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  1. Tesco should be the fastest delivery supermarket----they are employing aircraft pilots to drive their vans---lunch time news today. But you won't see a 747 landing in your street.
  2. On old vans the heater won't work if no water in tank.
  3. RED CROSS---what do you know about Arnold Clark that I don't???? Ancel posted he had good service from AC Citroen. His was the same garage where the head of AC Citroen for Scotland hides out. This is the same guy who would not return my calls and refused to mention my problem to a factory engineer when he visited this branch.
  4. I have a similar problem with my old heap mostly after it has been unused for a while. The problem is pure & simply air locking. Once everything is wired up, if you lift the pump from the barrel, you should hear it whirring if OK. If not, power isn't getting to pump. How I overcome my problem is to open every tap in the van. Then lift pump from barrel and run a good going hose pipe over the pump inlet. This normally clears the air lock, but sometimes I give the pump a good blow to force the water through. Having said that, I can't speak for modern water systems.
  5. Great pity they didn't close permanently and do the public a big favour.
  6. Most ready meals heated in a microwave come out in some state. On the occasions we use ready meals they are heated / cooked in the oven. Some makes are not bad, and we tend to favour Kershaws as we get meat of all sorts, 2 veg and some form of tatties. £6 for 4 in Morrisons.
  7. For seasonal fruit picking the farmers provide rather nice static caravans on their own piece of land on the farm. For longer term veg picking, the workers rent houses in the veg growing areas. After the veg picking season is over, some get work in pack houses or go on to other forms of work. Most of these people can turn their hand to a wide variety of jobs.
  8. There was an article in our local paper about "Dolies" working on farms. My goodness what an outcry from the lefties about enforced labour. If we were to be invaded by another country, these Dolies would be conscripted to fight in the army. Our present "war" is against a virus and not another nation, so I can't see any reason why the unemployed can't be made to work on farms. The question is "how many of them are in fact employable"??
  9. Never hear anything about what's going on in Southern Ireland---much closer to us !!
  10. Mistaken date on the post-----should have been April 1st.
  11. At the start of this fiasco the leader of the World Health Organisation was on telly and his message was "Test, Test and Test again." Where are all the tests going on in UK???-----certainly not up here. Surely, this advice is paramount in restricting the spread of this dreadful virus.
  12. The question to be asked is "Did she jump or was she pushed"??? If sufficient pressure was put on Tricky Nicky I strongly suspect Calderwood was "Asked" to resign. Anyway, she is to stay on to advise her replacement---but for how long ???
  13. Saw a picture of him days ago, and he should have been in hospital then. He looked very ill at that time.
  14. Not quite the full story Townie. Calderwood & husband visited their second home last week end, to check it. They stayed one night. Surely arrangements could have been put in place for someone local to check property. BUT, Calderwood & family visited this house this week end AGAIN and were caught out & about. Between the heir to the throne & Calderwood, does this not send out completely the wrong message?? One rule for them and another for us. So, it's ok for me to drag the old tin shed to some remote area for a couple of nights then !!!! I strongly suspect that I would be fined by the police as was the man they caught simply sitting alone in his car. Yur not on Jimmy
  15. Can anyone recommend a good site near Campbeltown. Also, is there a summer ferry from here to Northern Ireland?
  16. IMHO, I would never tow with a standard pick up without a bit of load in the cargo area. This weight helps to soften the rear springs a bit also helps with rear brakes---less chance of jack knifing under heavy braking.
  17. I raised the same question amongst my family and was informed that by going out in the car I might have an accident which would involve NHS staff in my treatment. Similarly, if you are injured whilst walking in an isolated place, rescue people would be involved in your recovery and treatment. Another case of "What if", but there is some sense in it.
  18. Aye, and they got tested right away, yet the rest of us can't get the test.
  19. Funny you should post that. Blond was just saying at tea time "Would this be a good time to invest in a coffin making firm" Bent sense of humour but she may have a point.
  20. Skype ???????? I have just been taught to use it to see the Grandees.
  21. Bit confused here Flat. My daughter owns a static on a Haven site and was told the sites were closed. She has had to return all moneys for deposits and more.
  22. It's going to be a slow process, but it will come. Main holdback is fear of old / sick people being coerced into agreeing to euthanasia. Then there is the religious aspect, along with some doctors who firmly believe that it is wrong to prematurely terminate human life. I'm with you on this one---you have no say in how, why or where you are born, but I think folk should have some say on when they want to kick the bucket. This is a Very individual thing, but in many cases when the quality of life falls below an individual persons limits, then I think they should be able to request the blue pill. (And I don't mean Viagra lol)
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