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  1. not a lot at the Port I am afraid, and you will definately need your car to get to any shops. Nearest place is a small village, but when we were there there were only restaurants and bars, all of them hellish expensive !!!
  2. We are also hoping to head for Scotland in May from the West Midlands - have read your blog and found it very interesting. Any chance you could give me a quick route and stopovers from Birmingham up to Loch Lomond, and back ?
  3. Ria Formosa has free wifi and we can pick it up in our van. Stephanie Jane - hope your friends arrive safely, have they stopped on the site before ? Would recommend it for many reasons, it is spotlessly clean, staff are brilliant, on site restaurant very good food and prices, small supermarket on site which sells basics and newspapers etc. We love the site. Unfortunately, not overstaying the winter there this year, but making a flying visit by air beginning of February - cant wait to meet up with everyone there.
  4. First time we stopped on Camping Albufeira - but not for us I am afraid - the town is too busy, too loud and too English We now stop further down at Campin Ria de Formosa just outside Tavira. However we have had good reports about the site at Lagos. Would avoid the Municipal sites !!!
  5. E Bay - about 8. 50 for 2 metre length
  6. Have found a brilliant engineer in the Worcestershire area, accredited bt Swift, and properly trained. Even better much cheaper than taking the van to main agents. Had read a lot about insulating the pipes under the van, but having a severe bad back and legs, was unable to do this job myself. Spoke to the engineer, explained what we wanted, I ordered the insulation from E-Bay, he got the rest of the things needed, and did it really well in a couple of hours. If you would like his name and number PM me, cannot recommend him enough. Photos of the work he has done under the van will follow shortly.
  7. Was interested to read these posts, and wonder if anyone can give me advice on my heating. We also have Truma Ultraheat in our Challenger. If we put the thermostat on 7 and the blow heat on manual, the bathroom gets warm, but the air into the lounge and bedroom stays cold. If we take it off manual and A and use it as a convector, we get heat, but not much. Last night we tried it on 1000 and 2000, various heat settings and both on manual and automatic - and we were frozen. What could have gone wrong to stop it blowing hot air around the van ?
  8. Just outside Poole in Dorset - pretty windy at times - fingers crossed
  9. We had whale heating in our last van, and when ever we put the water heater on the high setting it fused - seems that Whale put the wrong size fuse in !!!
  10. We have been on C&CC Rallies to Portugal and Spain, but no one travels together - at least they didn't when we went 4 years ago.
  11. Just met Ben and his colleagues at the Show. Nice to put a face to name. As you can see Ben I am booked in as JohnRuss and not GillRuss. Really enjoyed our talk, but couldn't stop to see the Awards - sorry
  12. It will be nice weather - in Portugal about 27 degrees. Only ever stopped at 2 sites in Spain on our Way to Portugal - Salamanca and Cacerres. Lots of sites in Portugal, but beware Northern Portugal the sites are quite small and a large caravan can be difficult to get on. If you got to the Algarve, loads of sites, all ok for all size vans
  13. Help please - we have just bought a Swift Challenger 580, when we were buying it we were told it was a 2010. But the CRiS documents have come back today and it is saying first registered October 2009 - what do we declare for the insurance 2010 or 2009 - and have we be missold
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