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  1. compact

    Bleed points on my Alde heating system

    Have`nt got a Swift but have in addition to those already mentioned there is a bleed under the rear of each bench seat in our van.
  2. compact

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Hampshire Police have caught 6000 motorists in a month with average speed cameras on the M27 which is being upgraded to a smart motorway.
  3. compact

    Tyrepal problem

    According to the Tyrepal Website you should see a low sensor battery icon and the appropriate tyre sensor flashes, they estimate 18 months for batteries. I have the system but have not as yet had to change the batteries.
  4. compact

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    The best way of looking at things like this is to imagine its your child knocked down and killed by someone doing 40mph in a 30mph zone, you really can`t argue against that!
  5. compact

    Tesla cars and fire!

    Tesla have been slated in the motoring press for unreliability issues of late, along with LandRover / Jaguar.
  6. compact

    V5C log book has wrong braked trailer weight

    This is a common occurrence if you look on the Volvo Forum there are several references to it, including mine. The police etc whether here or abroad will check the plate on the car not your V5, its unlikely I would have it in the car in the UK anyway and its even more unlikely the police in say France will look on a V5 for it. Personally I can`t say its worth getting it changed.
  7. compact

    2019 XC60 D4 Any User Feedback

    I changed my GLC 250 Sport for an XC60 in December, a D5 Inscription model but have not towed with it as yet. I`ve only done 750` so far, so too early to compare mpg to any extent but the trip shows 40. 9mpg overall and the best has been 45. 2 mpg on a motorway run the Merc used to do about 52mpg - never had the mod done, this doesn't seem to bad as the engine still has to loosen up, the engine is more responsive than the Merc. There are more "toys" than I had on the Merc the parking cameras I especially like, which combines with a rear view camera for hitching up. The Merc had a tendency to suffer from front wheel drive judder at full lock in cold weather at low speed which this doesn't, Volvo ride is slightly stiffer on 19" wheels, but car is quieter due to better door sealing. The sat nav is different to use but seems to give good routes with free map updates, there are some things you can`t do i. e. disable the GPS so you can see a route between two places, however the routing is so fast and can be seen over longer distances than the Garmin. I had a space saver as an option not overly keen on the repair kits. Towbar is similar to the Merc (but more expensive) and is fully wired for UK. Overall pleased with the car I did like the Merc but the current GLC needs updating now which isn't due until later this year. If you have any specific queries I`ll keep an eye here for a while.
  8. compact

    Mazda Bongo enquiry

    Well there was a "Yeti" after all.
  9. compact

    Ford Mondeo estate towcar

    Are you aware of the problems that owners of these engines have had? this has been on Radio 4 etc, Search Ford Ecoboost problems.
  10. compact

    Saga & others European length of cover

    I`ve been with SAGA for some time now, premiums are negotiable but tend to be on the higher side. Their policy`s tend to be clearly written and a little more comprehensive than many, more suited to retiree`s, but with all these things best to shop around.
  11. compact

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    Very wise I`ve yet to meet many sales people who really know the ins and outs of the product.
  12. compact

    Kia sorento Spare wheel

    There are very few cars that come with a full size spare in the end you have to make up your mind whether it is the car or a spare wheel you are actually buying if you see what I mean. Unless there is space in a proper stowage position, to carry a full size SUV wheel in the boot will leave little room for much else. A space saver should be able to get a car towing a caravan to the nearest tyre centre (even in France) after all no matter what the spare position is once its used you have nothing so obtaining a replacement is only wise.
  13. compact

    Part exchange

    I have done it but I wouldn't now, anything to do with wheels seems to have an increased risk. I have just changed my car and I would change the caravan if it were time so I`m not suggesting anything other than its one risk you don`t need to take.
  14. compact

    Insurance Abroad

    Have a look at tempcover. com never used them but some good info. I doubt if you will find a cheap alternative as the risk to an insurance company for your trip on the continent is in many ways as great as the annual risk in the UK. You might find it beneficial to look at an alternative insurer and start again depending how much time you have left on the Policy. There are two ways to go buy a policy with 60 or 90 days EU cover included e,g, SAGA (if you are 50+) or a policy where you pay for the individual trip on top of your annual premium e. g. Direct Line
  15. compact

    Tyrons or Sealant

    Used Tyrepal for 4000` this summer without issue, sensors 7m from monitor and never lost connection. By the time I have moved caravan around 4m on drive with mover a readout is available.