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  1. compact

    Tyrons or Sealant

    Used Tyrepal for 4000` this summer without issue, sensors 7m from monitor and never lost connection. By the time I have moved caravan around 4m on drive with mover a readout is available.
  2. Hi compact I have  the glc coupe  and it does as you say . I bought a new spare wheel and tyre on eBay steel space saver it came with its own bag . I had to buy shorter bolts for it . It fits in my boot under the lid floor  there is a place  on the right side for it to sit .  I am happier knowing it’s there when towing .  Jim

  3. compact

    Mercedes GLC 250d

    Owned our Mercedes 250d for three years and just about to change, its been one of the best cars we`ve owned, very comfortable with plenty of power, if you are looking for a fun drivers car this probably is not for you. Towing is effortless we only tow 1300Kgs but car has never failed to maintain speed up any incline, suspension is on the softer side so very comfortable solo and best to keep the noseweight around at least 85 Kgs when towing (max noseweight 100Kgs). Towbar is electrically retractable by Bosal - factory fit, I can confirm it came fully wired for UK . Plenty of standard fit tech, Sat Nav is a Mercedes version of Garmin and works well. Rear Camera fitted with three zoom levels and guide lines for hitching up. Downside is no spare or space to carry one, gloop is your only option.
  4. compact

    Came home without the van

    You can`t "panel beat" aluminium as you can steel on a car, aluminium stretches when it is dented and has to be filled and repainted. Whilst a satisfactory repair can be achieved after you have dented it - you didn't somebody else dented your new van for you when it should be perfect. Take earlier advice either reject or negotiate a good rebate on price.
  5. Always soak the tablecloth in bad weather you are more likely to fall out of your seat than you see your plate moving!
  6. compact

    it cant just be me

    Tried a Bailey (new version Seville) prior to sticking with Lunar but the Bailey seating wasn't a patch on the Lunar for comfort, also not keen on having the seats right up to the windows in the Bailey, at least a shelf gives you a fighting chance should water get in for any reason.
  7. compact

    Tyre Pal or Michelin

    Used tyrepal over 4000` since purchase last winter, never had any issues. Sensors wake up after caravan moved about 20` on mover, pressure can be read before leaving drive. Sensors to unit is just about exactly 7m never had any connection problems. Temperature readouts seem accurate and should show up a binding brake. Michelin has the one disadvantage you don`t really know it still functioning during a long drive however a very neat neat system for reading pressures.
  8. compact

    it cant just be me

    We are on our second Lunar with the skylight roof and have`nt had any issues, the current van is a Clubman with the larger version and has been owned for nine months and travelled around 4000`. Our van is parked on a slightly sloping drive back down to the offside and all rain drains off more a less straight away (use a drip strip). I have to admit would not be keen to see a large amount of snow build up on roof otherwise don`t have any particular concerns.
  9. compact

    Towing with Petrol Auto's?

    Don`t worry keep calm and carry on all cars lose money!
  10. compact

    Coachman VIP pan drawer

    We have found in our various Lunars transverse drawers can tend to come open the simolest solution is to fit a second clip which has in our case always resolved the problem.
  11. compact

    Tyrons or Sealant

    I bought a Tyrepal kit last summer and it performed faultlessly over 4000` one trip to Italy another to the S of France. The caravan sensor to monitor in the car is just about exactly 7m and reception was maintained at all times. The tyrepal system also shows the wheel temperature which should show which is surprisingly sensitive and should show a wheel with a binding brake before serious damage is done.
  12. compact

    Hybrid swindle

    A modern diesel is so they say no worse than a modern petrol, the answer according to some is the hybrid diesel. If somebody had suggested towing with a petrol SUV not so long ago everyone would be laughing. I`m still waiting to see how reliable the batteries turn out to be, I refer their ability to maintain a reasonable charge level after a period of time and the cost of eventual replacement, I haven't seen much reference to this point. I know some manufacturers guarantee the battery for period of time but if you owned a conventional car and found the fuel consumption increasing year by year, the opposite to that of the deteriorating battery you wouldn't be overly happy.
  13. compact

    Beware in Italy !!

    Stay here and you can have the same experience (usually without the sunshine),
  14. compact

    it cant just be me

    Snap! We are on our third Lunar since coming back to caravans from motorhomes and have had a couple of minor issues on the second van, the latest had to have a new awning light strip and so far so good.
  15. compact

    8ft thoughts - after the NEC

    Not according to Autotrail who are laying people off.