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  1. blondchaser

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Paul. Every "Driver" knows that flashed lights & a thumb down means police ahead. Almost on a daily basis we hear police are stretched to the limit and can't cope with catching criminals ie theft, personal injury etc yet here we see TWO officers in the obligatory BMW trying to catch motorists on a dual carriageway coming OUT of a danger zone. I would not have flashed if they had been gunning drivers going INTO the danger zone. There is not a road safety issue on this stretch, so it must be a revenue raising exercise. On this particular road there are plenty examples of bad driving, so why are they not tackling these drivers??
  2. blondchaser

    Blocking Police Speed Detection

    Today, we had speed cops operating in our area---with a hand held gun. I did what I believe was my civic duty and flashed headlights at oncoming traffic to warn them, also giving thumbs down in the windscreen. So am I bad guy ????
  3. blondchaser

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Mr. Ancell, why don't you publish an A-Z of cafes in Scotland ?? I'm sure you must be "Thee" authority on this subject. LOL
  4. blondchaser

    Fog Lamp Bulbs

    Yes, they have to be amber. This will be fitted to the N/S. I have the neighbour fitted to the O/s, but is converted to have a blue strip in the centre to replicate the old blue spot as in old spot lights. The O/S will have a powerful clear bulb fitted. People of my fathers generation reckoned this combination was very effective in foggy conditions.
  5. blondchaser

    Fog Lamp Bulbs

    Can any of you learned folks please tell me where I can purchase Osram Fog Breaker bulbs--- Amber H3 fitment. TIA.
  6. blondchaser

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    Yes Ancell, Fish & Chips is about it---until the hotels start serving---if you can afford them. !!!
  7. blondchaser

    Scotland, is it worth a visit?

    LIVI, what East of Scotland are you talking about?? My East Coast has congested roads, few easy car parks and very few public toilets. Probably sells the best food in the world----before 5pm. Fantastic beaches if you can find a car park to access them.
  8. blondchaser

    Tyres for towing with rear wheel drive

    What am I missing here? In this day & age are there many sites which don't have tarmac roads round their layout ?? Last time I was in a grass field site with a hill, my FWD car started to slip on the way out. I reversed back a little then started to zig zag across the field until I got on to a more level part when I regained traction. Make sure you have plenty weight on drive axle---at least until you get out. Perhaps the automatic transmission doesn't help either.
  9. blondchaser

    Awning instructions

    If you are thinking of buying a large awning, firstly suggest you get yourself a good divorce lawyer LOL. Initially, I had real problems erecting an awning. Especially a small porch one. However, once erected, I got some rolls of adhesive tape of different colours and marked all mating poles. Use two colours where each section joins together. Simples.
  10. blondchaser

    Bailey's stolen in Fife

    Yard very near to travellers site !!!! My feelings are that these thefts were done by professionals, and vans would quickly be taken to a yard and put in containers for export.
  11. blondchaser

    Bailey's stolen in Fife

    This week, two new Bailley caravans were stolen from a dealers yard in Fife. The thefts were done during the evening between 6. 30 and 11pm. If you saw anything suspicious around the Kirkcaldy area then please give me a shout. Or if your offered a new Bailey at a knockdown price, then post the chassis number. Update:- 1. Pegasus Grande Brindski chassis number ending in 1196 2. Pegasus Grande Bologna chassis number ending in 110.
  12. blondchaser

    De-icing your car windscreen

    Remember to protect the washer jets.
  13. blondchaser

    Dash cam info please

    Please, Please don't come up with this old rubbish. Up here, the main road is the A92 TRUNK road, which has a 60mph limit. One is very lucky indeed to be able to travel at 35mph----not acceptable. At present, with the dark nights, travel on this road can be even slower because of the low competency of some drivers. I strongly suspect Scottish Water puts vallium in the water as many drivers drive in the same manner as they wander round supermarkets. The majority of speed limits in this country are far too low and seem set to embrace the incompetent driver. I have much better things to do with my time than crawl along roads behind the ugliest looking vehicles ever produced.
  14. blondchaser

    Dash cam info please

    Thanks for all your replies guys, but I am put off by the post where it says my speed will be recorded on the dash cam. I'm normally over the limit if safe to do so.
  15. blondchaser

    Extended warranties

    Depends on who is operating the warranty. Most insurance backed warranties are not worth the paper they are written on.