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  1. Set of mudflaps are cheaper and are more likely to prevent damage from a stone, granted they won`t keep the front clean.
  2. If you read the handbook the essence of the wording is exactly as they use, you have to make some assumptions one being each model of caravan conforms to the weights as given by the manufacturer just as you have to assume the weighbridge is correct.
  3. I`ve had ATC on the last two vans and it will be on the next due soon, how good it is I don`t actually know as I`ve never had a snake only once without ATC and I wouldn't wish to repeat it. The odd occasion the ATC has noticeably activated is over rough surfaces as the caravan "wobbles" and you can definitely feel the tug back on the car, so I guess if it activated in the "real thing" it would be effective, so prefer to have it now.
  4. Looks OK as long as you get a good view either side of the van. As you say the shape of the mirrors dictates fitting. I always push the inner pad as tight into the corner as I can get it in the hope that when they are re-fitted they line up as the previous trip.
  5. The MIRO Mass in Running Order is the weight of the caravan leaving Lunars Factory inclusive of hook-up cable (6Kg) and winding handle 1 Kg plus an allowance of 8kg for a gas bottle. Does not include any water in toilet etc. As you say will not include mover or panel. Look in handbook under weights or online for latest handbook which will be the same for this issue.
  6. I`m beginning to come around to the idea of an electric car now that batteries are beginning to prove themselves, especially if they can perfect a hydrogen version including the supply system. I`m also beginning to think the hybrid may turn out to be as demonised as the diesel has been.
  7. Adding as many security features as you can makes it more time consuming for a thief to get around and hopefully reduce the chances of it being stolen unfortunately it does cost. As per previous post caravans are usually stolen by people in the know so the tracker will probably be ripped out. I do find it reassuring to be able to see the caravan is still on the drive when away for a couple of weeks without it.
  8. Insurance requires an owner to take reasonable care, does driving in that wind on a road like that fall into that category?
  9. Check your Technical Handbook under bulbs, current Swift Handbook indicates light unit should be changed by dealer as unit is sealed into mounting area.
  10. I keep a penny (I can afford the loss) in the Alko box to tighten the yellow plug slightly and release.
  11. I have it on my Volvo XC60 not 100% as it can drift over the speed limit going downhill but its handy to see the current speed limit for the road on the dashboard, accuracy is good.
  12. compact


    I am not a Bailey owner but you probably require a Tyrepal Monitor try search "Bailey TPMS" then "Tyrepal" I have the tyrepal external sensors Bailey are internal in the wheels, personally I wouldn't go on a long continental trip without the system.
  13. I hope you aren't jumping the queue I`m waiting for an Elegance as well! Good decision, the old saying "if it seems to good to be true it probably is".
  14. Probably neither its a car and things can go wrong whether new or old but odds increase on falling over the older it gets (bit like us really)
  15. Never heard of this one and agree with other posts something is adrift with wiring , ATC will extinguish once disconnected from car.
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