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  1. sleepyfolk

    Nice to have a “Handy” neighbour

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight, coachman says he has spreader plate and I’ve got a double arm with a 21” iMac and a 21” tv on it which is permanently mounted and shows no signs of pulling the van apart.
  2. sleepyfolk

    Dodgy Bailey Mains Connector - Fire avoided just!

    Just to clear up a couple of things: 1 . The van is serviced 2. The joiner was not in plain sight - one of the gripes in my original post. I had to undo the loom and yank it out. 3. It was forcibly rammed between the base of battery box and the floor Lino- so a fire was made more likely by its close contact to other plastic materials. 4. EICR reports usually have an agreed amount of cable inspected depending to what is visible - so let’s not bring another rip off into the annual servicing bill, unlikely that the fault was there in September to be picked up with the servicing anyway - it’s only good on the day it was tested after all. 5. Installation requirements during build defy logic it’s a consumer unit at one end which by its very nature has to be connected to all the other circuits, so why have a 7” tail with a plug! the other end is a plastic EHU socket that has 2 screws to hold it within the battery box the battery box is installed by one dimwit, then another dimwit comes with a piece of cable that is too short to connect the CU and EHU tail - makes another join and rams it under the box out of sight. this item should just have been connected in one straight piece of cable after the items were installed and the electrical dim wit was making his final connections before testing, common sense, would have saved plastic connector costs and time!
  3. Had a weird smell in the van and assumed it was yet another charger going duff, but after a good deal of searching I found this melted cable joint box under the battery box. Seems odd that you would fit 2 of these joints in a cable less than a metre in length between the consumer unit and the EHU socket, even more odd that you would hide it away so it can’t be checked, and even more ridiculous that you wouldn’t use a maintenance free fitting. This connector is essentially a posh looking choc box connector with screw terminals inside, likely cause is that the screw in the neutral wire was a bit loose after many years of thermal cycling and then overheated and started to melt the box. Nothing tripped, nothing worked either as I was only getting 170v at the consumer unit, there was no smoke and fortunately no fire! 🔥😀 so if you’ve got an ageing Bailey- check under your seats for a white plastic connector with loose connections
  4. sleepyfolk

    E & P Levelling System In Storage

    They’re obviously not top grade pistons as mine have rusted pretty significantly even though they have been sprayed with an appropriate lubricant/protector regularly. Well out of warranty now, probably 4 years old
  5. sleepyfolk

    How about this --- !

    Or this maybe
  6. sleepyfolk

    Where does it stop?

    Originally it was a by-product of the meat industry in many cases but nowadays as leather seats have become almost the norm in most price brackets it is now a fact that huge numbers of animals are purely bred to supply the car industry, the size of the firms in South America are staggering, I’m pleased to see that alternatives are becoming more popular, guess on this thread most are not too bothered! Quite agree kiaboy, be nice though if people gave a bit of thought to where their goods and food came from and how it was produced,
  7. sleepyfolk

    Where does it stop?

    They’re a bit slow off the mark, I think most major brands have had some sort of alternative in place for a while, premium brands like Bentley and Tesla (vegan only options!) BMW and Mercedes included who have been at it for years, I expect there’s more than one or two folks driving round thinking they’ve got leather and suede when in fact it’s one of the many lookalike leathers and Alcantara. As a non tree hugging vegetarian (no sandals, don’t vote green or dress weirdly either. - I’m a hard to spot vegetarian) , can’t see how it’s anything other than a good idea to have the choice for those that don’t want to contribute to the death of millions of animals for the sole purpose of covering a seat. If you like eating meat - that’s up to you, when I did I always bought higher welfare/organic, that would be my only hope that people would shop with a bit more thought and compassion and not accuse everyone who does of being some weirdo minority nuisance causer 😝
  8. sleepyfolk

    Tethering or Mifi

    I think in the instructions it says something about not using an external aerial for whatever reason, but I guess it could be fine, I haven’t plugged my aerial in to this new unit as the reception has been fine so far. It’s picking up a signal better than the e5773 did
  9. sleepyfolk

    Tethering or Mifi

    They’re normally between £27-35 for 12gb and that 12gb will last up to 12 months, you can top them up online when they run out but it’s cheaper to just buy a new one. Did that for a while while we worked out how much we used. I used to have the HUAWEI e5577 which has twin ts9 ports for an external MIMO aerial, worked really well and with the aerial connected I could increase my speed from 12mb to 35mb in less than perfect reception areas. Upgraded now to a 40gb a month for £22 router from 3, if you’re always on mains you can use it in the van, if not just get a 12v stabilised supply for it http://www. three. co. uk/Discover/Devices/Huawei/HomeFi?memory=0&colour=Black on the plan you get free Netflix and other stuff without using any of your data allowance.
  10. sleepyfolk

    Unattended battery care

    Concrete floors haven’t been a problem for batteries since the dark ages, it doesn’t matter if it’s on wood, carpet or concrete but if you leave it out all winter without any maintenance charge in a cold and forgotten corner that will be the quickest way to knacker a battery of any price range.
  11. sleepyfolk

    Truma solar panel not charging battery

    If a 100w panel can’t keep up it’s probably quite a rubbish panel or regulator, my mothers little motorhome only had room for an 80w panel and had a Victron Blue Solar MPPT controller, that manages to keep 2x 90ah batteries topped up through the winter even watching 3 hours tv a day and the fridge being on etc, she rarely has to start the engine in order to charge unless there are a few days of rainy weather in a row
  12. sleepyfolk

    Bought a bus now, really!

    He’s going to need to do some serious spending to get enough clubcard points for the ferry!
  13. sleepyfolk

    E&P levelling. Experiences?

    Had full system fitted a couple of years back, had a new valve block fitted under warranty after a year or so, well worth the money I’d say. Our panel is hidden away under the seats so not that obvious, we just use the remote. One of the rams has developed a small rust spot after a couple of years and I do spray them regularly as advised. Bear in mind you still need to keep a couple of bits of wood handy if you go on grass.
  14. V8 X5 chat also available here http://xdrivers. co. uk/forum/index. php
  15. sleepyfolk

    New tyres all round

    * marked so they were silly money at £200 a corner but they are Michelin latitude diamaris on my BMW, put them on as the last set lasted so long they had to be changed due to cracking rather than wear, cheapest place I found was Asda