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  1. blondchaser

    First Caravan

    Tut Tut---"Refined version of camping" that's what we did 70 years ago in home built caravans. The toffs on here don't like caravanning compared to camping LOL
  2. Mr. Ancel, re your link to Iona marble quarry. I have tried to visit this quarry several times but can't find a boat /man to take me. Walking for me is a no no. Thought about asking the local farmer to hire me his tractor but he might have refused lest I got stuck in the bog (which I can't understand isn't drained ). Why should I be so interested in this quarry? Well, apart from a general interest in quarries (from my dad), I did B&B for a night in Fionnphort. I read a book in the B&B on the history of the quarry. Low & behold, as your post states, the work was so arduous that they had to get Men from FIFE to staff it !!!!!! There is also remains of a Red Granite quarry just up from Fionnphort. On my last visit, I could see the old rails & hutches used to take rock to waiting ships---right opposite an island where they say St. Columba dumped all his burds who wouldn't do what they were told---Aye, that was before the Snowflake generation took over. Also in this quarry was an old navvy, complete with a Gardner diesel engine---obviously the showmen didn't know it was there. Obviously owned by people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing !!!!
  3. blondchaser


    The Beamer 330 will have enough BHP to pull a cud mobile but the beamers I have owned / driven are all pretty high geared. Most people who tow a cuddy in a trailer tend to drive pretty slow, and I'm not sure if the BMW gearing would suit this. May have to drop a few cogs to ensure smooth running.
  4. blondchaser

    Cyclists and one way streets

    Aye Steve, we are at the time of year when cyclists go around without lights too. A few nights ago I went out to check something in the car and nearly had a collision with a cyclist. No lights and wearing black / dark clothing cycling up the centre of our road. What these numpties fail to realise is that if a motorist collides with them and causes injury or death, the driver has to live with that for the rest of his life, even if not at fault. They should have the bikes confiscated. Go to the police office in any area and ask "how many cyclists have you charged or warned for failing to provide lights when required"---stand back and see the expression on their faces!!!
  5. blondchaser

    Hole of Horcum, towable?

    Now there's a thing---I disagree with you !!! The highest public road in Scotland is to Tomintoul. Possibly Cockbridge to Tomintoul ??? Oh dear, I'm wrong too. Wanlockhead in the borders is the highest village in Scotland. It's near here you can go panning for gold.
  6. blondchaser

    Help Needed

    Like many other people my daughter has gone through similar troubles trying to sell a static van. What I can't understand is why static caravanning has become a boom industry even with all the problems associated with selling these vans when your done with them.
  7. blondchaser

    Why are caravans so badly made?

    No doubt modern caravan construction leaves a lot to be desired, but my old Elddis has suffered more damage by being towed over present day roads than poor build quality. I would not know how to build a caravan to withstand these roads especially in Scotland. (but not confined to Scotland)
  8. blondchaser

    Tap stopped working

    Just take taps out to see what is wrong. Pretty easy to dismantle depending on type / age.
  9. blondchaser

    Small caravans

    See if a sprite alpine would do your job.
  10. Mr. Ancell, how many cafes in Scotland have you NOT been in ??? LOL I forgot to say in my last post that we call these new comers to the area "White Settlers". Some even bring their own waggons !!!
  11. blondchaser

    Theft thwarted

    Or you could simply take away the jockey wheel & attachment. In previous winters I have fitted two wheels with faulty semi inflated tyres. These were only held on with 2 bolts which were not properly tightened. Van could have been stolen but wouldn't go far in that state. OK, a bit of work involved but you must decide if it's justified or not.
  12. Now that is a strange comment Mr. Ancell. In our cluster of villages there are an increasing number of "Foreign Tongues". These are people from mainly outside Scotland who come here to get away from town / city life. I would agree that this SNP government is making a complete mess of everything. I can't even get Personal Care for my very ill wife, yet the SNP stated that this would be free for those in need. Your comment re Thurso reminded me of a couple in Helmsdale who have a child suffering from anorexia. This youngster is being treated in hospital somewhere in the Bathgate area. So this couple have to skin themselves just to make regular contact with the kid, and even worse have to endure the long & expensive journey up & down the dreaded A9.
  13. Scotland is becoming one big coffee shop. Because many small businesses are having to diversify to survive, they all seem to be turning to running café style premises. That in itself may be no bad thing, but like the rest of Scotland everything, especially for teenagers, closes at 5 o clock. The "Tourists" referred to here are of "a certain age" methinks. I'll be in the air raid shelter if anyone wants me LOL
  14. blondchaser

    Super Glue disaster!

    The only thing I can get to move excess superglue is BOILING hot water. Surely worth a try !!!!!!
  15. IMHO experienced MH owners are fairly responsible in that they drive at a decent speed and park at the sites. The main problem today is the numpties who hire these vans and have no experience of etty ketty in relation to anything to do with mobile accommodation or other road users. Can we call them the "effluent" society.