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  1. Can any one recomend a park on east coast between Skipsea and Whitby which has seasonal touring pitches please . Club house or entertainment not reqd. Thanks everyone
  2. pcvdave

    How strange?

    It's not a problem just thought it was interesting!,
  3. Noticed on TRANQUIL parks site in Blackpool , 2018 policy no reversing onto pitch ! . Only caravans with motor movers fitted accepted on site from start of 2018 season right or wrong ?.
  4. 2018 models have now gone back to a directional aerial.
  5. Thanks Geoff, Thought it would be classed as wear and tear, so didnot bother Dealer. Rang them today and they have put in a warranty claim for me, (still 3 months left on warranty). Thanks for the sugestion. Not classed as a repairable item, bit expensive if out of warranty i think. pcv dave.
  6. Hi all, The cord on the panoramic centre window concertina blind (white cord) has broken, is it an easy fix or a dealer repair ? Is the blind easy to remove as the shelves on each side of it overlap the blind at each side. Thank you.
  7. thanks all for your input. will have a stab at it! pc dave
  8. How does one remove a drawer to check drawer runners for jamming in a open position, can get to go back by pushing drawer front sideways some times . Ok if drawer is only half opened ? thanks pcvdave.
  9. Thank you for the feed back and taking the time to reply.
  10. Comments please on the heating system please, some say its noisey others say its fine my wife likes the van so would like hoopinions before making a purchase. Would buy the Genoa it sees a nicee roomy van for its size
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