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  1. Can anyone recommend a good site near Campbeltown. Also, is there a summer ferry from here to Northern Ireland?
  2. IMHO, I would never tow with a standard pick up without a bit of load in the cargo area. This weight helps to soften the rear springs a bit also helps with rear brakes---less chance of jack knifing under heavy braking.
  3. I raised the same question amongst my family and was informed that by going out in the car I might have an accident which would involve NHS staff in my treatment. Similarly, if you are injured whilst walking in an isolated place, rescue people would be involved in your recovery and treatment. Another case of "What if", but there is some sense in it.
  4. Aye, and they got tested right away, yet the rest of us can't get the test.
  5. Funny you should post that. Blond was just saying at tea time "Would this be a good time to invest in a coffin making firm" Bent sense of humour but she may have a point.
  6. Skype ???????? I have just been taught to use it to see the Grandees.
  7. Bit confused here Flat. My daughter owns a static on a Haven site and was told the sites were closed. She has had to return all moneys for deposits and more.
  8. It's going to be a slow process, but it will come. Main holdback is fear of old / sick people being coerced into agreeing to euthanasia. Then there is the religious aspect, along with some doctors who firmly believe that it is wrong to prematurely terminate human life. I'm with you on this one---you have no say in how, why or where you are born, but I think folk should have some say on when they want to kick the bucket. This is a Very individual thing, but in many cases when the quality of life falls below an individual persons limits, then I think they should be able to request the blue pill. (And I don't mean Viagra lol)
  9. Can I perhaps clear up this "English Accent" issue. Aviemore area is a small community. There are people living there from far flung places. Because it's a small community, the local shopkeepers know almost everyone living in the area irrespective of their origins, and would be happy to serve them. To show how stupid some members of the public are, my wife's carer told us the following story. She visited an old dear client on Friday as per usual. On arrival, she met the old dear's daughter who was having difficulty in moving kitchen appliances & stuff. On enquiring what was going on she was informed they were making space for an EXTRA deep freeze for the old dear, and it was due for delivery that morning. After installation, she was going to the supermarket to buy food to Fill the freezer. Where is this austerity the lefties keep rabbiting on about???
  10. Wandering Lancastrian---don't bother about the person who posts confused icons on your posts. There is a guy on here does that to most of my posts---he maybe gets a kick out of it. Well stocked motorhomes---but where is the stock coming from??---probably not their local supermarkets. A friend from Aviemore has just emailed me to say that they have had people from Glasgow shopping in the village !!!! Mental. Furthermore, a bloke at the till was shouting at the manager because he had goods taken from him. When the locals behind him in the queue realised he had an English accent, they were going to lynch him and had to be restrained. (Maybe a campervan owner??) These idiots who overbuy are obviously completely ignorant of how the food chain works. After a cow gives birth it starts to yield milk. Any attempts to stop this makes the cow very ill and possibly death follows. A similar scenario exists with hens laying eggs. There are silos full of wheat waiting to go to the bread and biscuit makers. Large chilled sheds contain potatoes waiting for processors to buy them. Fishing boats are still working. As stated on TV today, there is no shortage of basic foods in this country, and drivers hours regulations have been relaxed to allow longer hours for distribution of foodstuffs. There seems to be a massive problem with "Sheep mentality" amongst the population.
  11. The Government and the media ???? So, we are deluged by tv and papers on the covid19 virus. Can we assume there are no more fires burning up Australia or floods affecting much of the UK??? The media seem to completely dump one story when another comes to light. We are given no information on how victims of this virus originally became infected and what tracking is done after a case is confirmed. This was originally brought to light with the first case in Shetland. You can only get to Shetland by ferry or aircraft (or by private boat). Surely we should have been informed on where this person had been / came from. This could make us more aware of certain areas. Obviously, we would not expect any clues or information as to the identity of a confirmed victim.
  12. I am greatly concerned by this latest positive test on a guy from Sussex?? Apparently he has had no contact with anyone from an infected area/ country. Surely, intensive research will have to be conducted to ascertain how he became infected. However, I admit to having a personal interest here. I have been waiting for a package from China which is very late. When it eventually arrives, how do I treat it, especially the outer layer?? Gloves on to dispose of outer packaging straight into landfill bin? then how to deal with items themselves? Should say that items should have been readily available on UK market, but despite long internet search, could only source them from China via Amazon.
  13. Have same problem with the latest of the Picasso mirrors---no decent flat edge to get a wide space between the brackets. After losing a couple of Milenco's, I now fit them on the bottom edge and tie them on with twine. looks awful but when they come adrift at least I don't lose them. These grips seem to work ok at low speeds, but useless when going quick or being overtaken by busses or HGV's.
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