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  1. Hello ranger family. I also have a sony ericsson mobile, but mine is the p910i smartphone. I use mine with the tom tom 5 mobile version. I was stunned with the features you get and also the advantage of having it all in one unit. Watching out for the caravan user friendly software that should be coming shortly. HOPEFULLY
  2. Hi, I saw a fleetwood caravan for sale at a dealership, but forgot to get the model number. It was a 05 model and a optional fixed bed at the rear which folded up and down giving you the option for seating or sleeping. The caravan was a four berth. Sorry for being so vague :huh:


    We also bought a cover from towsure. co. uk We paid £109 and it has been a real help in keeping the van clean and ready for its next outing. The only downside is they can be a bit awkward to fit. I found that if I pop my head out of the skylight and pull as much of the cover upto the rooflight the rest was a piece of cake. our van is now 14 months old and still looks as good as the day we collected it.
  4. Thanks for that fellas. You have been a great help. EEEEEEEBAY HERE i COME.
  5. Can either of you recommend a 16 or 32 channel. Is a 16 channel sufficient. I have a tom tom 5 setup so many gps systems are compatible.
  6. If you have a bluetooth gps receiver you no longer use I will nuy it from you. I have a sat nav phone that requires a gps receiver. Thanks. .........
  7. I had to take my van back to the dealer it was bought from new for the first years warranty repairs. Is it possible to have the repairs carried out at a more local dealer. I live in Leeds and the van was bought from Coupland caravans in Louth. I think the barrons dealership nr York is closer, and a bit more convenient.
  8. Its worth looking at. I only noticed mine after giving it its first outing after the winter storage. However the dealer never spotted the cracks on mine when it was serviced in Jan this year. I need to get back in touch with them, but they are two hours from my home. So its a bit of a pain having to get it there and back. I too own a pageant provence, I have just had the vent fitted to the wall to stop the unit beside the oven overheating. It seems to be a standard upgrade.
  9. Just enquiring if anyone else has noticed cracks appearing around the wheel arches. If you look around the arch their is a piece of grp moulding that is held on with screws and then covered with blanks. Have a look around the area that meets the van wall, I have airline cracks that seem to be working in from the edge. It can't be fixed & this would then result in complete failure. I think its a new panel job ????
  10. I have recently bought a volvo s80 2. 4 20v on a w reg. I also own a Bailey Pageant Provence series 5. Can anyone tell me what the caravan is in terms of the 85% guidline.
  11. Hi Emma, we had ours serviced at Coupland caravans in louth. they charged us £145. 00 plus a new water filter and a battery for the smoke detector. I thought that was reasonable.
  12. Picked up the van 2day, the work carried out was: 1. stitching to seat covers. 2. new vent put on outside of caravan wall,at the back of the cooker. 3. re-sealing mastic around bathroom sink. 4. shelves inside fridge were replaced completly because they were rusting. 5. brakes stripped and cleaned. 6. electric fuse box cover replaced. chargable items were: a new water filter & a battery for the smoke detector. All the above items were repaired whilst in for its first annual service.
  13. When you said you changed bottles do you mean for butane to propane. I know one of them freezes at lower temps before the other.

    Volvo S80

    Never mind fella, things could be alot worse. They could be lending you a lada. Look at your face in the rear view mirror and then tell me it wasn't worth it,
  15. Did you have the problem with the cupboard getting excessivly hot. How big is the vent on the outside.
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