixing through the plywood and the moisture will get in and spread through the voids in the ply layers as well as the porous wood. Not a problem confronting my plastic Swift Conqueror floor. Or as our caravan technician sez you do nt need a damp meter you will see puddles if it leaks. He was right the water flowed over the floor when a storm plucked the front Heki roof light out.
  8. The local Ford dealer was absolutely clueless about the Ford Galaxy-and-even less about towbars😂😂. Right from my first phone call about the seats folding flat they had no idea😀. It was like Fawlty Towers On 4 wheels. My Ford Galaxy did 60000 miles with me including 2 trips to the Med. Nil faults-except for the sensors-just as well. Their general car servicing was first class-perhaps they needed the service staff to train up the sales department. Had two Citroen Picasso Grands since then both had tow bar wiring problems which PF Jones solved. The modern vehicle wiring harness appears not to be designed for tow bar harness extensions-that includes harnesses fitted during construction.
  9. It’s that time again my Motability 3 year contract is ending for my excellent Seat Alhambra 2 litre diesel. Tempted by VW Wolfburgs new “Seat” Taracco. On paper it looks ideal for pulling my 1680MTPLM Swift Conqueror 560. 5+2 seats 187 BHP auto box 7 speed DSG kerb weight 1770K towing limit 2300K 4 wheel drive. It comes with a shed load of extras unlike its rather bare VW brethren and of course Seat price for VW quality. Anyone driven one? I do not expect to get a test drive Ford would not even let me sit in a Galaxy😂😂😂.
  10. My Ford Galaxy had front and rear sensors. I wondered why it had a big prominent button on the dash to switch them off. I was not long in finding that out😂😂. Used the Ford recommended fitter to supply and fit twin electrics (dedicated) plus Witter removable ball tow bar. The rear sensors repeatedly were set off by the tow ball when fitted despite a harness change and several attempts to remedy by the fitter.
  11. 2017 Swift Conqueror 560 from new. Just completed 3rd season. Last season a storm plucked 4 Heki roof lights out of the stored caravans on our CASSOA gold site. We were in France the rain poured in for several days before it was sealed. This would have written off a conventional ply floor porous composite wall caravan. New Heki fitted van carefully dried out-result? No floor panel or carpet damage-no electrical damage. Faults to date 1 blistering of chrome on front grab handles-replaced. 2 now on our 3rd set of Dometic fridge door shelves-we have ever travelled with them filled. 3 delamination of finish strip on sealed upper front window-glued down 4 scoring on n/s brake drum-replaced. 5 Just failed Sergeant alarm-replaced. We are happy with caravan but it’s heavy 1680K
  12. For the last 10 years all my Motability(lease) vehicles including Picasso Grand and present Seat Alhambra have required the removal of the main rear crossmember which is replaced with the towbar-might have included my Ford Galaxy. Its hard to believe that such a change could have a periphal effect on your insurance -if you do not inform your insurer. I always ask Motabilities permission to fit a tow bar by telephone then confirm by email in which I give the car registration it’s towing capacity the tow bar company PF Jones supply&fit and my caravan type model and MTPLM. I use PF Jones ever since the Ford main dealers recommended fitter did an unsatisfactory job on the Ford Galaxy.
  13. Isabella Loke for us. https://www.isabella.net/uk/accessories/furniture/details/loke Not very portable-or lightweight at 5 kilos + But very comfy. Now on their 3rd season. We keep ours in a travel bag behind us in the Seat Alhambra just in case a picnic site appears.
  14. Last year my 2017 Swift Conqueror cost under £250 to insure with C&MH restrictions were alarm used and one other device. This year premium up by £20+ but only alarm required. Includes reduction from 1st £500 of any claim to £250. No contents. New for old. Its rather better than the £500 I paid for year 1 with the C&CC😀. They certainly saw me coming😂😂
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