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  1. When selling privately, it is important to quickly sum up what your punters are looking for. Initially, you don't know what gear they already have, so including extras may not help the price. When my van comes on the market in early summer, I shall advertise it on Gumtree at £x for basic van (include step, jack winder and a near empty gas bottle.) OR £X+£500 for all equipment including awnings---ready to go.
  2. Sadly, I no longer have any in car distractions. Perhaps this thread refers to modern technology though. As my old granddad used to say of post model "T"Fords "Aye, awe the mair tae ging wrang". Think he's right.
  3. Worst car here was a 1991 BMW 316i which was Blonds. Easier to list the few good things than the phone book of bad ones.
  4. You are much faster travelling with Mr. Google. 229miles and 3hrs 42 mins solo.!!!!! It's M6- M74-M73-M80- M9. As far as time is concerned, it will depend on roadworks on main motorways.
  5. Use the same pump but different nozzle----cost is worked out per pump. £10 is better in my pocket than Wullie Morrison's.
  6. Use the same pump but different nozzle----cost is worked out per pump.
  7. I drive on 10p off fuel all the time. When the offer is on I buy the maximum amount allowed which is 100ltrs. This is of course Diesel, and at 50+ mpg the 100ltrs does me until next offer. Occasionally, I fill the petrol car brim full and put the balance (diesel) into drums. Works for me.
  8. It must all be down to moneymen. PSA & Fiat----the mind boggles.
  9. Is it possible your jockey wheel is not original ? If one taken from a small trailer it may be too small in diameter for clamp to get a good hold. Just a thought.
  10. Gunge is certainly a problem nowadays. The Govt. decreed that bio fuel be added to raw diesel. I think that it's around 7% at present. Reactions take place and this is what produces gunge. Depending on your regular fuel source, it may be prudent to change the fuel filters more frequently. With super diesel, you must do your sums to ascertain if it's worth the extra cost or just add a can of fuel line cleaner now and then. What I found with super diesel was that it gave me a little more power when towing the big tin shed, especially on hills, as I run somewhat under powered.
  11. By 2020 you will probably need a passport to get into Scotland LOL
  12. Not an easy tow from Inverness south until you are about half way down to Aviemore.
  13. Further to my post on premium increase, it appears the operator that day did not process my renewal at the lower price. Recently, they contacted me and offered to renew but at the higher price. This triggered off protracted negotiations and emails started arriving from an outfit called Vantage Insurance. Eventually everything was sorted out and it appears that I am insured by a company called Ageas. So Club Care is the trading name of Vantage Insurance. but where Ageas comes into it I fail to comprehend. How many outfits need to get a bite of the cherry???
  14. How do you manage for length, even in a double bay in supermarkets ?????
  15. blondchaser


    Just thought with all the flooding in NY that a boat might have been more use to you.
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