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  1. Well done ascsbe, I hope the van matches your expectations and you like the upholstery. We've actually gone for the 665, and i'm still in shock because we aren't a lover of centre washrooms, but it all seems to work very well in the Coachman. Good luck.
  2. I personally think you are probably safer with a small company like Coachman than Swift or Bailey. The old saying," the bigger they are, the harder they fall" springs to mind, and just because a company such as Swift is big, they will be the first to be hit if it all goes pear shaped. Swift have already laid off staff this year, Coachman haven't. Only my opinion, but I have just ordered a 2020 Laser today, and I'm not concerned about uncertainty in the market place, because it might never happen, and I intend enjoying my pastime. Don't lose sleep over something that hasn't happened yet, and may never happen.
  3. I would like to thank those who gave me advice about refuelling before Portsmouth Brittany Ferries Port with our twin axle caravan. We stopped at the Tesco as advised at M3/A34 junction and it was a doddle. Filled up with reasonably priced Diesel, So i was very happy. Many thanks. I got a shock in France at the price of their diesel, 1.52 on the autoroutes and 1.42 at most Supermarkets( that's euros) but the £ is nearly 1 for 1, so a dear do. A lot of the sites that were quiet were blaming the cost of fuel and the weak £. thanks for all your help.
  4. In reply to Blackhart's link for the Haigh 2 piece levelling ramp, the only problem is that the supplier is in Australia and won't ship abroad. I use the LocknLevel on my twin with no problems, I also have a single, as I bought the Combo version.I personally think it's great. But we are all allowed our own opinions.
  5. thanks to all for your input and kind advice. I'm hoping there are some pumps with easy no-manouvring access.
  6. Hi Jaydug, thanks for your quick reply.My Caravan Club planned route says A34, M3, M27 on to A275, so I guess your advice is spot on about the big Tesco. Many thanks.
  7. Hi, we are going Portsmouth to Caen at the end of this month and I'm not familiar with Portsmouth itself and wondered if any member could advise about refuelling at preferably a supermarket near to the Brittany Ferries port with easy access for our car and twin axle caravan. We are travelling from Nottingham, so I imagine we'll be ready for diesel by the time we get to Portsmouth. I would prefer not to use services due to the unreasonable cost of fuel they supply. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Hi Robbart, I'm on my 3rd Touareg and I love them! this one is a 2015 R line and this one has the factory fitted tow bar with uprated fan, as did my last 2012 SE. My first one was a 2009 Altitude but the only thing I didn't like about that one was the £500 VED. So i bought the SE new and had it about 4 1/2 years with no trouble at all. This R line has all things I wanted such as all round cameras and panoramic sunroof and importantly a factory fitted tow bar, I must say it took some finding with a low mileage, but I do love it. I tow a twin axle Coachman with 1900 mtplm and the Touareg breezes it. Enjoy yours.
  9. That's a shame, I rather liked Trevor. Easy to Talk to and very popular at the shows.
  10. Me too Les Medes, and yes, Trevor is still there, no doubt he'll be at the N. E. C. in a couple of weeks, I spoke to him at last October's N. E. C.
  11. I use Elsan Grey Waste Water Tank Fresh, it's nice and gloopy and smells nice too. I always put a drop down both sinks at the end of a weekend away. Doesn't do any harm either.
  12. Exbonneville, my first car was a yellow 105e Ford Anglia with a white roof in 1967. Happy days! I kept it about a year then bought a new Mini Cooper mk2, had that one 7 years, even happier days!!
  13. Scotsstag is spot on with his reply. usually the mover isolation switch is installed in such a way that the mover can't be switched on whilst the van is plugged into the mains to prevent overloading and burning out the power supply unit. The psu is unable to handle the load going out to the mover and that is greater than the mains unit can put back in. It is a definite no!no!
  14. I have a VW Touareg R Line with the factory fitted swivelling tow bar made by Westfalia and that has no attachment for a D link or breakaway cable, so I have no option but to loop the breakaway cable over the tow ball. It's a bit of a minefield!
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