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  1. Old van been connected to 240v supply for over 48 hrs now. Fridge does not seem cold at all, and tiny freezer compartment is cold but not freezing. Can this old Electrolux fridge be re gassed or something similar ??? Any other ideas of what could be wrong ??
  2. Today is the first time this year I have opened the ancient shed---hooray! no smell of damp or anything else for that matter. Time to make all systems Go---No, not going on holiday, but have to live in it for a few days as we have the penter coming in to decorate the lounge and the Great Hall. First problem was the Thetford would not pump water through, as it seemed air locked. Stuck the gairden hose in the tank at full blast and that sorted the ***** out. Similar problem with water supply to sinks, but with a bit of patience, and all taps open, had the water / bi carb mixture flowing nae bother. Tomorrow I shall get the interior given a thorough clean then rig up the TV aerial. Alas poor Blond won't be able to watch Jeremy Vile any more. Electrics seem ok and won't be using gas. Bought pent today as the front will need a make over. All in all, not bad for a 28yr old Elddis.
  3. Best of luck mate hiring out that lovely van-----you don't know what state you will get it back in. This can be problematic if you have back to back hires, and little time to rectify defects. I'm not being negative, just speaking from experience, as I used to hire out three touring vans---nightmare if things go wrong. eg:- some kid spilt milk on upholstery !!!! Another clown tore a rear exterior panel which was a dealer repair job. IMHO, this undertaking is only for the stout hearted.
  4. This week is the second time in 5 yrs my car has failed the MOT on tyres. The car is 9 yrs old and just turned 50,000mls, with good tread on the tyres. The first set to fail were Miches (no surprise there) and the current set are Vredestein, as recommended by the tyre depot. Apparently, modern tyres have a relatively short casing life and cracking and degradation occurs. So, if you want to run the tread off your tyres you must do this by high mileage over a relatively short time period. The owner of the local tyre depot says nearly all manufacturers have this problem. Most of my motoring life I have fitted tyres up to the maximum I could afford, being well known brands. So, now the question is, do I fit cheap tyres (mid range) and dump them when this problem raises it's ugly head or continue to fit expensive tyres and take the loss of mileage on the chin??? I won't be towing the van very much from now on, and only on relatively short journeys.
  5. Burntisland didn't used to be bad in the days when I drove the bauxite trucks there.
  6. Your post reminds me of caravanning as a boy
  7. If memory serves?? There was a very steep hill on a newish piece of road just before the old elbow.
  8. How do you intend to get there ? Via Blairgowrie or the new Aberdeen by-pass ? If Blairgowrie, hope you have plenty horse power.!!
  9. Hope weather stays fine this week end as I'm going to have a go at growing Bidens. My chosen variety is Hawaiian Flare which has a most unusual flower. Maybe get a few spuds buried as well.
  10. Update: Well, just got my early tatties planted in the nick of time, as this spell of lovely weather came to a halt tonight. I planted a few Epicure which is an old favourite and very early. To follow on I planted a few Duke of York to get the real tattie flavour. This plot had polythene over it for a couple of weeks prior to planting just to warm the soil up a little. Polythene re laid after planting in case of a late frost. Roll on July.
  11. Fit pairt o Eberdeenshire dae yea hail fae?? A wis billeted in Torphins as a loon before bein deported tae Stony. Going through the winter months I have noticed black lesions in both my Maris Piper and my carrots. In the worst cases this black lesion goes right through to the centre of the veg. In addition, the odd tattie has skin which looks frazzled up, so I binned them. Whilst I don't know what caused this, the only thing I can think of was the extreme heat of last summer. Having said that, the garden was well watered every day during the very hot period. Is it possible that this extreme heat in some way interfered with the plants physiology ??? Anyone else had this problem ??
  12. This happened to m in Kirkcaldy a couple of months ago. First food containers out of the passenger window followed by beer cans out of the drivers window. Unfortunately, I was alone in the car so no witnesses and red transit was un lettered. When I flashed lights, I was saluted in the normal numpty manner.
  13. Nothing new in this feature---Volvo 240's had bulb failure warning light away back in the seventies.
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