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  1. There is still a mountain to climb in the practical realities of finding somewhere to charge an electric vehicle in the UK. As an example of the mountain to be climbed there are only Ford a founding partner in Ionity-the rapid charging network is opening its first 350kw rapid charge site and there are only three Ionity sites actually built at the moment-so much for the commitment of the car manufacturers. The UK has 26000 known public chargers-thats laughably small given there were over 38 million vehicles registered last year. There are only 3000 fast chargers available for public use at present(100kw in 1 hour charge) Theres a long long way to go-if ever-for the BEV as a practical choice with present battery technology.
  2. I used to drive that milk float age 15! Umpteen crates of milk every day on my Coop milk round. Until the fateful day Jackie the milkman said I was to slow in stopping😂😂. Took he and I most of the day to clean the van up. I was not fired because he said I was only doing what I was told. I think he was relieved I was not killed by a ton of steel milk crates filled with glass milk bottles crashing into the front of the van.
  3. The only 4 wheel car I have driven was on Ingleston race track-Audi Quattro. Boiled the brake fluid in 2 laps much to the fury of my passenger-my teenage son😀. Never needed 4 wheel drive. When we were snowed in I just dug us out to the main road. Now we are retired we just stay in till the snow plough clears the road😂. Never needed 4 wheel drive on any site and that includes towing racing cars and boats on grass😂.
  4. The first one had “brain” failure within weeks of delivery. The second? The electric hand brake stuck on at the traffic lights at Uphall-the Q stretched for miles-the police told the RAC man-they used very non PC language- to get this xxxxx car moved! After contacting Citroen he managed to get the handbrake working😀. The second was far superior to the first Picasso Grand but still electronically unreliable. A relative has the model with pump up rear suspension-so far his suspension failures have cost him €1200.
  5. Thats a lot of HP in two wheel drive mode 😀
  6. Never had a screen failure? Both my Citroen Picasso Grand 2 litre diesels screens would fail to boot up at the most inappropriate moments eg in a rush to get to the airport! Black screen!!! Of course eventually I would get them to work. Much prefer all the “ancient” rotary switches in my 2017 Seat Alhambra. NIL faults in almost 40000 miles carries 7 5 adults+2 teens and tows 2200 K max kerb weight 1845K.
  7. A few years ago I flew in to Berlin and picked up my fly/drive-a newish Smart. Curiously the attendant came with me to the multi storey car park? He started the car after showing me how to operate it. Off I went to the countryside to have dinner at a lovely windmill/restaurant. Came out after a lovely meal-could not start the car! Restaurant phoned the local Merc garage and a couple of mechanics appeared. They all had a good laugh at the Englishman’s (Scottish) expense. They failed to get the car started! Luckily for me a granny in the village had a Smart car and started it in seconds much to the bafflement of the “mechanics”😂😂.
  8. Yup and do not expect the most powerful country in Europe to give up its brown coal fired power stations anytime soon either! Last time I was in northern Germany the vast open cast lignite mines were expanding! Hard coal and lignite still produce 35.3% of Germany’s power production according to thishttps://www.cleanenergywire.org/factsheets/coal-germany. Coupled with Germany’s lust for big powerful cars and unrestricted speed autobahn s anything we do regarding restricting use of big private vehicles seems to be a bit pointless?
  9. I checked the fares in summer but hopscotch still appears to be available here https://www.calmac.co.uk/hopscotch-8-barra-uist-harris-lewis
  10. Rented a McRent motorhome for a week in June next year going to the Utter Hebrides via Caledonian McBrayne hopscotch fare. The Wife got hooked this year on our 1 day trip on Orkney. St Kilda beckons!
  11. Reminds me of my instructor when I was learning to fly my Cirrus 5 B hang glider on the Tinto hill. ”If you hit a downdraft just fly through it-they do nt go down to ground level anyway”. Took off on a rare stunning summers day only to hit a downdraft all the way to the ground😂😂. An express elevator to Hxxl! I reckon what saved me was the air pressure under the wing just before I hit. Plenty of places to moor see skippers Guide https://www.scottishcanals.co.uk/activities/boating/skippers-guides/. This will be our 4th trip but this time we are taking 7 days instead of our usual frantic 4. The only dodgy bit is Loch Ness 26 miles long 2.4 miles wide and only 1 safe overnight berth at Urquart Castle.
  12. Fortunately you can charter boats😀. Did the Llangollen canal in October in 6 berth narrow boat £800 for a week-would just cover the slipping costs if we owned it. Off on the Caledonian Canal in June for 7 days in Leboats Magnifique £3500. Would just cover marina fees for a season in the local marina for a year for the above-https://www.leboat.co.uk/boats/magnifique 14.5x£200=£2900 on pontoon+storage fee 14.5x£100=£1450 total £3350 A fascinating link 👍
  13. Sorry to see you go I will miss your tech advice. Must admit The Wife has been enthusiastic about camping then caravanning for all of our 50+ years together. If she lost interest or overall fitness we would have to retire from caravanning.
  14. Merry Christmas and a Guide New Year to all. Turkey now in the oven😂. Six for dinner plus grandchildren including demented 95 year old mother in law! Hope her carer appears its already 10.30am. Got a present for her carer.
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