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  1. 17kg and 2k when we bought ours - few years ago now
  2. When we had E&P fitted the weight gain was only 17kg, the original heavy duty steadies that came off weighed a ton but I suppose it depends on whether you have the alko heavy duty legs on as standard or not
  3. The furlough scheme is pretty simple, it takes 6 working days for HMRC to pay you the grant back for the wages so this month you needed to claim by the 22nd to receive the money before pay day. We have variable hours staff and a cut off date of the 23rd internally so we’ve had to fork out the cash today but will get money back next week. The following month we know already who is furloughed so can claim earlier and not be brassic! There really is no reason to be awkward with staff, the scheme is there so staff get paid - albeit 80%, so employers aren’t out of pocket, emplo
  4. Just check whatever you replace it with is suitable for use as a permanent power supply unit as well as a charger, some aren’t and you might just end up wearing it out quickly
  5. If it never gets used how on Earth is there water in it??! seems pointless to remove something that might come in handy if he ever gets the urge to go off in the snow or be a plus point when selling, if it is emptied, cleaned and dried out there should never be any water in it ever, I expect he needs to learn how to use the system and stop occasionally dragging in stale water from his tank
  6. Pictures or type of van/location you are drilling would help for specific info from other similar van owners but from a generic point of view I’d say: 1. Try and find some sort of batten that is holding the panelling you want to fix to as most stuff is fairly weedy. 2. if you can - use a spreader plate to spread the load, I’ve got a 21” iMac and a 21” tv on a twin ergotron arm attached to the work surface but it does have a 12” square piece of sheet steel under the counter
  7. It’s not that big a deal, the gas locker is that ventilated it’s almost as good as being outside, anyway the lights that are designed for gas lockers are sealed units so just run the cable once you’ve worked out how to open the box to get a supply, make your junction under the van away from the locker and run the light to the locker - it will come with a reasonable amount of cable on. just make sure you use the proper fitting and there won’t be any of the problems alluded to by the drama queens above its so dangerous you can buy it direct from the manufacturer here: https
  8. If you have a nosey round in the marine world you’ll find hot water tanks or calorifiers as they’re known which are designed to used the heat of the engine to heat the water, but they also have back up electric elements - some of which are in the 12-too big in litres ranges, and in the 1-2kw range for electric so perfectly usable. if you’ve got the room it’s a fairly easy job, just make sure you build in some simple means of draining it so you’re not sticking another 20kg of weight on the nose unnecessarily
  9. Unless you’re also thinking of increasing the hot water storage if you increase the flow rate you’ll have to be pretty quick at showering as it’ll last about 3 minutes!
  10. Yes there was, BMW stated sealed for life - BMW life is 100k miles, ZF the gearbox manufacturer recommend oil change between 80&100k. If you’re changing the gearbox oil, and not using a main dealer then make sure you have exactly the right spec of oil - not all auto gearbox oil has the same friction qualities and you can do as much damage putting the wrong stuff in as not changing it. heres the inside of a ZF5HP24 from my X5 - also common on Land Rover/BMW/Audi/VW for many years just about to re rebuilt
  11. We have a senator Louisiana and it is indeed very solidly built. We have been living in it permanently for 6 years so it’s certainly had a lot more wear and tear than some but it is holding up very well. The older senator had an issue with the front and back ABS panels cracking but this was sorted out post 2006 so you should be fine with the last of the line. Ours is a 2005 and all the cupboards/doors/hinges etc are fine, the drawer and cupboard handles are useless and crack all the time as they are cheap plastic, you can get an identical metal handle in B&Q and replace the lot - then
  12. 21 in 1991 - had a Triumph Dolomite Sprint - this wasn’t mine but it was identical, in our little crowd were 2 x minis suitably modded, an orange MK1 RS2000 , a 3 litre JPS Capri, MGB, Midget, Ford Anglia 105e with a lotus cortina engine in! what a time to be alive, Why does it seem like the dark ages!
  13. Always difficult without actuallly having it in front of you, but I would be looking at the cable to make sure it’s suitable for the new pump - your internal pump will likely run at 3A with a 5A fuse if I remember rightly, you can check what fuse is in your pump circuit now and see if it says on the pump what rating it is. Depending on where the various parts are it’s always good practice to minimise as many joints and joins as possible. If you can’t run a complete new cable from service to supply then as you say I’d be happy bypassing the existing pressure switch which should give
  14. Vision plus also do a pair of brackets that stick on the side of the van and you attach the mast to them , I had a 4g aerial on them in all sorts of gales and although they are stick on - they are definitely stuck on! i found it a bit more convenient than using the jockey wheel set up, and less wobbly https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/uni-bracket-plate.html https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/telescopic-4-section-mast.html
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