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  1. toby6033

    New towcar - 2016 VW Touareg R Line

    Hi Robbart, I'm on my 3rd Touareg and I love them! this one is a 2015 R line and this one has the factory fitted tow bar with uprated fan, as did my last 2012 SE. My first one was a 2009 Altitude but the only thing I didn't like about that one was the £500 VED. So i bought the SE new and had it about 4 1/2 years with no trouble at all. This R line has all things I wanted such as all round cameras and panoramic sunroof and importantly a factory fitted tow bar, I must say it took some finding with a low mileage, but I do love it. I tow a twin axle Coachman with 1900 mtplm and the Touareg breezes it. Enjoy yours.
  2. toby6033

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    That's a shame, I rather liked Trevor. Easy to Talk to and very popular at the shows.
  3. toby6033

    Dreadful customer service from Coachman Caravans

    Me too Les Medes, and yes, Trevor is still there, no doubt he'll be at the N. E. C. in a couple of weeks, I spoke to him at last October's N. E. C.
  4. toby6033

    Cleaning Wastepipes

    I use Elsan Grey Waste Water Tank Fresh, it's nice and gloopy and smells nice too. I always put a drop down both sinks at the end of a weekend away. Doesn't do any harm either.
  5. toby6033

    BMW X5 battery drain tale

    Exbonneville, my first car was a yellow 105e Ford Anglia with a white roof in 1967. Happy days! I kept it about a year then bought a new Mini Cooper mk2, had that one 7 years, even happier days!!
  6. Scotsstag is spot on with his reply. usually the mover isolation switch is installed in such a way that the mover can't be switched on whilst the van is plugged into the mains to prevent overloading and burning out the power supply unit. The psu is unable to handle the load going out to the mover and that is greater than the mains unit can put back in. It is a definite no!no!
  7. toby6033

    Hitch lock recommendations for Pastiche?.

    +1, Best hitch lock going imho.
  8. toby6033

    Westfalia Towball Question

    I have a VW Touareg R Line with the factory fitted swivelling tow bar made by Westfalia and that has no attachment for a D link or breakaway cable, so I have no option but to loop the breakaway cable over the tow ball. It's a bit of a minefield!
  9. toby6033

    Bailey Unicorn Awning Rails

    Hi Ten Star, yes the Alu Tec bodies do have a different awning rail, but all you have to do is reverse the pads on your fix on 2 bracket pads so that you have a step rather than being level. You most certainly don't have to have the beading changed.
  10. toby6033

    Laser name is returning for 2019 models.

    no, it looks like the central washroom is flavour of the month in all the manufacturer's ranges, Coachman included, shame. I've no doubt the side dinette will reappear in a couple of years, unless someone else comes up with another layout that blows all others away. My only real criticism of the central washroom is that it makes all the rooms look small to me, where I like a sense of space, but each to his(or her) own. Thankfully we're not all the same, otherwise there would only be one layout.
  11. I saw in Practical Caravan at the weekend that Coachman are bringing back the Laser model name for twin axles. Due apparently to customer requests. There are 3 layouts, with a new one with central washroom and 2 single rear beds. The 620 side dinette end washroom is discontinued but prices have risen alarmingly to £31,190 with delivery. I'm pleased we got our 620 this year as we'd have missed out if we'd waited, as this is our preferred layout plus the price rise would have put me off.
  12. toby6033

    Awning size for 2018 VIP 575

    Re the toilet flush tank, I bought a funnel with a flexible spout from a Pound shop and pour the pink through that. I use it only for that purpose, so no contamination problems, then fill up with the usual watering can. I've found a lot of things better with the Dometic system, but that is the only downside for me. A bit of an own goal on Dometic's part, I think. Same with the filler spout cover, The Thetford system is lockable, but not the Dometic, I suppose they can't all be perfect at everything.
  13. toby6033

    correct size awning

    Hi, looking on Isabella's website, they measure a 2015 Vigo as 1027cms. and obviously they recommend a 1025 awning. It may be worth running a tape measure around your own van's awning rail to be absolutely certain.
  14. toby6033

    Cadac Safari Chef 2

    Yes, you're spot on Tandem Man, that's exactly all it needs.
  15. toby6033

    adult only sites in France

    Thanks David.