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  1. I had a look around one before the lockdown, and they are really nice, well finished and the digital cockpit dash I really like. But, I have the same problem with the new one as I had with my 2012 model, and that is my right leg is stuck up against the door handle. I drive with my right leg over to the right for some reason which I cant change. If it wasn't for this I would have another tomorrow.
  2. I find the no response to emails the new normal in my company. Sometimes it can be best to use the phone. This is from some managers as well. If they dont respond I use instant messenger to prod them a bit, as you can see if they are online.
  3. They are trade members now so they might.
  4. Also Skoda quote 2 towing mass values, at 12% and 8% gradient
  5. Thats the number one question Lee. I was looking to get rid of the van and getting a small MH so was initially looking at the 1.5Tsi, Also my mileage has dropped the last few years from 18K/year to 5K last year. And currently around 10 miles a week. As I have decided to finish work next year, I will be doing less than 4K/year. But now looking at the towing limits, the 2.0LTD will be the only suitable one. The 1.6TD looks borderline as does the 1.5TSi. I would like to move away from Diesel as my current D3 Volvo has EGR/Soot issues common to the early
  6. I think you are correct with the slow uptake scenario. I focused more on what could they do design wise and weight reduction, as this is what I thought you meant. Not sure the NCC will be proactive either, which is the main body they seem to be members of and rely on for guidance.
  7. Anyone use on of these to tow? On the shortlist.
  8. Think it will be a little more than that, Theres not much profit in a van and a lot of labour costs. Its the last few years that quality went downhill
  9. Cost probably. I agree that they are useful as they are not included on the front bench seats on my Vison. I expect they were removed as a cost saving on my van,
  10. Going back to the original title of this thread, I am looking for a car at the present and this is my problem too. I originally intended to keep my current car for a while as I like it, its very comfortable and meets my needs. But due to the design problems with its EGR system and the future costs this will incur I need to move on. My commute has halved in the last 2 years and is now zero with working from home. But the van is a problem. This dictates a heavier car whereas I would to return to petrol. So do I downsize the van. Could do, but looking at some 2 berth MTPLM
  11. Not sure what the caravan industry can do unless we change our requirements. The industry has been driven by us as we now like the van to be a self contained home from home, and they have catered for that. My first van was a 1970 ish Elddis Tornado, gas fire, 2 burner hob, floor pump, gas mantles with 2 small dc lights, no toilet but fairly lightweight compared to now. It was half the size of my current van. But would I want to go back to it, no. The designers and manufacturers use light weight materials, very low density ply, composite foam struct
  12. My last Coachman had 2. The current one has only 1.
  13. Apologies but generally water ingress = damp however you want to word it. Being pedantic, then if they pursue this, then it will boil down to what constitutes a service. I still dont understand why you never gave them the report from the 2019 service,
  14. Check your noseweight of the van and match to your cars specification - 75-100kg usually. Dont use the corner steadies as jacks - just lower till they give a slight support to the van, they can be further nipped up the next day after the ground has settled. - I saw someone do this last year at River Breamish CMC site. Depending on the age of your van, check that the water heater is full before switching it on. Not applicable to combi boilers in recent vans. Check your tyre pressures in car and van - car may have to increased due to extra load If
  15. As this story continues, I can see, as others have pointed out, where the confusion may have come from. I did think you were getting a bit of a hard time, but there is some confusion. Normally, when we see 'dry van' on an advert or description for a caravan, we mean or assume there is no water ingress. A damp report would back this up and would normally be given to the buyer at the time of sale, with all the other service reports, manuals and other documentation. Most sellers would do this. Your engineer is correct in so far as there is no requirement to provide a damp report. Van
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