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  1. Just a few points on chain saw use. Always wear ear defenders as petrol chain saws are VERY noisy. I push my ear defenders through the handle so they are always to hand. Always wear wrap around safety specs as there are a lot of bits flying about-wood fragments in the eyelid etc quickly go septic. Wear warm clothes! I worked in T shirt and work trousers in sub zero conditions-but-when work stops for tea😀 you need warm clothes that breath having no cash I just wore plenty of layers. There was no safety gear when I took down dead elms 50 years ago plus I could not afford anything other than specs and ear defenders. If you can run to safety trousers they might save your life. NEVER chain saw dirty fallen wood that has been lying for years-it will destroy your £15 chain in seconds-the minute stone particles ruin the case hardened chain. NEVER attempt to chain saw trees piled on top of each other-leave it to the experts-its very difficult to spot where the pent up energy in the trees is just waiting to be unleashed on you when you cut in the wrong place. If you cut green wood the resin will blunt your saw in seconds-a wire brush will remove the resin in seconds bringing back the chains cutting capabilities. You will be using that wire brush often😂😂 Remember big dead trees have hidden dangers-when felling 100 foot plus trees the saw sends vibrations through the tree and branches can break off-guess who is standing below. Always take some bird food for the robin that turns up. In my non PC tea break I would just give the robin a bit of my sandwich it always ate every morsel. Finally get a copy of the chain saw bible Barnacle Parps Chain Saw Guide On flea bay for a fiver!!!
  2. As long as it’s storage Planning are not interested. Most problems arise when people start sleeping in “stored” caravans. Watch your insurance conditions-my insurer Caravan & Motorhome Club specify “a maximum of 3 consecutive nights” on any stay on my property otherwise storage at CASSOA gold storage facility. Always best to give your insurer a ring for clarification. In my experience the less you tell Planning the better😀. However I have always found Planning a reasonable bunch-I found face to face communication best. My relatives confrontational approaches cost them dearly. Nosy neighbours who do not like your stored caravan could be a problem-just store giant hay bales between your caravan and them-one farmer I know stored his pig muck spreader on his border when neighbours complained😂. You should consider the remoteness of your property. A valuable caravan attracts interest from specialist thieves that can overcome any security device. My annual CASSOA Gold site fee is £300 remember a runaway horse can cause expensive damage to a flimsy caravan😀
  3. We had the door shelves replaced Twice!! in our 2017 Swift Conqueror. All six shelves failed! Thats £120 in Dometic money. So far the 3rd set have survived for a season. We have never travelled with heavy items like milk cartons in the door shelves.
  4. All from new Citroen Picasso Grand diesel old shape Ditto new model Ford Galaxy Now two years with Seat Alhambra. All diesels. Total mileage 120000 miles to date. No DPF problems. My neighbour jet washed his £50000 Mercedes and washed the paint off!! Turned out it was damaged at the factory and repaired. Perhaps Mercedes are being run by accountants again?
  5. 3 Dometic plastic door shelves £60. Another winner for Dometic!!
  6. Hope they do not cost over £60 as did mine for our Swift Conqueror. Thats some profit margin on two bits of plastic!
  7. Green drying times are related to getting air flowing through the stack removing the moisture and keeping the rain off the stack. Foresters just cut the wood into suitable lengths and build stacks roughly two cubic metres in volume they use four retaining logs to hold the stack together. I used to buy a stack at a time and chain saw them up. Once I was working in a snow storm after a hard days work light was going and I was tiring chain slackened and I lost concentration lowered the saw with throttle off but the chain running down my trusty professional forestry Husqvarna sliced cleanly through my non steel toe capped boot leaving me looking down at my sock😀 My stove is not much bigger than 14x10 and it heats my 24x14 lounge + 12x 12 dining room no bother stove cost £400. I made a stove in my poverty stricken youth out of pole transformer 1/4 inch steel 14 inch diameter 18 inches long welded it up with my stick welder. It was grossly inefficient😀 but a rapid producer of heat. Wood was free I was fit so volume used was not a problem. I have passed on my chain saws to my son and now buy a trailer of hardwood logs delivered for £200 the trailer holds three cubic metres. That lasts a mild winter. If I wanted to heat the above rooms solely with wood I would need six cubes plus. Working out the requirement for a static is difficult but I would think three cubes of hardwood would heat two days(weekend) and evenings. The great thing is you can judge the diminishing woodpile after a few winter weeks and estimate the usage rate. Condensation is not a problem with wood burners since they pull air from the room. Remember sparks!! You need a fireproof hearth mine is one foot bigger than the stove front and sides and the stove projects six inches into the room.
  8. I found a blasted isolation valve in the off position under the fridge in my 90s vintage Elddis-it controlled the Truma fire. Spent a day trying to get the fire working before I found it😀
  9. Could there be a gas tap in the off position between the gas bottle and the fire? Both my latest caravans have/had distribution gas manifolds in not obvious places with taps controlling the fridge fire hob and hot water.
  10. You will find trying to burn freshly felled trees just will not work. And it’s a dangerous practice! You can speed up the drying process by storing the “green” wood in stacks with a roof of some sort so the air can dry the logs. Wood is stored in lengths 6 to 8 feet long in piles about 3-4 feet square. Stored in such a way it should be burnable in 12 weeks. Trying to burn green wood is asking for trouble. And so is running the stove closed down overnight. Both practices lead to tar from the wood condensing out in the chimney resulting in the high risk of a chimney fire. You should run the stove at full throttle regularly to clear the chimney of tar-this is especially important when burning wood high in resin ie pine. On chain saw use THE most important safety item is a tight chain! Check chain tension every time you refuel at least . if you can pull the chain over the sprockets easily then it’s to slack! The chain should stop instantly when the throttle trigger is let go-slack chains run on lethal when the operator is getting tired or is distracted.
  11. Roof insulation. My nephew overclad his statics roof with tiles made from reclaimed tyre rubber(they claim) He thinks it has made his static warmer. I clad a workshop roof 24x14 feet in 2 inch Kingspan silver foiled painted it with cheap water based paint then clad it in fibreglass and polyester resin. Lasted 10 years so far. Paint was insurance against polyester resin but I did a pretest and the resin did not dissolve the Kingspan I used.
  12. Last visit to the Hebrides was two decades ago in a split windscreen Volvo no seat belts no brake servo drum brakes etc oil filter was steel wool in a can renewal of filter was by washing the wool in petrol. It was jolly exciting😀. We intend to use a Fiat Aero with fixed bed for our trip in 2020. The Wife hates making up the bed every night I am hoping the Aero will be easier to handle than a coach built on the single track roads. At least it wo nt leak😀. I cannot see the continuation over the next two decades of the present 1500K+ caravan it appears to go in a different direction to everything developing in vehicle technology ie lighter greener easier to reuse components/materials. I can see the advantages of pop ups perhaps they will gain popularity.
  13. There might be an AA battery compartment on the floor at the front left of the fire you should see it through the grill if there is then it’s very common for the battery to become dislodged-it could be dead of course😀. Another very common problem is the Heath Robinson rotary control for the gas. In the Truma it’s just a bit of wire which is poorly located in the rotary dial you rotate the dial-but- the wire does not rotate far enough to rotate the gas valve on the floor. In my experience these gas fires are Uber reliable and are let down by the battery cases and dodgy controls. Good luck.
  14. ancell


    Difference being that was in the 80s and now we have phones that weigh a few grams. Whereas in that time EVs that can match fuel range are as far away as they were when I was 10 that was 1957😂😂
  15. Many thanks for your helpful replies all that remains is to trace the wiring and dodgy connectors.
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