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  1. Gunge is certainly a problem nowadays. The Govt. decreed that bio fuel be added to raw diesel. I think that it's around 7% at present. Reactions take place and this is what produces gunge. Depending on your regular fuel source, it may be prudent to change the fuel filters more frequently. With super diesel, you must do your sums to ascertain if it's worth the extra cost or just add a can of fuel line cleaner now and then. What I found with super diesel was that it gave me a little more power when towing the big tin shed, especially on hills, as I run somewhat under powered.
  2. By 2020 you will probably need a passport to get into Scotland LOL
  3. Not an easy tow from Inverness south until you are about half way down to Aviemore.
  4. Further to my post on premium increase, it appears the operator that day did not process my renewal at the lower price. Recently, they contacted me and offered to renew but at the higher price. This triggered off protracted negotiations and emails started arriving from an outfit called Vantage Insurance. Eventually everything was sorted out and it appears that I am insured by a company called Ageas. So Club Care is the trading name of Vantage Insurance. but where Ageas comes into it I fail to comprehend. How many outfits need to get a bite of the cherry???
  5. How do you manage for length, even in a double bay in supermarkets ?????
  6. blondchaser


    Just thought with all the flooding in NY that a boat might have been more use to you.
  7. blondchaser


    Geoff, is it true you have traded in your caravan for a cabin cruiser ???
  8. Better off going into a hotel at this rate.
  9. Update:~ Managed to buy pent an exact colour match, but it is for professional sprayers. Ah well, I started to pent the lower section with a fine brush and it seemed to come out quite well. Now for the "mosaic" bits---I didn't know what kind of undercoat I should use so decided not to use any---big mistake1. Big mistake2, I thought since the front is readily seen I should try and get a really smooth finish so I used a foam roller. Unlike household pent, the air bubbles failed to disappear, so I tried to brush it smooth with the aid of some special thinners. , afraid this is a rub down and try again job---or take it to a proper paint sprayer. What will this cost though ?? Think I should stick to the day job.
  10. Received my renewal notice in from C & cc today for the ancient box on wheels. 20+ % increase over this years premium !!!! However, after a few "well chosen words" eventually managed to get it down to under 10% increase. How are you good people finding your renewal quotes ???
  11. The front panel on my ancient Cyclone has started to show small mosaic like cracking. What causes this and how can I prepare it for re painting??? TIA
  12. Old van been connected to 240v supply for over 48 hrs now. Fridge does not seem cold at all, and tiny freezer compartment is cold but not freezing. Can this old Electrolux fridge be re gassed or something similar ??? Any other ideas of what could be wrong ??
  13. Today is the first time this year I have opened the ancient shed---hooray! no smell of damp or anything else for that matter. Time to make all systems Go---No, not going on holiday, but have to live in it for a few days as we have the penter coming in to decorate the lounge and the Great Hall. First problem was the Thetford would not pump water through, as it seemed air locked. Stuck the gairden hose in the tank at full blast and that sorted the ***** out. Similar problem with water supply to sinks, but with a bit of patience, and all taps open, had the water / bi carb mixture flowing nae bother. Tomorrow I shall get the interior given a thorough clean then rig up the TV aerial. Alas poor Blond won't be able to watch Jeremy Vile any more. Electrics seem ok and won't be using gas. Bought pent today as the front will need a make over. All in all, not bad for a 28yr old Elddis.
  14. Best of luck mate hiring out that lovely van-----you don't know what state you will get it back in. This can be problematic if you have back to back hires, and little time to rectify defects. I'm not being negative, just speaking from experience, as I used to hire out three touring vans---nightmare if things go wrong. eg:- some kid spilt milk on upholstery !!!! Another clown tore a rear exterior panel which was a dealer repair job. IMHO, this undertaking is only for the stout hearted.
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