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  1. the van is on a seasonal pitch on a C&CC site and is also insured through the C&CC , they were fine about it once they established it was a club site but you have a valid point about leaving the fridge running on Gas unattended
  2. Since my original post I’ve spoke to my neighbour who also has a unicorn and his fridge also failed on gas when he was away from site so it would seem your theory is correct . I was thinking of fitting a winter cover to the bottom fridge vent which might provide a bit more protection from the high winds
  3. Left my Bailey unicorn for 3 days unattended on site and disconnected from the EHU We do this regularly and leave the fridge on gas and it’s always been ok On returning to the van this afternoon the fridge had stopped running on gas and the freezer had defrosted Battery was showing 12.6 volts and the gas cylinder was nearly full Initially thought that maybe it was a gas pressure problem but on checking the 3 rings on the cooker the flames are constant and on switching the rings of one at a time there was no difference in the height of each flame so that would suggest everything is ok It was extremely Windy here yesterday so could the wind have blown the gas out ? On relighting the fridge it started up instantly
  4. Thanks for your input Dave it’s been helpful I’ll replace it with a Victron PWM as I already have one fitted to my motorhome and it works well
  5. I found it and was very awkward to get to but the fuse had blown so I replaced it with the correct 15 amp fuse The Solar panel is producing 18+ volts I disconnected the the feed to truma solar controller and put the multimeter on the + & - minus cables so I know the panel is functioning correctly Now that the fuse is replaced ( my fault it blew as I let the wires touch ) we’re getting 13.8 volts showing at the controller which would be correct because we’re connected to EHU But if disconnect the mains electricity from the van both the feed coming from the solar panel to the controller and feed from controller to the battery show the same voltage about 12.9 volts Even bright sunlight Earlier today I disconnected the EHU and deliberately let the battery partially discharge down to 12.6 volts and after switching everything of and you would expect the solar panel to start charging in sunlight but the voltage remained the same even after 5 hours of bright sunny conditions which would suggest there is fault with the solar controller
  6. I have checked the voltage from the panel with a multi meter and it’s showing 18 + volts so ther is power getting to the charge controller but no 12 volt from charge controller to battery
  7. Ok I’ve ascertained that there is a good voltage from the panel but the feed from the solar controller to the battery has an issue checked the the 12 volt fuses in the box under the fridge but cannot see anything marked up as solar panel is there a separate fuse between the solar regulator and the battery and if so where would it be
  8. The roof mounted panel on my series 3 Unicorn Cadiz isn't charging the leisure battery The Truma solar controller is set up correctly for a wet lead acid battery but on checking the voltage from the panel with a multimeter it’s not showing 18+ volts which it should in sunlight I’m guessing there should be a fuse between the panel and the controller but I cannot locate it incidentally the connection from the battery at the controller shows 12.5volts and the connection at controller from the solar panel also shows 12.5 volts even in bright sunlight
  9. can i ask where you read this, been looking on the . Gov website and there is no mention of this
  10. To begin with the our present Sportage GT line Auto 182bhp was abysmal on fuel when towing and achieved 18-20 mpg , however after we passed the 5,000 mile mark it gradually improved and now returns around 26-27mpg depending on route and speed . Our previous 16 plate KX-3 was achieved similar figures although was marginally better overall . BTW I work my consumption out by brimming the tank at every fill and not the onboard computer
  11. I have the 2018 GT Line s AWD 182bhp automatic and it tows faultlessly, our van has a MTPLM of 1500kg previously had a 2016 Kx-3 crdi AWD 134 bhp which also towed the same caravan without any issues
  12. Your calculations are incorrect, you need to add the MTPLM which in your case is 1450kg to the MAM (maximum authorised mass ) in other words the maximum weight your X-trail can be with passengers and luggage to determine if you need a B+E licence
  13. Try putting your Hot water on Boost with electric only, we found the water on our 2016 Sprite was hotter that way than using the Mix 2 setting
  14. I went with a Pendle one as I found one on eBay cheap enough not to worry about if it doesnt clear properly. Thanks for all the replies. And your noseweight limit will be considerably reduced if you carry bikes on a Pendle bike rack Have you taken that into consideration
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