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  1. I set the heating temperatures on different times of the day say for 30 mins but then find heating seems to stay on if I want it on 4 different times of the day it never goes off at that certain time what am I doing wrong can anyone help? It’s a brilliant tool once i fully understand it lol Maureen and Keith
  2. Thanks yes there are timers that you can put in different temperatures so far we have not tried it on Gas yet only used Fridge on Gas maybe worth trying that hubby gets very cold so sometimes he needs it hotter and me I cook lol many thanks for the advice we have a App on my mobile phone that works the Caravan so still getting used to it think I prefer the old fashioned Caravan Controls Maureen
  3. Hi I have a 2017 Swift Alpine2 Caravan the Truma heating works ok but can I boast it to add more heat when I want? I have set timers up for the day but at night could do with a boast how do I do that can anyone help me many thanks Maureen and Keith
  4. I did caravan quotes from Towergate was £376 crazy price Adrian Flux was best £190.45 New for old same as Towergate quoted on but such a difference in the price
  5. Bought new van. March 2017 from local dealer as one we wanted to buy all dealers were up North if anything went wrong would have to tow back up North local dealer Forest Of Dean Caravans had one just arrived no one had even been inside so good price on existing van we bought it well chuffed and got more for our old Van got Swift Sprite Alpine2 very happy
  6. I have a Sprite Alpine 2 2017 model any idea what size awning I would need want a full size one we have an Airporch Awning at the moment but will sell that it’s brillient so easy to put up but going away on a pitch for a few months would like a bigger Awning maureen
  7. Hi looking to site my 2 berth Swift Alpine2 Caravan on a site in Bream Somerset have a blow up Awning at the moment looking for a sturdy Awning to leaveup for a few months can anyone recommend a really good Awning to buy many thanks
  8. Many thanks think I will look at sites where caravan is on a pitch all the time so we can use it from March till end of October but stored in winter there
  9. Hi thinking of finding a good site by the sea in Somerset and using it on same site all year just wonder if any of you do that instead of towing? Don’t want to give up caravaning thanks Maureen
  10. My friend Jenny has just spent this year at a lovely site in Burnham on sea closed it up now till March her hubby is disabled so for her it is ideal just an hour from home she loves it we are going to look at the site in March see what we think of it as hubby thinks towing may not be ideal as he is 80 now but we want to beable to go away still and not just sit at home
  11. I am currently with Saga but got quotes from Caravan Club and Caravan Guard at £18,000 caravan and equipment both quoting £189 my Saga is £186 so will depend on the cost of caravan plus equipment so do a compare the market quote mine is New for old cover and protected NCB so mine will be dearer good Luck
  12. Hi as hubby is getting older now we are thinking of finding a nice site and leaving Caravan on it all the time save towing and setting Up need to be near the sea just wonder if anyone on here has done this and how they are finding it Mo
  13. Thank you never knew they did that they are over £1,000 new
  14. Looking to get a Motor Mover for our single axle 2 berth Caravan can anyone recommend a good automatic one with fob that puts mover onto the wheels would need it fitted and a strong mover to go on gravel grass and hardstanding easy to manage can you help? Mo
  15. Anyone any tips on stopping the clothes falling off the hangers in the Caravan Wardarobe please even bending the coat hangers over seem to still fall off help would be appreciated please
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