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  1. My dealer rang to say new van can`t be collected as arranged so only a small deposit paid is held by them and our current van is still at home, so quite happy as the warranty/service clock isn't ticking either.
  2. I should think the chances of Lunar restarting in the current climate is a bit slim.
  3. Anymore good Cheer! The immunity thing is disputed by some in the know. I wouldn't be too hard on the NHS no country maintains a health care system that will deal with this at least we have the scientists, managers and staff to try.
  4. Just because the fridge light comes on doesn't mean the fridge will actually work i.e. stay cold on a journey so beware if you intend to carry food for any length of time. I have an XC60 2018 and ours does not remain cold on a journey. the fridge light is on I`ve had the plug tested and it did show power on the appropriate pin I assume it is down to the smart alternator. Would be interested to know what you find with yours.
  5. We were going to Spain 26th April but have decided not to go, we`d rather be nearer a Health system we know. There is a day by day account by a 25 year old, the first Brit in China to catch the virus and his account certainly doesn't tally with the "mild symptoms" often quoted.
  6. I`ve had three Lunars , Ariva, Stellar and currently a Lunar CK and very few issues, Ariva -none, Stellar - exchanged microwave due overheating, Clubman replacement awning light and one blind all done under warranty. A couple of minor DIY jobs but nothing has fallen apart. One thing that Lunars always provided was very good seating which doesn't seem to flatten and is always comfortable. If buying a second hand van of any make satisfy yourself there is no damp, insisting on seeing the damp readings being taken if necessary, up to 20% is usually considered OK but if any readings are close to 20% be suspicious!
  7. I absolutely agree the diesel will be finished in a few years but the Hybrid will be close behind there`s another article in the Guardian today on the Hybrid con, as they put it.
  8. Well don`t bother looking at a hybrid they will become more demonised than the diesel in the not too distant future, "Which" has a very interesting article on current cars versus cars produced three years ago, a large hybrid SUV is now pumping out 31.7% more CO2 than the equivalent three years ago, a diesel is now 84% cleaner than the equivalent diesel of three years ago. You can find the article in the Guardian and Sky News in Google it makes an interesting read. The media seem to be unable to distinguish between CO2/Climate Change and Emissions/Health similar of course but different.
  9. Things don`t seem to get thrown around in the kitchen cupboards in a caravan fitted with shocks, thats my main observation between a van with or without.
  10. I accept five years is a reasonable time period, the damage caused to a van may exceed the price of a couple of tyres after all.
  11. compact


    Agree with above, its essential to check the servicing paperwork and the time frame e.g. Lunar insist on the 1st & 2nd year service is undertaken no later than sixty days after the purchase anniversary date however the third service must be completed within the three year date. As above transfer paperwork must be completed from the handbook.
  12. Manufacturers often refer to their value end as "entry level models" and the upper ranges as "Luxury," as you say this is reflected in the price range and the specification e.g. higher end van tend to have ALDI Wet Central Heating systems. If you look at the Bailey website its reasonably clear which way the the ladder climbs. As regards quality studying this forum and the CMC Forum (you don`t need to a member to read it) you can get an idea of how open ended the answer can be.
  13. I`ve walked through the site many times we use Highlands End, toilet blocks look on the old fashioned side and the roads up to the pitches are on the steep side but wouldn't concern me except toilets are at bottom you should get a good view from the upper pitches over West Bay, access to pitches appears no worse than many sites. Short walk into West Bay, choice of pubs and eateries, Rachels is one of the best of the fish stalls you can sit at for the usual fish & chips also fish stew, chowder etc.
  14. compact


    Just as a matter of interest I see "fit to go" have according to their website lost the license to sell the Michelin TPMS system
  15. Set of mudflaps are cheaper and are more likely to prevent damage from a stone, granted they won`t keep the front clean.
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