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  1. Let’s hope they’ve got a good deal on text messages, if there’s 1.6 million text messages to pay for next weeks fuel will be going up 😝
  2. We’ve had a 16 Plate for 40000 miles or 3.5 years, tows a twin axle 1800kg Senator fully loaded with no complaints, the 4WD also has diff lock and has performed well on wet fields that I thought we’d be stuck in. Also towed out motor homes from sloped grassy fields on a couple of occasions. Ours only has standard Hankooks on but I was amazed during the snowmageddon how well it handled the remote snow covered road to the mother in laws house - benefit or not? - you decide! Gets about 30mpg round town, 40mpg on a sensible run, and given it’s not a sports SUV takes off like a scalded cat in sports mode 🚗 💨 I did test drive the less powerful version at the dealers and felt it was a bit lacking, our van is at the weight limit for the auto but it handles it well and doesn’t struggle at all. If your van is only 1500kg I would imagine you’ll forget it’s there. No real problems, annoying glitches in the electronics sometimes - occupancy alarm on seats that are not occupied, screen for camera or radio sometimes doesn’t flash up properly, need to turn the car off and on again to sort it- kind of a 3 or 4 weekly thing, iPod controls are a bit clunky and long winded, car silences text alerts when the phones connected - just daft things really!
  3. If the AA battery is ok, it could be this as I had the same problem recently. Take the front of the fire off and have a look at the two wires that go from the battery and follow them to the gas valve and igniter block. Because the area under there is a fairly exposed to the cold and moisture I discovered that the cable had corroded and come off the small contact that it was soldered to. If this is the case with yours, If you ask a caravan engineer they will tell you the part is not serviceable and you need an entire new gas safety valve assembly which is £180 plus fitting, you don’t - just remove the fire and solder it back on. I had to expose a bit more of the contact pin to give me enough to solder on to but it’s fairly straight forward once youve got it out. You will need a new flue seal which is about £4. as johnaldo says - start with the little battery!
  4. They can give problems with flickering as well as said above
  5. Be careful with these so called caravan engineers, in the last 12 months I’ve had 1. supposedly trained and well regarded idiots telling me I needed a replacement fridge - north of £1200, another said a new heat exchanger £600, neither of them took anything apart. I decided it was a control circuit issue and started with the temperature sensor in the fridge which cost me £29.95, fridge works fine now, temperature is controllable and it doesn’t ice up. 2. Truma ultraheat failed to light on gas, caravan idiot says whole new gas valve and safety cut out required - £180 plus fitting, I took it apart - soldered the igniter wire back on, called out my newly found caravan Dave the godsend retired service engineer to fit the flue seal and do a drop test - £20! Just saying, you could always guage their opinions - you are after all paying the call out fee, make your own mind up or if they suck their teeth and say you’ll need a new PCB mate - just buy one and fit it yourself.
  6. If you were a true Yorkshireman you’d have rented the house out 😝
  7. Without wishing to baffle you with science too much, there are a variety of replacement LED bulbs available at various price points. as you now know the majority of your lights work off the 12 volt system. If you are not plugged into the mains every time you go away, the battery voltage will sometimes be higher or lower than 12v depending on the state of charge of the battery. Be sure to buy your LED replacements that work within a range of voltage - some will say 8-30 volts, others will want 12 volts exactly, you can see examples of this further down the page in Fred’s link above. I bought mine from here https://www.homewatt.co.uk/66-g4-led
  8. Just thought I’d say I enjoy the blog, keep travelling and posting!😀
  9. My Amperor has been on for 5 and a half years since replacing its BCA predecessor, it has a float mode so well suited to the job. I wouldn’t leave a BCA charger permanently live if it was parked next to my house
  10. You May laugh, but I also had a zip fitted to my wetsuit, best £25 quid I’ve spent!
  11. I’ve got a wee bilge Pump to aid recovery after getting swamped or turned over in the 🌊! The power pack also doubles up as an emergency power supply to charge up the VHF or mobile just in case, I also have a PLB - I do like to be prepared for the worst!
  12. Yes magic gel is a bit pricey but it’s worked wonders in a junction box that’s often submerged in salt water - on a kayak not a caravan!😝
  13. You could use something like this, it will seal it against damp forever, https://www. tlc-direct. co. uk/Products/WKMG300. html?source=adwords&ad_position=&ad_id=315107931576&placement=&kw=&network=u&matchtype=&ad_type=&product_id=WKMG300&product_partition_id=576185600382&version=finalurl_v3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIj6PJiKaj4AIVx7DtCh2uTAVJEAQYBiABEgJQUfD_BwE
  14. Sorry, missed the notification for this, the island bed is a standard size I would think with rounded corners at the front, we don’t use fitted sheets just double ones
  15. I don’t often go past Esso to be honest but thought it might save a few quid when I fill the V8 up, just wanted to get it set up and do a trial one off and see how it went! Thanks for the pump king tip, I’ll give it a go
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