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  1. Trying to get my van serviced for May but struggling to get it in,have I got more time like last year because of COVID
  2. Can not even 3 yr old and new bearings required can’t wait to get rid of this Bailey,fault after fault after fault.Will never buy another one
  3. 2nd service yesterday,another leak and damp. Can’t believe a 2year old van can be so bad. No chance of getting an another Bailey
  4. Get ready for the leaks one of the three different leaks I had was under the bottom bunk on my 2016 Ancona
  5. Don't buy one I've got a 2016 Ancona bought brand new what a big mistake. THREE different leaks van back to be sorted time not using it diesel and time off work to take it back,Seven years of caravaning and the biggest mistake ever,try another swift coachman etc
  6. I would never buy another Bailey,brand new one back 3 times within the first year. All leaks in different places shocking and that's a 2016 van. Go somewhere else
  7. I had a leak in the roof first day I had the van,back to dealer next day fixed first leak,couple of months later a new leak somewhere else back to dealer fixed. Finally first service damp in van new leak somewhere else. Paid just short of £20000 for a rubbish van
  8. In my Pegasus 4 had leaky roof,leaky bottom bunk door and to top it all leaky toilet hatch. The caravan had to go in every time to be fixed,won't be buying another heap of Bailey JUNK. Brand new van and wished I never bought it
  9. Sorry to hear your problems Tourer2,won't blame you if you got rid of it and never bought a Bailey again. Sadly I got rid of my Olympus and thought a brand new nearly 20k Pegasus would be a great decision how wrong was I. This van was to last ten years can't see me keeping it
  10. 2016 van 3 leaks 3 different areas never another Bailey
  11. Surprise surprise damp in the van less than a year old
  12. Pegasus in tomorrow,water in twice already so hoping no damp or any other issues,fingers crossed
  13. How to get rid of some bad scratches on large front window
  14. Looking to buy the red shock absorbers but got to check if my mover isn't in the way
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