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  1. Insurance companies give discount for the Alko wheel lock. It would take a minute or two more to remove it rather than the usual external “leg” type lock. This lock will certainly deter a casual thief. Easy for a tooled up mobile thief with a waiting buyer. I always fit ours on our driveway and on all our pitches.
  2. No problem regarding theft at Brora this year-The water board have dug up the only road in and then gone off on holiday😂😂 That is according to the site owner next door. 82 and still beating her carpets every day😀
  3. Yes that’s the point regarding security you want to make your caravan a less attractive target and move the thief on to an easier option. I have not passed on specific tips on removing security devices just pointing out that thieves have a specific-tooled up-mind set regarding their full time passion for stealing our caravans😀. To put minds to rest let me repeat 555000 mobile caravans in the UK(read it somewhere) and number stolen annually varies between 7000 and under 10000 depending on whose stats you use so chances of theft are pretty low. Especially in the hot weather we are having just now. Not in Brora of course it had its private rain cloud for the last two weeks😀. People get careless in the heat and leave keys lying about and doors/windows open.
  4. Ohhh no it’s not!! It is slightly more difficult than all those that have a dead easy to remove external bar that goes from the wheel centre-like my old bulldog wheel lock-off in a jiffy-with the right tool. Mind you the insurance companies buy Alko's claims for its lock.
  5. Obviously you have not read my posts on this thread😂😂 I bought-and tried my best-to use-the L&L! My Alko wheel lock is the modern design that uses a custom fit lozenge that fits EXACTLY into the sculpted alloy wheel. There is no flexibility regarding lining up the wheel and chassis. Then you add the L&L centre must sit directly under the wheel centre. Glad you can achieve all that in under 5 minutes. Its beyond me😂😂
  6. OP was regarding using L&L with Alko wheel lock. This lock must line up within 1-3mm of the receiver to get the wheel lozenge a snug fit in the wheel. Putting the L&L on the ground and driving onto it will not work. You MUST have the L&L centre line directly below the wheel centre-with the wheel exactly lined up with the Alko receiver on the caravan chassis. All this accomplished after a 4 hour pull in British Weather😂😂 Note that is just for one wheel! the poster must deal with two.
  7. Nope! My £25000 caravan is insured by C&MH for under £300 no contents £500 excess. Two security methods employed including alarm stored CASSOA Gold driveway cover three consecutive nights any one visit. No Alko wheel lock required.
  8. Used to laugh at the C&CC plus C&MH obsession with parking to The White Stick-till July last year at Findhorn Bay where I returned in the evening to find my neighbour had parked his caravan less than 6 inches from my Alko hitch!!! Now a committed fan of that white stick!!
  9. Having paid almost £100 for my L&L it now is used to increase nose weight on the caravan😂. A complete waste of money-in my opinion. To use with the Alko wheel lock Assume the low side is on Alko lock side😀 1 fit Alko lock 2 mark wheel centre on ground 3remove Alko 4 move caravan 5 lay L&L so centre lines up with your mark 6 move caravan back 7 fit Alko lock 8 apply handbrake 9 inflate L&L Failure to apply HB will result in the caravan sliding forwards or backwards even on level ground-in my experience. However the caravan might slide off sideways down the slope😂😂 All this assumes you have a mover of course! Get some plywood from the builders skip.
  10. Left our beloved red Ford Consul and boat trailer on the slipway at Queensferry. After a very enjoyable sail to the Cramond Inn for lunch we returned to find the tide had come in!!! Fortunately for us the owner of the local chandlers-The Anchorage noticed our thoughtless stupidity broke into the Consul and drove it off the pier. Queensferry Boat Club is long gone from the pier but I never forget that good Samaritans kind act. Needless to say this took place over 40 years ago.
  11. Couple of low life s unzipped the outer fly of my Spacepacker tent then unzipped the inner sleep tent. Their commotion woke me from my slumbers just in time for me to see the furry black and white perishes scamper away with a couple of slices of bread each. The Florida raccoons had robbed yet another unsuspecting camper😀 A couple of decades ago we toured France by tent and car. I built The Wife a bike out of rusty bits lying about the garage-so she could get our daily fresh French bread- I fitted a bike rack and secured the bike with a bit of rope on the basis no one would steal a rubbish bike. We were amazed to find it stolen from our locked car park after our first night in France!
  12. Pulled in to Ferrybridge services with our Swift Challenger intending to go for lunch. Before we got the hitch lock on a white unlettered transit crew cab pulled up on one side I noticed it was carrying scrap metal of all types ie domestic & industrial. We stopped our attempt at lunch😀. Driver got on his mobile as The Wife headed for the loo & carry out. A battered Hilux parked beside us now both drivers on their mobiles paying no heed to each other’s presence. When they saw we did not intend to leave the caravan unattended both left at the same time. Not one of the six males in sight got out either vehicle. The Alko hitch lock looks vulnerable to a hit with a big hammer in the right place. The Saab-perhaps an ambulance two wheel trailer? As you say professionals.
  13. Did they leave the car keys in the Saab?
  14. Is there no industry standard on colour of 5&2 year fluid? I will be asking my dealer about the blue colour
  15. Topped up the fluid to 10mm over max. Bled towel radiator-just two pozidrive screws hold the cover plate concealing the bleed valve-no air bubbles appeared. Now a new problem-the radiator system fluid was blue!! I thought the 5 year fluid was red/pink. The top up 1 litre bottle was Alde 5 year and it was red/pink.
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