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  1. Keep an eye out for floor delamination. Very common on Bucs with the Alde underfloor heating elements.
  2. The blown air system is good, but only at the front end, as mine does have the ducting under the floor to the bed end and washroom. So the bathroom is cool at best and cold at worst. Compared it to the last Alde heated van, the bathroom was lovely and warm, as was the other parts of the van, but heat up time is a little longer. I know I can lag the ducts underneath, but never got round to it this year.
  3. They could be selling from home, or sell for other people, similar to some one man car dealers. I don't feel they are dodgy (not any more dodgy than some of the cowboy main dealers we have already), but take the usual precautions, bills of sale, service history, poof of ownership etc.
  4. Its down to personal preference. I dont like the large window in the Baileys, but most people do. But the Coachman has Alde heating now and this is one thing I miss having the Truma blown air. Other than that, the Coachman is mid range in specifications whereas the Bailey Grande at the price range you mentioned is a higher spec, so you will get a few more things in such as a solar panel. All the vans can have faults so its up to which one suits you and your family
  5. I think this came to light 2017 if I remember. I know they were putting the wood frame back around during MY 2018 for the large Heki. But for the Stargazer, I think there was always a frame around. I think perhaps a weight saving would be more likely.
  6. I think the problem was that they removed the wooden frames in the roof (cost cutting or weight saving), which caused the instability in the roof. They had to put them back in
  7. Coachman and Elddis still have this lesson to learn. Swift have.
  8. I store my van at the dealers storage yard, no access to keep it or even get it down the street where I live, so this advice would cause me an issue. I am looking to sell next year so will have to bear this in mind. I sold my old, damp 1990's Elddis in 2011 on ebay, but the buyer persuaded me to take it off ebay and sell for cash. It was described as spares or repair as the front end was rotten, although still nice inside. No problem with the sale other than he was a chancer, who told me sob stories about being divorced and wanting to take his daughter on holiday at h
  9. They all can have issues with damp. Just get a check before you buy and ask to see the service history. These vans are prone to the rear panels cracking, so check the back top corners, and they may have a corner cap on each side, indicating they have cracked in the past and have been repaired
  10. Thanks for the feedback, for us the journey is almost as important as the site. Fair point and its your journey to enjoy. I do agree that the site tours are informative, particularly the one in Boroughbridge a couple of weeks ago, as I used to visit the area often to go to John Boddy's Timber which was down the small road next to the field with the standing stones, where you walked to the marina. Housing estate I believe now. The ones showing your cars and motorhomes of the past brought back some good memories too.
  11. Some bits are informative, but the drive from site to site is a bit too much for me, bit like watching paint dry
  12. The toilet damp would not normally be flagged up - only above 20% to be monitored. Any damp around the toilet access cover on the wall either side? These sometimes pull away from the outside panel if not cleaned when first assembled, and I dont think they use screws now. Under the sink issue, is there a leaky pipe and is it in the floor or wall board. The 840 has the sink on the side wall, so is there any damp either side on the wall. If not it is probably a drip or leak inside the van
  13. They are all great until there is a problem. A friend of mine bought from Lowdhams, got a good trade in price and was happy with the deal. Then had water ingress 3 times in a year. This is a brand new van. Tried to reject it and they wore him down until he gave up and traded it in with them for another van. They didn't have a problem offering to fix it so cant fault them for that. But he had to travel from the 100 miles to Huddersfield each time and back Buy local if you can.
  14. Kimberleys seem to be fairly reliable, and I have bought from them twice, although I got my pants in a twist years ago about a leaky tap of a van I had just bought, in the bigger picture they are OK. I would keep away from the other Coachman/Swift Dealer a little further south on the A1 who sell from several sites( Coachman from York or Birtley). Their customer service side is poor and have a high turnover of staff.
  15. Compass is just a model variant as well, the vans are the same design, just interior fabric design/colours and graphics. A while back, Elddis was sold off, and then Compass was born. These were then different designs and made at different factories. They then got back together in the 1990's and Compass moved back to the Delves factory in Consett from Langley Park. Not sure how long they were separate designs but were amalgamated from this point.
  16. I would say this is a factory order - try Elddis customer services. Have you tried your dealer?
  17. Lots of Elddis motor homes and caravans on the CMC sites last week, probably over 30% so must be selling well. Not sure if any of the other makes are any better though But would I buy one, no.
  18. It is for the microwave, sometimes they are on the side of the van behind the microwave as well
  19. Just been to Clumber Park and Tewksbury. Clumber about 10 pitches left and Tewksbury full all week.
  20. Yes if its the chrome one with black surround
  21. Most dealers are like this, sales good, service side can be a pain, especially now as they are so busy. The dealer should be able to service the van and keep the waranty, but best check with Elddis Customer Services first to see how much time you have to get it done. This is from CT at the top of the Elddis page - http://www.elddis.co.uk/hub/article/550/servicing-your-vehicle The next question is if Elddis are OK with the timescale, who will pay for the service, as I bet the dealer will not want to. If not then you should reject as the van was sold with a fa
  22. Oh no they dont. Well I think they dont Just renewed yesterday and this was in the attachment. So I read this as not needing a lock when on a site, in secure storage or when attached to a car being towed.
  23. I think Eversure dont need a wheel lock when on site. They are members on here. They only state a wheel lock and hitch lock to be used (to sold secure gold std) when not on a site or in storage but you could ask them to make sure
  24. Is the Buccaneer Galera 6 berth with bunks at the rear, a large center dinette and large front benches. Not available new, but am sure there will be plenty of nearly new ones. The Avante 866 is the same layout but again now discontinued. The Avante 868 is a french bed/twin bunks version which is new and would suit. The Avante range has blown air heating rather than the Alde, but are alot of van for the money.
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