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  1. Is it just me? Just read the april club magazine-took 5 minutes so perhaps missed the bit about covid 19. Are the writers contributors and editor residing on the planet zog?
  2. Its a bit shorter if you are going to Carradale in a sportscar😂. I would not be taking our caravan down that road-but-each to their own. The numerous signs-SOFT VERGES KEEP OFF give you a clue-then there are the tree branches. A beautifull drive in your tug-watch out for the Kamikazi motorhomers. Always seem to be seals at Carradale. Saw a fin back whale at "the boilers"-apparently when the gales blow the boilers of the wrecks roll around on the sea bed. Here s some info on the area https://www.thechaoticscot.com/carradale-kintyre/
  3. Yes but Anyone can supply "carry out meals" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48705066 Food preparers kitchens are never getting a visit from food inspectors. Put anything you like in the takeaway ingredients-they are not going to be tested. At least you can see the ingredients and the "kitchen" of a street trader. Its the safest food in the 3rd world according to my globe trotting pals. All off OP
  4. Theres GAZs favourite at Machrihanish https://campkintyre.co.uk/ I would forget your awning😂. I should be at our annual favourite end of the month but thats not happening Killegruer http://www.killegruercaravansite.com/ stunning sunsets over the paps of jura. ditto the awning. Foot passenger ferry only to Ireland https://kintyreexpress.com/ Do not forget to support the privately owned Campbelltown distillery http://springbank.scot/ Lobsters scallops prawns can be bought at the ferry pier in Tarbert at very reasonable prices eg £16 a kilo last year-the 1/2 kilo taste the best😊
  5. As you say its barbaric-but-these practices are now a tourist entertainment. I know at least two people that took part as part of a tourist "package"
  6. No shortage in Livingston in Asda & Sainsburys of both No shortage of eggs at our local butchers (Uphall) either. The butcher is under pressure as its running on 50% staff and practicing safe distancing . Its the best butcher for miles around so customers are prepared to wait. http://johnlawsonbutchers.co.uk/ The Coop limit on milk is one of each type at the moment. No breadflour or yeast anywhere though. No shortage of bog roll or disposable gloves.
  7. Some rot In my case! I loaned my car to a relative in the days when you could get insurance for any driver. He crashed my car and damaged an electricity distribution system. I could not find my MOT. The insurance company sent me the SSEB bill for £3500-the price of a detached bungalow then. The covering letter pointed out no MOT=no insurance except injuries to third parties and the insurance company took the view that did not include the damage. Fortunately I found the MOT.
  8. I was thinking about posters planning to make non essential journeys😊. It might give them a reason not to put others in harms way by their actions if they personally would be inconvenienced?
  9. I fly radio control aircraft at our nearby WW2 air base. I got an email from our club stating that as per the covid 19 situation travelling to and flying from the base is deemed non essential so flying is banned during the present pandemic. I got a further email yesterday quoting a Scottish Aeromodelling Association bulletin which stated that as aeromodelling was deemed non essential my insurance policy was suspended for the duration. My question is where would you stand insurance wise if your vehicle was damaged or needed assistance while on a non essential journey-given most insurance companies enthusiasm for escape clauses.
  10. I would say it depends if you have a 50 year old daughter with a compromised immune system who has a teenage daughter with type 1 diabetes-like mine. I think you can guess my view.
  11. Problem has been official announcements and behaviour are questionable to. eg our leaders not practicing safe distancing till they got it? Boris s daft herd strategy losing vital days! Just had an 80 year old friend on the phone from London who claims the herd strategy was the right one-of course he has not had the virus-yet!
  12. Yup Heard a very interesting discussion on the Beeb radio today about totalitarianism versus democracy regarding dealing with covid 19. The experts stated it appears that hard line nations have done best so far-but-its to early to tell. They pointed out that the USAs lack of central control is going to lead to much illness and a big death rate. The next few weeks will clarify that. I thought chicken korma was Britains number one take away. Or is there a hidden agenda here? Lets not get the thread 🔒ed😀
  13. We know deaths by covid 19 reported to the WHO though! As I and others posted we were tracking similar deaths as Italy then for a few days things looked better now we are almost tripling deaths every 5 days! Thats not good news☹️. At 16 days in Italy had 1809 cumulative deaths with that day 368 deaths with 175 and 250 for the two previous days. At day 16 we have 1228 deaths with 209 today with 260 and 181 for the two previous days. We are not far behind.
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