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  1. Your post reminds me of caravanning as a boy
  2. If memory serves?? There was a very steep hill on a newish piece of road just before the old elbow.
  3. How do you intend to get there ? Via Blairgowrie or the new Aberdeen by-pass ? If Blairgowrie, hope you have plenty horse power.!!
  4. Hope weather stays fine this week end as I'm going to have a go at growing Bidens. My chosen variety is Hawaiian Flare which has a most unusual flower. Maybe get a few spuds buried as well.
  5. Update: Well, just got my early tatties planted in the nick of time, as this spell of lovely weather came to a halt tonight. I planted a few Epicure which is an old favourite and very early. To follow on I planted a few Duke of York to get the real tattie flavour. This plot had polythene over it for a couple of weeks prior to planting just to warm the soil up a little. Polythene re laid after planting in case of a late frost. Roll on July.
  6. Fit pairt o Eberdeenshire dae yea hail fae?? A wis billeted in Torphins as a loon before bein deported tae Stony. Going through the winter months I have noticed black lesions in both my Maris Piper and my carrots. In the worst cases this black lesion goes right through to the centre of the veg. In addition, the odd tattie has skin which looks frazzled up, so I binned them. Whilst I don't know what caused this, the only thing I can think of was the extreme heat of last summer. Having said that, the garden was well watered every day during the very hot period. Is it possible that this extreme heat in some way interfered with the plants physiology ??? Anyone else had this problem ??
  7. This happened to m in Kirkcaldy a couple of months ago. First food containers out of the passenger window followed by beer cans out of the drivers window. Unfortunately, I was alone in the car so no witnesses and red transit was un lettered. When I flashed lights, I was saluted in the normal numpty manner.
  8. Nothing new in this feature---Volvo 240's had bulb failure warning light away back in the seventies.
  9. Naw, naw, I;m talking about a gairdning section, no a knitting section on CT. When are you getting a knitting machine ??? Don't you find being a member of CT therapeutic ????? In that vein, I'm waiting for the moderators to allow a short topic on-----B
  10. So, no veg gardeners then ?? If you believe all the rubbish about food shortages after Brexit, then you should all be growing your own veg & fruit !!!! Since Blond became ill, I have also had to become a flower gardener---complete foreign concept to me!!! However, I have two types of flowers growing in front of the house, both in the shape of the house number---well chuffed.
  11. Thought some of you property owners would like to share your expertise in a gairdning section ??
  12. From photos, it looks easy enough to reverse van in from road. Whether using car or mover, reverse it in from the side where you can keep an eye on low dividing wall. In addition, measure distance from REAR of tyre to rear most point of van. Place two bricks / conc blocks approximately 6"-12" forwards towards road from measured distance. This ensures you won't hit the garage door. Width between blocks should correspond to be in line with both tyres. Slope front of van towards road to minimise rain water from getting near garage door. As security AIDS only, once van is positioned, take off jockey wheel and store in garage. Replace nearside wheel with "Winter storage" device. ( like an axle stand which fits on to wheel studs / bolts. Fit a good old fashioned hitch lock. Finally, site Alsatians kennel at front of van ---LOL.
  13. Oh Mr. Plodd, 30yrs a traffic cop and still alive to tell the tale !!! Regarding Disco's, their mirrors are slightly wider than most vans, but not wide enough to meet the criteria set out for angles and distances. Think Disco drivers are related to BMW / Audi drivers, or perhaps trained at the same school of motoring. LOL
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