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  1. Exactly the same thing happened to me. New passport a few months previous to license application. Tried several times on-line and gave up. Sent application by post and new license arrived a week later.
  2. It is not a good idea to use wire wool, as when it gets wet (which it will do) it rusts and falls to pieces, and secondly under some circumstances it can self combust, (google it, if you don't believe me). far better to use stainless pot scourers.
  3. Why would a fixed camera go off at 58mph if the normal limit was sixty ? surely you would have to do more than sixty for the camera to activate ?
  4. You dont lose your C1+E either providing you apply on paper instead of online, and pass a medical every three years.
  5. As scrap metal dealers pay on weight, you might find that their weighbridges although legal, weigh light
  6. I fixed my specs with super glue but unwittingly had dropped a large blob onto table. Put specs down on blob of glue and melted the centre of the lens. Result, £312-00 for new lenses.
  7. Sounds like an easy way to break a wrist, with or without arthritis
  8. I think the riskiest plate I have seen was OK PIG. if that is not inviting a pull from Old Bill, what is ?
  9. Rob Hall

    Thank You

    Because in most cases they have a single fixing holding them into the work top. Either a bolt type with a plate underneath and a single nut to secure it, or the old fashioned large nut around the tap base. They are also fitted with flexible hot and cold connections. This mean that as soon a somebody tries to swing the tap thinking is pivotal, it loosens the nut below, and as there are not solid copper pipe connections to help, the tap eventually becomes too loose and flops about. As a plumber I have experienced it hundreds of times. Here endeth the lesson.
  10. I knew there had to be a valid reason for leylandii trees to exist. Nice to know that they are useful to somebody in the scheme of things.
  11. This was at Boreham near Chelmsford on the A12. Seems to be a fairly regular thing there every few months. They also use a truck tractor unit to patrol so that they can get a view of phone users and truckers misbehaving. Never see them at any other time on the road.
  12. Even worse is the solo driver in the centre lane doing 45 mph. illegal to pass him on the inside, illegal to pass him on the outside, and there he is, mirror blind, and totally unaware of the 4. 5 tons of car & van behind him. you need the patience of a saint.
  13. Yes, You certainly have a vivid imagination.
  14. I thought a gaff was a sharp hook on a long pole used to hook large fish over the side of a boat.
  15. We have the transverse bed in our challenger. No problem at all during the day as there is plenty of room. Alde heating makes no difference and the blind is no problem either. We have however found that at night, it is much easier to pass the end of the bed if you face the window and let your backside skim the bed.
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