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  1. Got Swift Command on our 2017 Swift Conqueror. On ours it’s just a waste of time 1 it’s very fiddly connecting up every time-signing in etc. 2 Bluetooth connection unreliable on connecting 3 Bluetooth connection drops out We just use manual control
  2. Whoops the 🔑 is turning in the 🔒😀
  3. My late 90s Ellis’s Typhoon had soft wall board above the front windows. D-I-Y repair involved complete replacement of all three timber window frames plus new window rubbers. The material cost was less than £200. The actual work of careful removal fabrication of window frames and reinstallation took me two full weeks of labour. Cash was short way back then and I had plenty of time 12 weeks holiday per annum so it was well worth doing as it provided another 4 years of use before selling on. Does your caravan have any non opening windows? If so check the lower alloy outer skin carefully as deterioration is common. I repaired mine at the same time.
  4. My Sony Cybershot bridge camera has a 63 times magnification built in Carl Zeuss zoom lens. Its very easy to use if a trifle bulky I leave it in the car so it’s always to hand. I keep it in a compact camera case just open case turn on point and shoot. I always use the viewfinder as the light usually renders the screen pretty useless. The autofocus is pretty slow on full zoom which limits its use for anything moving faster than a fishing boat I have seldom found this a limiting factor for the photos I take.
  5. The UK government pays out an average of 30% on EHIC claims. Thats what My 90+ relative got last year after breaking her fingers in France-cost roughly 1000€ in physio hospital fees doctors bills x rays etc.
  6. The massive plus on free sat is the very easy to use Electronic Programme Guide. The Humax is reckoned to make the best use of the EPG. eg you can put all your regional BBC programmes in favourites then no looking through all the regional variations.
  7. Problem is from what I can google full frame cameras cost £700-£3000 not including 63 zoom.
  8. I use a £26 sky dish 60 cm just up the road from Machrihanish(you could get away with 40cm) using a “Sky” quad LNB£15 coupled to a Humax twin tuner box with 500 gb hard disc £75-£120 using twin coax cable. The dish is mounted on a Satgear tripod£20. I use an SF500 satfinder preset to find ONLY the 28.2 “Sky” series of satellites( one behind other). Using this set up I can find the satellite and get a picture in under a minute-after 10-15 minutes setting up cables tripod and dish. The Humax box allows recording two channels or watching one recording another. Forgot the tripod so for 3 weeks dish mounted on 2nd hand shovel handle£1 supported by plant support stake lashed by bootlace.
  9. If you do not mind the third rate tv pumped out by BBC Ireland terrestrial tv will be fine on Kintyre. The Wife and I like BBC Scotland radio and she likes BBC Scotland TV so the satellite dish is a must on the west coast of Kintyre. £30 is a bargain-unless it’s a toy plastic dish in a suitcase they are useless on Kintyre you need a metal dish £26 for a Sky dish on eBay.
  10. Are you claiming France is not the most popular destination on the planet? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Tourism_rankings Got My US numbers from lost source but they were wrong yours are correct-well US anyway😂 On reflection tourist number presentation appears to be a dodgy art-but-France is leading-at the moment. Great stuff😀 Do you mean French caravan sales?
  11. There are 500000 mobile caravans in the UK. Thats between a million and two million plus UK citizens holidaying in caravans. Motorhome sales are booming roughly matching caravan sales around here(Scottish Central belt) In the last 5 years you can forget turn up-get a pitch-on our favourite sites. Static sales are booming. Looks like our favourite pastime is very popular in the UK
  12. Hope you have more luck than the several expat French property owners I know. Nightmares trying-and failing-to sell their properties as they want to return to the UK.
  13. Sony DSC H 400 bridge camera for me 63 zoom very easy to use. Point auto focus(hold shutter half way down) and shoot. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/cyber-shot-compact-cameras/dsc-h400 bought mine used £150. Only drawback it drains batteries so I have 3(£10 on eBay) plus cheap separate charger. I seldom use the big digital screen prefer the viewfinder. Its great for getting those dots in the picture eg seals fishing boats sea eagles robins etc. Bought as it had the most powerful on board zoom at the time.
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