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  1. Probably 10 years ago. 5 years ago got a self seeking lnb and matching box. Now got the SF 500 set to Astra 28.2 £35-ebay 40cm dish £26 -Satgear tripod £20 - sky quad lnb £16 - plus dual cable coupled to Humax twin tuner. Had an unsatisfactory season this year with digital terrestial tv using Humax 4000T triple tuner so it looks like satellite tv is going to be our first choice next season. Why is it almost always raining when I am setting up the dish? I consider tv reception like 3-4G reception its an almost a must have.
  2. Yes and AL-KO provide the carrier preassembled-in my case-wrongly. Failure to grease the slides and slide out the spare at least once per season will render the carrier inoperable. All you need to do is remove the split pins on the offside and drop the now useless carrier of course😀.
  3. I was concerned I lacked the physical strength to lift the wheel in the carrier while positioning it. Similarly I wrongly assumed fitting the big centre retainer and wheel stud would be almost impossible with the wheel loose on the carrier-it was rather easy in reality. Yes RAC help is part of my Motability lease package. Theoretically it does not cover the caravan but in the remote regions we caravan in the contract is subbed to garages who get paid for my call out and on that basis have been quite happy so far to change my one and only explosive flat. I have found the RAC
  4. I was surprised at how easily the spare wheel carrier can be lowered and the wheel removed. Unlike my previous 10 year old version😀. Of course both caravan tyres were fully inflated. I will not be changing tyres that task will be left to the RAC person😀. It will be intersting to find if the new location has any effect on caravan stability in high winds next season. The spare wheel was located on the floor under the bed right at the back not a good location.
  5. Wanted the spare wheel out of our 2017 Swift Conqueror 560 and under the caravan where it can help stability-in my opinion😀. Went on the AL-KO web site to find there are 4 available to fit various widths between chassis rails. Choose the apropriate one for 151cm chassis width and 15 inch wheel. Parted with £129 and the preassembled carrier duly arrived. Spent today fitting it. Being disabled and having little physical strength this required some planning. First moved caravan in the driveway. Greased the carrier slides with spray chain grease. Laid carrie
  6. They are 19x235x50 which I would not describe as low profile but you definately feel every bump in the road😊. The label is in the gas locker as you state max weight 1700K max noseweight 100K but I was refering to the confusing vehicle specs. The only place where the maximum tow ball load of 100K is mentioned is in the owners hand book. It was very difficult to find the kerb weight of my previous tow car-2017 Seat Alhambra-again I found it in the owners hand book.
  7. Although this subject gets a regular airing its worth drawing attention to it for those thinking of a new tow car. Just put 250 towing miles on my new Seat Tarraco 4 wheel drive DSG 150HP diesel. There are 3 tow ball weights for this vehicle 80K-85K and now just read the handbook-maximum 100K Similarly kerb weight can vary from 1600K to in my vehicle specs case 1762K. Certainly makes choosing a modern tow car a complicated job. Tows my Swift Conqueror 560 MTPL 1660K no problem-just returned over the hills of Aberdeen bypass. Should have read the manual first.
  8. My neighbour on the esplanade had the offside lower plastics removed from his camper. Head on on one of the many stone wall lined road sections up here on a single carriage road. The elderly driver of the oncoming car/caravan combo failed to move over. Both failed to stop in time. The neighbour knew he had moved as his motorhome is left hand drive. Not a mistake I have made with log trucks-yet.
  9. Its a long long way from anywhere😂. From Livingston its only 160 miles but its a hard tow after the end of the M8. We stop at the log truck park at Inveraray for lunch then on down the notorious A83 keeping an eye open for head on log lorries.
  10. Flogas seems to have the same problem their web site shows their lightweight cylinders out of stock
  11. After my post concerning shortages of 6 kilo Calor propane bottles in the north east highlands I have moved to Aberdeenshire and not surprised to find no 6 Kilo bottles to be had in Fraserburgh! What is going on?? It appears that once you go outside big populations in Scotland Calor are just not supplying 6 kilo bottles to rural stockists. Definately considering alternatives eg flogas and J gas.
  12. You mean The Tin Roof Diner. Bought 3 ammunition lockers there last year highly unusual christmas presents for my young male relatives😀. We have missed our annual three weeks on Kintyre especially our haunts like the Tin Roof and Glenbarr cafe. Up here in The Broch(Fraserburgh esplanade) for 12 days. Weather windy and heavy rain flooded roads etc wind building really big sea running we expect a big front to go over tonight. Went to Banff today extensive road flooding but a warm welcome at the Spotty Bag Shop cafe great views of the waves roaring in. Enjoy Kintyre
  13. Lovely caravan my comiserations. Hope you get a replacement soon. Our caravan is stored on a CASSOA Gold site nearby. The last two seasons I have not bothered with the AL-KO wheel lock. I think I will start fitting it again.
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