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  1. Management decision has been made so we back off to River Breamish. The dog is just coming off season and I know the walks around River Breamish so makes life easier for me and there's the shop/petrol station at the end of the road for essentials. The attraction with Nunnykirk is the price and I love grass pitches rather than hardstanding, so £15 per night compared to £30 next week for River Breamish looks good value. Lack of facilities is not a problem as we use our own mainly, but it looks a little isolated. Maybe try it next summer.
  2. Any views on Nunnykirk campsite. Looking at River Breamish as we have been there before but wondered what Nunnykirk area is like.
  3. You could use the 2 spare ports on the LNB to run the freesat box. I have a Humax box which can run on 1 input
  4. Do you have to be a member to buy their travel insurance? I cant see this on the web site. I know you have to be a member of the CMC to buy Red Pennant which I usually use, but with the cost increases looking for something more economical. Tried Staysure but was even more expensive than RP due to age and pre existing conditions
  5. I hope they gave you free tea and pizza on Sunday at the dealers (and the free drinks holders). Sat Nav did the same to me on the way to Castleton in Sept, and the motor movers saved the day. Luckily it was nice and dry.
  6. I have them fitted and they were excellent in last years 'Beast from The East' snow. Try Asda tyres, they were the cheapest and you pick the fitter local to you.
  7. I have a V60 D3 auto, and I have driven a couple of MY18 XC60 D4's when mine was in for service. The V60 is probably the most comfortable and smooth car I have ever had. Fuel economy was initailly 45-47mpg. Its running now at around 42mpg. This went down after I had the EGR mod carried out by Volvo. This affected the 4 cyl D4 engines and also the MY15 onwards D3's. Before this I think they were 5 cyl. Hopefully they have sorted the problem out now. The XC60 D4 had a harder ride and steering was heavier compared to the V60, but was not a slouch if needed. I was going to change to an Hyundai Tuscon 18 months ago but the Volvo is so good I kept it and will do for another couple of years at least. The servicing charges are a bit steep though. Have a look on the Volvo owners forums for some reviews.
  8. ian16527

    Welcome pack

    NCC says that a hook cable and step have to be provided. Not sure if a gas pig tail is also included but I think not
  9. Don't hold your breath. Some after market warranties are OK, for example I had an MB&G one when I bought a used van from a dealer and this was OK, no excess for a new fridge ecu board which cost just under £400
  10. This did put me off the Elddis/ Compass vans at the NEC last year. I am accident prone and the gas locker lock would be an accident waiting to happen unless I used a crash helmet Adria also use the cantilever lid I think
  11. I think the flush water for the toilet is supplied via the aquaroll on this van, so doesn't have the flush tank. Also the swift may have grp side walls which dont show the interior structure as much. Probably a good thing as shows the panels were allowed to cure under compression to produce a good bond.
  12. For a van of this age all should be covered by the warranty. Is you dealer not local, elddis may point you in the direction of another, or push for a factory repair. Who are you going for the service? Pm me if you want as i live in DL14 area
  13. I live very close to you and have done the trip many times, and I would not do it in one go. Many do go straight down to the Caravan and Motorhome Club site near Dover and choose a ferry pitch for an early exit, but I stop near Peterborough mid afternoon and take it as part of my holiday. Also even if you have only quick comfort stops, these add up so you need to add a hour or two extra to be on the safe side. I would give myself 7 hours to do it in the car solo with a good meal break and two 10 minute stops.
  14. You dont need to be a member of the C&CC to get insurance through them, but you do with the C&MC. Currently I have the van insurance with the C&MC but have used the C&CC for a few years previously.
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