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  1. You may ultimately be stuck with the creaking for some reason some tow assemblies do, I had one caravan / car and no matter what I did to try and stop it, it would always return.
  2. Go to Lunars Website and see Service Booklet tyre sizes, weights pressures are all given in the spec sheet for 2018 vans etc. A 2018 Quasar 462 runs at 52psi.
  3. If you take out RP you will get a separate sheet with numbers on. They used to provide an "Emergency Assistance Book" but have now been revising it for two years.
  4. What speed are you actually doing when overtaking?
  5. I have the system on a Volvo XC60 reads the speed signs combined with sat nav effectively an auto speed limiter, it can drift over the speed limit downhill. On the odd occasion it misreads a speed sign and applies the brakes quite sharply not ideal when towing, there is a solar panel speed indicator the type that flashes up to indicate your speed of approach in our area and it always applies the brakes very sharply when the camera "sees" it. The car can also sound an alarm when the speed limit is exceeded which is useful.
  6. Look at both Wightlink and Red Funnel for day returns you often find deals for a car and up to five passengers.
  7. I have a Volvo and the blind spot system is automatically switched off on connecting trailer, lane guidance does not affect towing, the headlight issue I have never heard of in any of the forums.
  8. Lunar fit "Floating Roofs" to allow for expansion and contraction and during hot weather its particularily noticeable how the roof ripples and moves when you wash it. This can result in pools forming on the roof our drive slopes back to the offside so water always runs off.
  9. If debris does drop into window try a powerful vacumn cleaner, pipe end pressed tight to bung hole, it worked a treat for us when a bung dropped out of a roof skylight and a fly got in.
  10. compact

    ATC Wiring ?

    I have a 2019 XC60 and have only towed to have a service so far but away next week, ATC supply doesn't seem to operate in quite the same way as the previous Merc (that switched off after six hours). The manual states and I quote "When the engine is switched off, the constant battery to the trailer connector can be switched off automatically so as not to drain the starter battery" its the word can which is a bit confusing as I don`t recall seeing a choice either.
  11. We keep our tracker going, for a CK Caravan Club has just come on at £284 SAGA £326
  12. Just had our 2018 serviced today no problems found, maximum damp reading was 13% , the brake shoes were changed under warranty.
  13. I`ve got one its called Joy operates on two legs and only takes a minute to set up!
  14. Towed with Tyrepal for 4000` last year without a single hiccup won`t be leaving without it on a long journey. Its reassuring to know the caravan tyres are OK as there is no other way to tell until it is too late. I`ve often noticed the difference between near and off side pressures and I put that down to the offside tyre (kitchen, boiler etc) is higher due to the extra weight resulting in the tyre running at a slightly higher temperature. This was also noticeable in Italy where travelling NE on the autostrada with the sun on the tyre the difference between pressures (wheel temperature) increased to 5psi from equal at start. Now this may not have much interest to some in fact it might even be a worry but I think it demonstrates the system works, the sensitivity of the wheel temperature should show a binding brake as well.
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