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  1. Owned a Euro 5 Tig for three years towed without any problem, in fact it was a more comfortable car towing than solo as they are known for firm suspension. I prefer the sound of a torque converter auto box the dual clutch type which VW use always sounds like a slipping clutch to me at slow speed but that's just personal preference. If the car has had the emission mod done there should be paperwork with the car to that effect or a VW dealer should have a record. It should have a space saver spare.
  2. compact


    Its not the lightening that would bother me but the damage that can be caused to the soft aluminium skins on most caravans that hailstones can cause!
  3. This happened to us passing through a small French Town, at first we said somebody`s forgotten to switch off their alarm opening up in the morning after a few minutes we said why is that alarm following us arrh the caravan.
  4. The alarm fob has an on/off control button for the awning light so when you approach the van at night you can remotely activate the light as you approach try this in combination with the switch on the control panel. The instruction sheet from Sargant should also give information.
  5. I`m on my third Lunar of late and have had very few problems all of a minor nature.
  6. Strip out and give it a coat of matt black which is what they appear to use on their vans.
  7. I have a newish Volvo hence Assist but still stick with Mayday as well, its not beyond possibility having a problem with the caravan so its just for peace of mind.
  8. I`ve had the same problem with a Lunar, Sargant have been good replacing sensor and box itself, in the end I left it in Pet Mode and during last summer, in the Autunm and through winter, worked in both modes without issue then the other day as the heat builds up again it went off, back in Pet Mode at the moment.
  9. I`ve owned five caravans and three motorhomes over the years and by far the easiest and most effective cleaner is Fenwicks provided you use a drip strip to reduce staining in the first place, remove any black streaks immediately and give a good coat of Dazzler. The easiest surface to keep clean is steel (panel van) followed by a painted aluminium and the worst GRP as any staining tends to be a permanent stain after a period of time. The worst way of cleaning is using polish (except on steel) as again eventually it will hold the stain. GRP looks grubby and loses its gloss after 4-5 years aluminium (if you can avoid the dents) will stay looking good longer and steel is the best. Unfortunately UV and weather will destroy your pride and joy no matter what you do.
  10. We are on our third Lunar in six years a few very minor issues so you must be one of the unlucky ones!
  11. The two deployable bars I`ve had have a specific type of towball cover which will allow any water to drain out. Both bars are made of an alloy which does not rust even under the car, the towballs come unpainted and stay as clean as new.
  12. I`m also having problems with a 2018 Volvo. Firstly my previous car fired up the ATC on plugging in and ATC remained on when engine switched off for six hours as per the cars manual. The Volvo however very occasionally fires up the ATC on plugging in but usually I have to start the engine, the green light will extinguish after a period of time following switching off the engine. If however I restart the engine and the green light is on the ATC will go through its self test as the engine starts. As per previous comments if for example driving off a ferry it can be awkward starting the engine and checking the ATC green light is on. Going to have a word with Volvo this week.
  13. You may ultimately be stuck with the creaking for some reason some tow assemblies do, I had one caravan / car and no matter what I did to try and stop it, it would always return.
  14. Go to Lunars Website and see Service Booklet tyre sizes, weights pressures are all given in the spec sheet for 2018 vans etc. A 2018 Quasar 462 runs at 52psi.
  15. If you take out RP you will get a separate sheet with numbers on. They used to provide an "Emergency Assistance Book" but have now been revising it for two years.
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