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  1. We have a senator Louisiana and it is indeed very solidly built. We have been living in it permanently for 6 years so it’s certainly had a lot more wear and tear than some but it is holding up very well. The older senator had an issue with the front and back ABS panels cracking but this was sorted out post 2006 so you should be fine with the last of the line. Ours is a 2005 and all the cupboards/doors/hinges etc are fine, the drawer and cupboard handles are useless and crack all the time as they are cheap plastic, you can get an identical metal handle in B&Q and replace the lot - then sell your old plastic ones for £2 a pop on eBay to all the other Senator owners which pays for half the replacements! Other than that, its just the usual age related things like a battery charger/fridge sensor/gas fire igniter etc that I’ve fixed but you get that on any van of any make. Can’t comment on the other one but you do read a lot about the alutech not being quite as waterproof as they should be.
  2. 21 in 1991 - had a Triumph Dolomite Sprint - this wasn’t mine but it was identical, in our little crowd were 2 x minis suitably modded, an orange MK1 RS2000 , a 3 litre JPS Capri, MGB, Midget, Ford Anglia 105e with a lotus cortina engine in! what a time to be alive, Why does it seem like the dark ages!
  3. Always difficult without actuallly having it in front of you, but I would be looking at the cable to make sure it’s suitable for the new pump - your internal pump will likely run at 3A with a 5A fuse if I remember rightly, you can check what fuse is in your pump circuit now and see if it says on the pump what rating it is. Depending on where the various parts are it’s always good practice to minimise as many joints and joins as possible. If you can’t run a complete new cable from service to supply then as you say I’d be happy bypassing the existing pressure switch which should give you 12v across the cables that supply your existing pump then just use those. if you are jointing a cable try and use something more maintenance free than a choc block, a heat shrink inline crimp or a wago - something that doesn’t have screws in that can rattle loose in rattling caravans on the road. I guess you have a multimeter and some sort of confidence or you wouldn’t be asking, you can test you’ve got power where you want it with a meter and make sure everything is dead before you start tinkering - but if you’re doubting yourself then don’t be afraid to admit defeat, it would only be a quick job if you got someone in.
  4. Vision plus also do a pair of brackets that stick on the side of the van and you attach the mast to them , I had a 4g aerial on them in all sorts of gales and although they are stick on - they are definitely stuck on! i found it a bit more convenient than using the jockey wheel set up, and less wobbly https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/uni-bracket-plate.html https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/telescopic-4-section-mast.html
  5. sorry no I already had in internal pump, I was just commenting on the two internal pumps I’d dealt with and that they have both been reliable and not had any issues under varying voltages. These two have their pressure switches built in so no need to use your existing pressure switch if you are replacing the external pump for an internal one. I’ve got an internal tank which we always run off and I find we get much better water pressure with the internal pump and tank than friends had with their external pump and aquaroll set up. The shurflo I fitted to the horse box from scratch, I just ran a new 12v supply to the pump from the new fuse panel I had fitted via a CBE switch mounted by the door. Plumbing wise I fitted a surge damper just after the pump outlet- they are about £15 I think and again use the usual John guest push fit type fittings. If the current rating is similar I don’t see why you can’t use your existing wiring to power the new pump, you’ll just need to pick up the 12v from the right place so you’ve got the permanent 12v feed without it going through your existing pressure switch as that seems to be the bit you want to get rid of
  6. Don’t forget to pack your iPod so you can listen to Pink Floyd “echoes” standing in the amphitheatre where they played in 1972, like an out of body experience 😀 to be fair, the rest of Pompeii was pretty good as well
  7. I replace my old pump with the Whale FPO0814 as above, has given no problems at all in the last couple of years. Also fitted a Shurflo pump and surge damper to my brother in laws horsebox when we fitted that out, that also has given no problems in the past 4 or 5 years. fairly easy job, it’s all push-fit plumbing and a bit of basic wiring
  8. Someone posted about a fire the other day, can’t imagine them bothering to look through this mess, won’t the copper have disappeared anyway so wouldn’t be able to tell what wiring was where would you?
  9. Mines a year earlier but they list a standard and a heavy duty on the Bailey parts website, I think our Louisiana’s must be on the heavy duty type logically, don’t know if that’s any help! https://www.primaleisure.com/product/1140022
  10. This is a lighthearted poke at the sliding door community chaps, let’s not get too serious! My mother’s Ducato sliding door doesn’t shut unless you whoosh bang it with some gusto, I do sometimes wonder why people with van conversions seem to need to get in and out quite so often as they do seem to be a noisy bunch, it only gets better when you hear the whirl of the eberspracher kick in at 0200, some of them seem to have been made to emulate the sound of a gas turbine!
  11. I have the older 21’ Finlux which is HD ready, and my brother in law has the 22” full HD Finlux and you can tell the difference in picture quality, similarly if we stream tv to the iMac which is only 21” the picture quality difference is quite pronounced
  12. We’ve had a 12v finlux for about 6 years which has been great, slightly newer model here’s the details https://finlux.co.uk/tv-22fbe274b-ncm
  13. Get yourself a V8, my 2003 4.6 litre X5 is ulez compliant 😝
  14. I think the 40v is just USA, the latest uk version has twice the flow rate so is more powerful than the original, shame they don’t do2 batteries, puts another 30-40 quid on top!
  15. Worx hydroshot maybe? From £89.99 to £200 depending on model and accessories and where you look! https://worx-europe.com/en/all-garden-tools/pressure-cleaner/#allemodelle
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