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  1. My tyres on my current 1500Kg Swift set at 64psi and rise to 70psi with a temperature increase of around 6*C. As per previous posts the temperature can vary quite a bit between the two sides especially when combined with the effect of the sun. The Swift stays fairly steady between the sides but a previous Lunar was always around 3*C higher on the offside even though the layouts are similar i.e.offside kitchen, rear bathroom. I like tyrepal and find it an excellent piece of kit especially on long continental trips, our current batteries have lasted over 7000` since purchase three years ago an
  2. I see the Times has an article (too tight to pay to read it) suggesting an electric car only becomes as `green` as petrol after 50000` due to the manufacturing process etc, something else to argue over.
  3. You`ve hit the nail right on the head, the Independent recently (not usually a fan) had an article about people just piling up money in savings accounts/investments (I appreciate not everyone) mainly through ISA`s, tax free schemes etc.
  4. In terms of ride firmness too soft - comfortable solo, not towing (Merc GLC) too firm - uncomfortable (solo) comfortable towing (VW Tiguan) Volvo XC60 fits exactly between the two for me anyway.
  5. EV`s are increasing range all the time so hopefully tugging with one may be feasible until then I`ll keep on with a diesel.
  6. As above top up battery monthly, if very cold batteries require more frequent charging. Try to keep the battery around +12.5V, frequent discharging to 12.2 V or below will kill it over time, a battery is fully charged at 12.8V
  7. Tiguans are excellent towcars I found with ours it was far more comfortable towing than solo as they are stiffly sprung just what a towcar should be but you do feel each and every bump solo.
  8. As per previous comments pump speed should be on minimum or slightly above, system should be bled from the highest bleed valve, often the bathroom and should only be done with the pump stopped or you may draw air into system. If this fails try increasing your highest bleed by raising or lowering the nose height. You will have to top up the system to maintain the minimum level.
  9. If your van is still under warranty the last thing I would do is attempt any DIY on it, pursue the dealer its his responsibility to either fix if necessary.
  10. Call Sargant Electrical `s helpline you`ll find a number in your manuals they should be able to advise you of the appropriate VLM for you outfit.
  11. Yes I`ve experienced it as well, I use Fenwicks but can`t say for certain it was the cause, it affected around six inches of trim close to the nearside wheel arch. Unfortunately I`ve never been able to remove it. Bobby Dazzler also Fenwicks does take the flatness away, I like the products its easy to use and after twenty plus years the novelty of polishing has long gone. I`ve used it on caravans, and motorhomes including three Lunars and that one instance is the only that I have experienced.
  12. I`ve had diesels for years from Nissan, VW, Mercedes,Volvo never had an issue with DPF not even sure when regen is taking place except once.
  13. Sikaflex is the best to use to seal most things around caravans it remains flexible as the name suggests by not drying out.
  14. At the start of this in March a newspaper columnist queried whether we as a country are too selfish to be able to contain the virus , I think we now know the answer.
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