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  1. Hi, I have a sailing windward 5berth is there a master switch to turn off all power so as to save the battery on storage.  

  2. Hi, We are going to attend the NFOL for the first time, Can anyone give us any tips etc on what to expect, Many Thanks.
  3. Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction for internet for the caravan, At the moment I am using an EE dongel but it does not last very long. Thanks, Mac.
  4. macdaf

    Butting Heads

    This is Her Indoors Comments but how true. IHad a good laugh at all the comments on here about setting up the caravan plus awning my husband is just the same he served many years in the parachute regiment so I suppose going at it in a rush is normal for him the only trouble is at 82 years of age he tends to overdo it. If only he would listen to me we would have a more harmonious start to our holidays.
  5. I had to switch off my Car sensors due to the amount of snow blocking them,BUT I forgot to switch them on again and reversed into a neighbours car. Is it a good thing to rely too much on these aids!!!! Mac.
  6. Hi, Great Reading!! Will consider getting 0ne when I can get up to the van to measure the size I need, Mac.
  7. Many thanks for all your answers and the very helpful comments duly noted, I amm getting on in years and I took the TITLE as Mr or Name, I know better now and will try to post correctly, Thanks Mac.
  8. Hi, how do i find out what the tyre presure should be on my 2005 Luna Stella 400, Thanks Mac.
  9. Hi Mayblossom, We hope you have a good trip away on Wednesday, No I did not hurt myselve after 24 years in the Parachute Regiment I still remember how to roll on landing but at 83 I am getting a bit stiffer now,My main concern was who was watching, Mac.
  10. Good Morning . Sitting in the lounge with a nice cup of coffe, Blue sky =Sun shining =littel wind BUT unable to get away due to other comitments!!!!!. I bet the weather will change when we can get away, Thinking of going up to the Van as I have a couple of small jobs to do,I stepped out the van with no steps and grabbed the door handel that I had just Fitted and it pulled away from the van,I had fogotten to put the washers inside of the bolts, that will teach me to rush a job. All the best to you all, I am off out now taking the dog for his morning walk.
  11. Hi, We have always been level side to side just for & aft via jockywheel.
  12. Hi, I tried to pull away uphill on leaving the site but I hade not releast the MOTORMOVER!!!!!
  13. macdaf


    Hi,The van is a 2005 and the draught icoming via the outside lockers, To be fair it was blowing a gale hitting the side of the van and realy rocking it.
  14. macdaf


    Hi, I s there any way that I can stop th draft via outsid lockers coming up the backboards behind the seats on our Luna Stella 400.
  15. Hi, Can I tow with a hitch lock on or is it a case of fitting when ever we stop, Thanks Mac.
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