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  1. Usual questions: Has the van been serviced up to date? Have you contacted the dealer? Do you know where the water ingress is coming in at? At this age, the van should still be in warranty but Elddis will try to get out of repair if its from the end panels I have seen quite a few Elddis motorhomes and caravans with the sides removed. Its a long job but not unusual.
  2. Sounds like a good plan. Not sure you would be able to obtain a new panel now.
  3. This is an upside down view fitted. There is a new version out now , much smaller They are all fitted the same so could be a faulty heater This is the water heater I thought was the issue, but will not delete for some reason
  4. If you like the van, its has been serviced and has no damp, then look at the prices for a 2005 van and offer them a deal at the lower price. The CRiS ID should be etched on the windows, so checking the age from that should be easy as posted above.
  5. This is the important bit - check if its been recalled and rectified
  6. Mine had the same issue, but the holes appeared to be pre drilled for the window hanger rail. I did notice when I repaired mine that a couple of the other holes were starting to propagate cracks
  7. The block booking has always taken place, remember trying to book Easter when they used to open the bookings in December. I did it once and said never again, too much hassle, website crashing and phone lines engaged. And it was that cold that we said we would never go away at Easter again. I have had to rebook due to car trouble once on the Friday afternoon. We didn't cancel, just re booked for a later date. I did phone the site and they were fine and thanked me for letting them know. I do find it hard to often get a Saturday when booking for a week, so we often go Sun
  8. Have you ? Would be interested to know how they compare.
  9. Unfortunately they do, I have had one crack. Still got another Coachman though. At the time it was 7 years old and Coachman said at the time the warranty was 6 years. If this is still the case I cannot say. ABS is not good in tension
  10. At least the seats are sprung again, rather than that Ozio stuff in ours. Hopefully the mattress topper will be the answer
  11. Is it cracked. Probably several hundred pounds for a large heki, as you do not say what size it is. Lots of similar posts on here - do a search Look for AWS approved technician workshop to check whats about in your area.
  12. There was an Elddis repair for this given to dealers. The crack was drilled out at the end if it hadn't gone right up to the window, then filled in with Heinkel adhesive that is used on all Elddis vans and the graphic applied to cover the repair. Not sure if they removed the hinge bar and drilled out the screw holes as well to provide clearance. Its better to glue some thin aluminum sheet(less than 1mm) behind the crack onto the underside of the panel with araldite for support, then fill in the crack with the flexible adhesive. I don't know why they don't
  13. I saw one in use last weekend. It looked good, but perhaps wouldn't be that waterproof in heavy rain. I am considering getting one as well. I have the Suncamp porch awing as shown in Gordons post and it was as wet inside as out a couple of years ago at Clumber park when it rained all week
  14. We have a temporary travelers site on a field close to us, on the other side of the valley. I can see if from my garden and walk the dog around the wood surrounding it when they are not there. Its open for April to Oct. The council provide toilets. They use it on the way to and from Appleby . Not open yet this year thank goodness. I walk around it now as its still empty and the rubbish left is quite bad. In the summer, you can see them filling it up with debris. It costs the council £10s of 000 to clean it up. They stole my neighbours dog a couple of years ago when wal
  15. I have always wanted a MH, and planned like many people, to get one when I retired. I have had a van for 20 odd years. I have been giving it a lot of thought recently, going through the pros and cons. I did hire one several years ago, for my 50th birthday, a Swift Escape, 4 berth, with over cab bed and rear kitchen. It was a bit of a disaster. We went to France with it in June. It was the coldest June for years. We had an old lab with arthritis who would refuse to get in it. As he loved the car we thought there would be no problem. Wrong, he hated it a
  16. This does happen if you put hot water down the sink, as it expands the joint. The water ran under the cooker, and there are a few wire connections under there. Extra P clips fixed mine in place.
  17. There will be other differences, but the main one that sticks in my mind was the introduction of the double door front lockers and the front drawers being set further into the locker area, making a little more space at the front of the van. There were comments on here about them at the time, so do a search. It must have been well received as Coachman seem to have moved over to this front end on all their vans now.
  18. If anyone else is looking for one, Catterick Caravans have some in the doorway of their accessory shop. Not sure of the prices, but they usually do mail order.
  19. The pump should run continuously when the taps are opened to maintain the pressure in the system. What's the other hot taps like for flow rate? Is it just the shower that has no hot flow? If so then the problem lies in the shower mixer/pipework to it. If is affects the other taps, then the problem is further down the line This is not normal
  20. Im still adventurous, but my body isnt.
  21. I have those, Varioflex, although never tried to move them out. I dont think once in, I could get back out
  22. Some people have changed the flexi-corrugated pipe work under the van for rigid and improved the flow that way
  23. Just watched the Volvo being overhauled on Wheeler Dealers US. Worth a watch. I had a Cavalier 95 plate and it was the second most comfortable I have ever owned. Kept it for 10 years and very reliable. The most comfortable was a Volvo.
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