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  1. ancell

    the white peg

    We go for the swimming the cafe the wee doggies the play area and tree climbing. To be strictly accurate the grand children do all that😀. Granny&granpa just look forward to visiting the excellent sea front pubs. Arnside is a favourite of ours as it’s not to far for the kids and there s plenty of choice. Yes it’s a lovely area reminds me of the Solway and just as dangerous I suspect. No problem with white pegs-there are none! You arrive and take your pick of vacant pitches-I notice people “book” pitches for their pals by parking their tugs on the adjacent now non vacant pitch. Thats why we will arrive on friday😀
  2. ancell

    Caravan insurance

    I had exactly the opposite experience with C&CC ! Currently with CMC. C&CC cost me just under £400 to insure our new £27000 2018 Swift and required the pain in the posterior Alko wheel lock in place. Now under £200 for same caravan. Taking first £500 on any claim Two forms of security including Swift alarm CASSOA Gold storage. No contents no awning insurance.(We keep nothing of value in our caravan) OP as others have advised each individual has different insurance priorities you must be clear on your criteria eg taking a big share on any one claim (£500) can massively reduce the premium.
  3. ancell

    the white peg

    Well it’s close to it-and when we are there-the busied week in the year in England holiday wise-it has the Lake District feel ie everywhere is jam packed to the rafters. I expect to pay £60 a night for caravan 3 adults 2 children and a dog for 24 th to 2nd June summer mid term 2019. I see the price is £444 for 8 nights at present 2019 prices which I expect to increase!
  4. ancell

    the white peg

    Not up here in Bonnie Scotland it’s not. We can stay at Kiliegruer on the beach fabulous sunsets over The Paps Of Jura for £18 a night stay 6 nights get 7th free! However our 8 nights at Holgates farm will cost £50 per night that’s the Lake District for you.
  5. ancell

    the white peg

    Yes £27 per night for a touring caravan in high season certainly not a bargain. A few years ago even in high season it never became crowded unfortunately now in high season its jam packed full with its ample compliment of four legged friends. Thing to bear in mind you cannot park on the grass so you must leave your tug parked on the access road which is between the tents and the toilet block-definitely not good planning!
  6. Long stay-short stay-drop off-they are all the same to me I just approach the exit barrier press the intercom state “blue badge holder” open sesame! Except today! Only one barrier working at the drop off so I paid £2. The £2 missed the basket and rolled under the car😀
  7. Fascinating post blondchaser will do some research just dashing to the airport. Thank goodness bluebadge holders do nt pay airport parking fees-well I never have😀
  8. ancell

    Twin Axle Levelling

    It’s a waste of £100 if you use an Alko lock!
  9. Used to go to Mull regularly as crew in the many races on the west coast that always had a days racing in Tobermory bay. I suspect the race committees just wanted the night life in the Mishnish!http://themishnish. co. uk/ You can hire a boat for fishing in the harbour fresh mackerel taste to die for. There is a Spanish treasure ship in the bay-somewhere-not found yet. A great day out. Buy an all inclusive ticket for the Oban ferry Oban-Mull-Fingalls Cave-Iona all in one day! 10. 30am ferry from Oban to Craignish bus down to Fionnphort-sea eagles regularly soar the cliffs right beside the road 2. 3 metre wing span. Fishing boat to Fingalls cave it’s always a 10 foot swell when I’ve been-avoid bacon for breakfast-definitely not for the faint hearted. On to Iona the most painted and photographed beach in the UK? Great wee cafe on the way to the beach https://visitmullandiona. co. uk/listings/the-marble-quarry/ Back to Fionnphort by proper ferry back to Craignure by bus then back on the Oban ferry I had the privilege in doing it in an ex tank busting fully aerobatic helicopter. But that’s another story typical of the west coast and its wonderful people.
  10. Exactly! I do not want Kintyre “discovered” A few bucket list Must Do s Book a room at the Crinan hotel. https://www. crinanhotel. com/ Every room has a sea view to die for! cheap offers in spring Take a trip out to the Corryvreckan https://en. m. wikipedia. org/wiki/Gulf_of_Corryvreckan See the sea eagles on Mull day ferry from Oban While you are there Fingals Cave https://www. nts. org. uk/visit/places/staffa and Iona https://en. m. wikipedia. org/wiki/Iona Thats just a few stunning life changing experiences awaiting in the last wilderness in Europe. Beats dinging the hire car on scruffy overused Majorca😀
  11. ancell

    Twin Axle Levelling

    Having invested £100 in a Lock&Level for my single axle Swift I conclude it’s just to much bother with an Alko Lock. Why? 1 fit Alko 2 mark wheel centre on ground with tent peg 3 remove Alko 4 move caravan with mover 5 place Lock n Level on ground with centre lined up with peg 6 move caravan on to Lock n Level hoping L n L does not move! 7 refit Alko and lock 8 inflate Lock n Level 9 apply brake- L n L will slip off if you do nt 10 disengage mover Life s just to short😀 Back to bits of plywood for me.
  12. ancell

    Bank charges in Spain

    Ever since the ATM ate my card in the Canaries I do not trust my plastic abroad. The ATMs in my winter spot in southern Crete used to show your cash and then swallow it before you could grab it necessitating joining the queque at the bank to get it back.
  13. ancell

    Caravan Insurance Renewal

    If the thief uses the usual tools of his trade then the damage will be permanent eg burning the receiver for the Alko wheel lock off the Alko chassis. I would not want a stolen caravan back.
  14. ancell

    Review: Machrihanish Holiday Park

    Spent most of this summer in the caravan Brora Fraserburgh Kiliegruer and Garlieston as you say it was a record summer for sunshine. Yes Kiliegruer gets busier every year but Anne still manages to provide prime sea view pitches for all her regulars more and more of us are extending our stay there. We seldom achieve all our planned trips round our favourite haunts.
  15. ancell

    Caravan Insurance Renewal

    £250 just renewed with C&MHC covers our £27000 caravan. No contents £500 excess Two security systems in place eg hitch lock and Swift alarm No tracker CASSOA gold storage maximum number of days on home driveway 3