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  1. ian16527

    Elddis front locker door - daft design!

    This did put me off the Elddis/ Compass vans at the NEC last year. I am accident prone and the gas locker lock would be an accident waiting to happen unless I used a crash helmet Adria also use the cantilever lid I think
  2. ian16527

    Tempted by Compass

    I think the flush water for the toilet is supplied via the aquaroll on this van, so doesn't have the flush tank. Also the swift may have grp side walls which dont show the interior structure as much. Probably a good thing as shows the panels were allowed to cure under compression to produce a good bond.
  3. ian16527

    2018 buccaneer q's

    For a van of this age all should be covered by the warranty. Is you dealer not local, elddis may point you in the direction of another, or push for a factory repair. Who are you going for the service? Pm me if you want as i live in DL14 area
  4. ian16527

    first trip abroad

    I live very close to you and have done the trip many times, and I would not do it in one go. Many do go straight down to the Caravan and Motorhome Club site near Dover and choose a ferry pitch for an early exit, but I stop near Peterborough mid afternoon and take it as part of my holiday. Also even if you have only quick comfort stops, these add up so you need to add a hour or two extra to be on the safe side. I would give myself 7 hours to do it in the car solo with a good meal break and two 10 minute stops.
  5. ian16527

    Which Club should I join?

    You dont need to be a member of the C&CC to get insurance through them, but you do with the C&MC. Currently I have the van insurance with the C&MC but have used the C&CC for a few years previously.
  6. ian16527


    On the whole, CMAC sites provide a consistency which I do appreciate. The commercial sites I have visited were noisy and showers/toilets were old and not heated sufficiently( I appreciate these are the ones I stayed at, and not representative of all ). Price wise, the CMAC was just a few pence cheaper. I do on the whole think the pricing structure could be cheaper, and the membership fees could be vastly reduced, then perhaps they wouldn't waste money on such things as the re branding debacle. This year we will be trying more CL's
  7. ian16527

    Insurance and remapped car

    I had steel wheeled winter tyres, which were a smaller size than the ones fitted to the spec level of my car. (16" steel instead of 17" alloys) But the steel wheels of the same size were fitted to a lower spec variant as standard.
  8. ian16527

    Elddis Chillington

    Think the Elddis ones now are Penhurst. Saw one on PC TV last night being towed in a tow car review
  9. ian16527

    Hitch lock recommendations for Pastiche?.

    Thought the discount was for the Alko wheel lock only, but as things change over time I may have got this wrong so apologies in advance
  10. Usually the switch for the motormover is located under the socket for the EHU in the battery box so you cannot turn it on when plugged in
  11. I used to travel PO to St Malo most christmas holidays and come back the first ferry in Jan from 1999 to 2010. It was often fairly rough but only once did we not make it to St Malo, after an very stormy night and a headwind we were docked in Cherbourg .
  12. ian16527

    Water ingress annoyance

    I think the OP is looking at a repair at the dealers not a rejection (yet). Good luck to Tim if he gets some goodwill out of them.
  13. ian16527

    Water ingress annoyance

    I think other people have tried for compensation for these things without success as its in the warranty terms and conditions so they can get away with it.
  14. ian16527

    caravan paint colour

    No reason why the manufacturers couldn't offer this, but probably down to 2 things, the market is fairly traditional and likes what its used to, i. e white and cost of storage of the different options, as the alu/grp side material come in coloured/pre painted. There is alot of cost associated with storing of parts, hence why Nissan and the like use JIT, so someone else has the cost of storage.
  15. ian16527

    the white peg

    Got told off for having an inch of tyre on the grass this year. I find it difficult to get the car down close to the van, and avoiding the aquaroll whilst keeping on the gravel. I always pitch to the peg as per requested.