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  1. That really is poor design and forethought. Are they LEDs? Perhaps they were thinking they'd never fail, so no need for access?
  2. Don't think the location of the carpark is relevant at all here. The fact of the matter is that some fraudster will probably try it on.
  3. Hiya, SORN relates to road tax, not insurance, so you have to declare SORN if not taxing the car for a period. If it's taxed, you could just temporarily add it to your policy to cover you from the insurance side of things. ...so question is, when is the MOT up for renewal?
  4. Aviva said to me that it was possible to apply the app discount to the second car, but it would to be a separate score generated by my wife as she's the main driver. I can't really get my head around insurance companies at the moment. I think there is possibly an element of you get the service you pay for. Aviva were fantastic when my car got dinged a couple of years ago, I seem to remember it was collected and repaired within a week. Unlike our A3 which has been written off after getting hit while parked in a carpark. The third party insures wrote it off and after some negotiation offered to value it at £4000. They've paid out £3060 to me and withheld 24% as the salvage value. We're getting the car repaired for an estimated £2500 (by a main Audi dealer no less), so I don't understand why the insurance company didn't repair it, surely the cost to them would be the same if not less, and the car wouldn't have to carry a Cat. N write-off label for the rest of it's days.
  5. Just had a renewal through from Aviva. Up £110 from last year on our multicar policy. I've been using the Aviva Drive monitoring app on my phone and asked if that score was included in my renewal. It turns out it wasn't. So they applied a further 28% discount to my renewal for getting a score of 9. 1 out of 10. So this brings our renewal to £23 less than last year. This only applies to my car, so I need to get my wife to download and use it to get a further discount applied to her side of the policy.
  6. My guess is that it originated from Caravan Club advice to those new to towing and has somehow become 'gospel', probably due to being repeated so many times over the years. Though I feel it certainly has validity for inexperienced towers. In terms of towing limits, I can't quite get my head around the varying limits. though I can understand the different limits for auto and manual gearboxes. But why for example would my old Volvo 245 2. 1 litre manual be limited to a 850kg max braked trailer, whilst my Passat 2 litre diesel manual can pull up to 1800kg (not that I want to try!) I see them as equally capable barring the difference in BHP / max torque, or have I just answered my own question!
  7. Just did that myself last month, got a replacement from PowerTouch,, very easy to set up / sync to your controller box. With box open, turn on isolator, use a tooth pick to press reset, then turn on new remote and it will sync automatically.
  8. I've wondered the very same thing, especially when on faster roads either dark or getting dark. What harm would it do for the rear lights to come automatically too. Bit of an oversight IMHO.
  9. so sorry to hear your tail. Why on earth are they refusing to repair the interior? If the van is onlt just over a year old, you may have grounds to reject it, but that is just another lot of stress. Have you got anyone who can take up your case, solicitor / finance company?
  10. I think I'd be tempted to just re-glue it with some clear contact adhesive as it's not a sealed unit. I'm not sure that would be covered under warranty either, that's just for damp / water ingress isn't?
  11. So there would then need to be a way of proving that the purchaser had at least received the advise and chosen to ignore it. I would imagine this would need to be in to form of signed disclaimer signed by the purchaser and held by the dealer? And for private sales, would all then have to take out public liability insurance to sell our van or car to a n other? IMHO responsibility lies firmly with the purchaser in all respects, though as previously mentioned, it would be a thoughtful act on the part of the dealer / seller to point out discrepancies, but no more.
  12. Maybe, but minimal chance of failure so hardly any replacement cost. I found I had to replace rock pegs ​due to either bending or the plastic hook breaking. Non of that with these.
  13. Fair enough, but I bet the pricing wouldn't change to reflect a lower number of remedial repairs, they'd surely just take a bigger profit?
  14. One would hope that the number of caravans built that are not fit for purpose / rejected is way less than 25% of the total number built. Could it be just the usual case that we only hear about the complaints and not the majority who are satisfied owners? But I'm not disagreeing that there are levels build quality issues in the industry that you don't see in car manufacturing for example.
  15. Can't see how it can be anything more than a courteous advisory, much like telling them the speed limit for towing is 60 or they should wear their seat belt. Though I did have a dealer tell me once that he would not sell me a twin axle Lunar once because he felt the tow car match was not suitable despite it actually being a legal match.
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